The Lust System: Chapter 159 (Unlocked)


Chapter 159 – Search for Clues 


“Sorry for calling you at this time. I tried contacting you two in the last few days, but I found out that you were away.”

“I will also be very busy in the coming few weeks, so a good time like this might never happen again.”

“It’s fine, Uncle Li.”

Sitting on the other side of the table, Layla and Lydia, who wore a pair of unusual black clothes, stared at Chief Li.

They wondered why he called them so suddenly. Even though they were already tired, they still made their way here to find out the reason why.

Times like these usually never happens. This Chief Li was mostly occupied with his work that he would not bother them, and it wasn’t like him to mind other people’s business except when there is trouble.

When he contacted them, they immediately accepted even though they just got back from a long journey along with their other school team members.

Layla and Lydia thought maybe something serious had happened, and they would also not decline to hear some useful information from this guy.

Chief Li is the leader of the Special Affairs Department based on this city. Everything that happens in this area will be known by him.

He is full of information that they would not let this chance go. In the end, they will not lose anything anyway.

“What’s the reason you called us?”

Layla and Lydia’s expression turned aloof. They had to take this seriously while also being cautious, keeping a defensive barrier between themselves and the other party.

Ever since Layla and Lydia became alone, they have learned that they have to be careful about what they say, especially around these individuals holding a lot of power on their hands.

Not letting out too much was the ideal way to communicate with these people, and they would do just that.

Chief Li couldn’t help but smile wryly. These two never changed as if they were pushing him off, but soon he ignored it and went back to his usual expression as he began speaking,

“Last week, while you two were away, an incident happened at your school. It concerned a powerful ghost on the run that we had been searching long and hard for.”

“When we finally got a lead and arrived at the location, we found out that he was surprisingly defeated.”

“Someone defeated this ghost with ease. From our estimates, their battle didn’t take a long time. Though the scene was a disaster, the fight was unbelievably quick.”

“In the end, we could only conclude that it was another Awakened, a more powerful one who can be responsible for such a smooth and easy fight.”

“You know how ghosts are and how hard they are to defeat. With their sneaky and cowardly fighting style, it would be a challenge for most to even chase after it.”

“We went to great lengths and tried to search for this unknown individual, but we couldn’t find anything. Who it was, what was used to defeat this ghost, nothing at all was left at the site.”

“Do you know any Awakeneds at school or around the area that has the possibility of being the one we’re looking for?”

“Or any Awakeneds at all that we are not aware of?”

Chief Li intently focused on their expression to see if they would reveal anything on their faces, but he never saw any changes in their expressions.

Layla and Lydia were shocked to find out that something like that had happened while they were away.

It had been a long time that an attack happened on the school grounds. The last time was a rogue Awakened that they had dealt with themselves.

The rogue Awakened only targeted the people in their school by chance, so after that incident, nothing like it has happened ever since.

It looks like this time it happened once more, but now it was a ghost. They were not new on the subject of ghosts and were aware of how dangerous it is if left alone.

If that unidentified Awakened were not at school to defeat it while they were away, they could be coming back to hear about the massive casualties of students and staff.

Fortunately, someone else had already dealt with this ghost, and this individual also seemed to be powerful.

But who could it be? Was there someone powerful hiding at their school, protecting it from being harmed?

This had left both of them surprised and confused. Did they miss someone like that in their surroundings, or was it a passerby?

From their knowledge, there were no such individuals in their school. They had been going to the same school for years, and if there was indeed someone like that, there should be some other indicators.

However, there were none. This left them confused. Even if some other people or themselves have strong skills, they were students, and young people won’t have that much power yet.

They were young after all, and gaining strength requires time and training that makes it hard for young people like them to be powerful enough to slay ghosts with ease.

In this world, even a heavenly genius, their age can only go up to somewhere around the Late Phase of Rank 1.

That was already a recond made by someone in the past, and no one has broken it since. Someone their age in the Middle Phase of Rank 1 can already be prideful for it.

If a truly powerful Awakened was at their school, then they have no idea who it was. Layla shook her head,

“We don’t know anything about who it can possibly be. This was the first time we’ve heard of it and probably the last. That Awakened might have just passed by and gave out a little help.”

Chief Li breathed out slowly. This was what he had expected. He was only hoping that they would break his expectations and lead him somewhere. Clearly, that was not the reality of how things go.

It looks like their department was doomed to fail from the very beginning. Perhaps he was only wasting his time that he could instead use to finish more of his tasks.

With all the wasted time they allocated to search for this Awakened, Chief Li felt that it was a pity that they found nothing.

It seems that he had to stop the few people he ordered to search for this unknown Awakened since it won’t be productive to continue.

Perhaps it was also a possibility that the one responsible for it was a stranger from a faraway place to accidentally came in contact or sensed the ghost and lent them a little help.

If that were what truly happened, then, it would explain why this individual chose to hide its identity from them.

However, Chief Li couldn’t just believe it without anything to base it on other than an assumption.

He should not only rely on one answer. This was what his years of experience are telling him.

Clearing his mind, Chief Li went back to focus on his guests. He would think more about it later when they finished their conversation.




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