The Lust System: Chapter 161 (Unlocked)


Chapter 161 – Concerns


Dark shadows quietly flew down on a certain house as it swiftly got inside.

Only a few seconds had passed, and the estate was back to silence without a single movement as if nothing happened.

Inside, with lights on, their faces could be seen clearly. It was only the familiar faces of Layla and Lydia on their special black suits.

After their meeting with Chief Li, they hurriedly made their way home as they have nothing else planned for the night.

Since it was already dark outside, they could not afford to walk on the streets, which would only bring unnecessary trouble upon themselves.

They fully knew from past experiences that they should always keep themselves hidden from anyone’s sight just to be safe.

The only reason they bothered to go out at this period despite not needing to, was because it was Chief Li who contacted them.

Arriving home today, this was their least expected proceedings and were quite surprised by the invitation. Still, they decided to go without hesitation to hear about what Chief Li wanted to say.

Among them, his reputation was quite good, and their opinion on him was decent. Chief Li would surely not waste their time by calling them out with no important reason.

Chief Li should also know this, so him contacting them must have a definite reason.

From how it went, it seems like they were right though Layla and Lydia thought that Chief Li must have regarded the unknown individual more highly than others that he went out of his way to find information about the person.

Even they, themselves were beginning to be curious about what was the identity of the said individual. If all Chief Li said was true, then it would be a truly powerful one.

It’s not like they haven’t seen powerful Awakeneds in the past, but they were more curious about what skill could slay a ghost that easily.

The other reason was if that Awakened were hiding among their surroundings. Whether the Awakened’s intention is good, it doesn’t matter as it would still be a significant concern for their daily life.

Most Awakened are aware that ghosts were one of the most unwelcomed groups in this world. They always resort to cheap tricks and are extremely hard to capture.

With their escaping ability, not a lot of Awakeneds could handle them, and for the some that can, it would still be difficult and would pose a challenge for them.

That was why ghosts were considered a bothersome and hated kind and also explained why they still existed among Awakeneds.

Awakeneds are a diverse group of individuals. Some Awakeneds having divergent skills such as ghost-related abilities and other strange skills did not necessarily mean other Awakeneds would hate them.

In fact, the top Awakeneds came from those who have a skill that is unheard of and unique, and they were respected for it because they are strong.

With enough strength, no matter what skill the Awakened has, they would be respected by the weaker ones.

However, making enemies out of their fellow powerful Awakeneds was the problem, and sometimes too much oppression of the weak would lead to fury and vengeance.

This was the ghosts Awakeneds were good at. The way they advance their Ranks and the way they gain strength was something no one would accept.

Most of the time, ghost-related abilities have the similarity of getting stronger through consuming souls.

Awakeneds are not saints, as most of them have experienced slaying an enemy at one point in their lives.

Generally, when Awakeneds heard about ghosts or other rogues killing someone, they would react just like any other Awakened would. They couldn’t care less. It is none of their business.

This was how their stances were about these kinds of events. It was like a tacit understanding to care for their own before others.

However, it would be an entirely different story when ghosts attack their people or themselves. This will then be something they would not tolerate at all costs.

And most of the faults fall on ghosts themselves. Since they have an advantage when it comes to escaping, they became too overconfident, not the slightest bit afraid of offending Awakeneds, no matter who it was.

There was also the fact that the souls of Awakeneds would be attractive to ghosts, depending on their Ranks and whether they were on Early, Middle, Late, Peak Phase.

It was as if the two sides were naturally made to be enemies.

Fortunately, it wasn’t all that bad with their numbers being low, and encountering one was relatively rare for most Awakeneds.

But they were only one of the many hated kinds. There will undoubtedly be someone or something that other Awakeneds would consider worse than them.

This trip proved to be more beneficial than they have imagined. Though, this time, it wasn’t a piece of good news.

Layla’s angelic face slightly darkened. She seemed to be thinking about the words Chief Li said a while ago.

Those people have resurfaced once more. This was the last thing they wanted to happen. They never expected it.

“What do we do now?”

Lydia quietly turned to her sister for a solution. Just like the last time, Layla was the one who thought of a way to evade them.

At that time, Lydia still had a weak skill, and her control of her Purple Lightning was very poor. She couldn’t do much with it except shoot out a harmless sting.

So she subconsciously relied on her sister, who always protected her from every danger she encountered, including the problem that was presently bothering them.

The group of people they were talking about were some Awakeneds they encountered in the past. Nothing good about them was in their memory. They were like annoying pests that kept on disturbing them.

These people made every effort they could muster to annoy them, all for the sake of them following those people back to wherever they came from.

Until now, they do not know anything about who they are or what organization they belong to. The only thing they know was that they wanted something from them.

That was what made it worse. Layla and Lydia don’t have any idea who they were dealing with.

This had been happening for so long that it was unbelievable how little they know about this group that seemed to have nothing but evil intentions for them.




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