The Lust System: Chapter 160 (Unlocked)


Chapter 160 – Worrisome News 


“I understand. So have you noticed any new Awakeneds around the area?”

“We have not seen anyone so far.”

Slightly shaking her head, Layla was thinking about Max as she responded. She had never known that Max was an Awakened until he showed it himself.

Yu’er was also another one that she and Lydia had only recently found to be an Awakened. Honestly, it was unbelievable and too surprising.

They had been the same school for a long, long time, but they never thought that those two were Awakeneds, especially Max, who rarely spoke and was arguably the most inconspicuous of all the students.

For a few days, this made them question whether they had missed any more Awakeneds at school.

The chances of that being true were quite large, but they would never know. Though, they never needed to know anyway.

It was only their curiosity that got them thinking. They never had plans to search for them. This was the least of their concern.

Layla didn’t know whether Chief Li was aware of Max and Yu’er’s existence of being Awakeneds, but she would never be stupid to ask that question.

Yu’er and Max were their close friends, and both of them greatly value the trust they have given them. It was only natural that they abide by their promises.

They asked them not to tell anyone about their identities no matter what, and that was what they were going to do.

“Hah, that’s too bad. Our city would become more peaceful if there were a few more decent ones protecting it.”

It was unfortunate; however, it was understandable that Awakeneds were not common to keep popping out near their area.

Chief Li was hoping that some Awakened with high potential would land in their city and join them to maintain the peace of the city.

From their intelligence, these two women sitting in front of him were decently strong and should have a lot of potentials. That was why they were named Deadly Sisters.

Throughout the years, each time they faced an enemy, they have never lost. Their department could not figure it out, but they seemed to be able to deal with their enemies instantly.

They didn’t show any signs of being aggressive and hostile that Chief Li wanted to recruit them into their team.

He did so in the past; however, they always declined until he had completely given up convincing them before they became annoyed and severed contacts with him.

If that happened, they would be the ones who would lose something valuable, and they were not stupid to not be aware of that.

Putting everything aside, having connections with future powerful Awakeneds like these two would benefit them greatly.

There was no point in offending them. It would be as if they were going to shoot themselves in their own foot.

Currently, they kept a good relationship with this pair of sisters, assisting them in every way they can as long as it was reasonable.

Chief Li couldn’t remember how many times they had to clean up after their mess when someone tried to attack them but get defeated in the end.

There simply was a lot. These two sisters seemed to attract too many enemies to themselves that even they would probably have a hard time remembering most of them.

The sole reason why some Awakeneds landed as their enemies were because of their bewitching beauty; this was something they couldn’t avoid since they were just too eye-catching.

Wherever they go, their beauties would bring calamity upon themselves. Men and women everywhere would turn their heads to admire them.

Naturally, news of them would spread that some Awakeneds who couldn’t control themselves had made their moves on them even to the point of using force.

Some blatantly just turned directly on using force without hesitation, overestimating their skills.

All of those Awakeneds never lived to see the day. They, as the Special Affairs Department that maintains order, usually assist them.

However, these two sisters defeated every one so fast that once they arrive, they only had to clean up.

Until now, they still have no idea about their abilities except that they always slay their attackers using lightning.

That was what their findings showed when they examined the corpses they left. More than that, they could only guess.

They earned a reputation from all their achievements that most Awakeneds would recognize who the Deadly Sisters were.

Their popularity had also served as a form of a barrier against anyone that has evil intentions for them.

In recent months, they have not experienced any attacks, giving them a time of peace, which he was sure they appreciate.

This shows that their reputations reached unprecedented levels that served as a deterrence, forcing people to rethink what goes into their minds.

“Alright. Thanks for taking the time to come here. I don’t want to bother and keep you here much longer.”

“It wasn’t a bother at all. We’ll take our leave now.”


Layla and Lydia turned around, looking at him with questioning eyes as if wondering whether he forgot to ask something.

“Oh, it may not be much. I forgot to tell you that I heard some news that those people had been seen once more. From the looks of it, they have resurfaced.”

Layla suddenly had a slight change of expression. It was unknown what she came up in his mind, but Chief Li’s words definitely affected something in her, and it doesn’t seem to be a good one.

Even Lydia’s hands slightly shook as if she was surprised about what she just heard. Someone like her who had been silent the whole time showed a reaction. It must be related to them.

Chief Li didn’t notice their expressions as his mind was occupied with their previous conversation and wasn’t looking directly at them.

Layla hurriedly said her thanks before heading out with Lydia. No one was able to see their now solemn expressions.

Chief Li was left on his own. He was thinking about how he would continue his search from now on.

He had already asked his contacts and yet they didn’t know anything. So far, still nothing for him to begin with.

Maybe he was missing something. What could it be? Sighing, Chief Li got up to go back to their headquarters, where stacks after stacks of documents were waiting for him to go through them all.

Maybe he wasn’t looking hard enough. Chief Li was looking at things from a general perspective. What if he only goes through a few chosen people?

Would he see things clearer then? Chief Li decided to try it out once he finishes everything he had to do.

He couldn’t help but wonder whether problems kept appearing out of nowhere to annoy him, or was it just him being nosy.

What a busy life he had, maybe he should take a break?




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