The Lust System: Chapter 163 (Unlocked)


Chapter 163 – Few Remaining Days


The next day, Max thought about what plans he had for the rest of the day.

For the first time in the past few weeks, Max had so much free time with nothing much to do.

There were days when he had a lot of things to do with not enough time, but now it seemed like it was the opposite.

Max felt weird. It was like he was back long before when he was still an ordinary person, enjoying his simple life on the weekends after the stressful days of school.

Back then, days like this would be the perfect time to play and lose track of time, immersing himself in different computer games that were popular.

Max could still remember that he would sometimes forget that Yu’er was living at the same house as him. He would stay in his room all day and would only come out whenever he felt hungry.

Those were fun times, fun for him, who was at that time, only an ordinary person who was clueless about everything else.

Now, things weren’t the same as in the past anymore. Max doesn’t have the same desire to play video games, and he also doesn’t have the desire to stay cooped up in his room.

The world is big, and he could spend his entire life doing infinite things he desired. Max clearly knew this.

However, with the internet and other various technology available for him to use, no matter how vast the world is, it became quite dull and monotonous.

After so long, the things he sees were just the same. Year after year, nothing much has changed that would be enough to entertain him.

Everything was laid open in front of him. Distant destinations on the other side of the world can be seen through his screen.

It didn’t matter how much distance away someone is since they would still be able to have a conversation with the use of technologies regardless.

It was as if everything seemed to fit perfectly to his inner loner personality, removing any of his ideas of going out of the house to do something else for a change.

However, the current him doesn’t think like this anymore. His life changed when he unlocked abilities that instantly turned his world upside down.

With knowledge following along with it, the vast world he knew became larger. The world became too big that Max doesn’t have any idea how big it is anymore.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that changed. Something stirred inside him, a new desire sprouted within that turned his way of life to another direction.

With these new changes in his life, Max also managed to fulfill his previous dream of having a lot of women.

He could still recall the days where he could only fantasize about certain beauties since he wouldn’t be able to get them for himself.

Now he has plenty of them, and there will be many more to come. This was the true meaning of his existence.

Max initially thought he would be living his monotonous privileged life until the day he dies without anything special happening. But what he was feeling right now was entirely different from the way he used to feel.

He felt like he was just born and that this was only the beginning. Max couldn’t describe the incredible feeling of waking up every day, thinking that there is a new world out there that is waiting for him.

This morning as he woke up, Max became very excited when he remembered the Magical Space that he had long been waiting for.

It was something that had never left his mind. Max had been waiting for this moment.

Not only Max, Yu’er, and Xue were also anticipating the long-awaited day at the same time, curious about how it would look like.

Only a few days left before the Magical Space won’t be something Max could only look at in the Store anymore.

The slots in the Store are limited, so crossing out one would allow Max to have a new item if he ever chose to add one.

This can be said to be a major upgrade to his current abilities. The security that it would provide them would be enough for Max and his women to feel safe.

Moreover, having the Magical Space with him, there is almost no place to which he would be worried about going in to.

All this time, Max was going about things in an extremely cautious manner; he didn’t want to do anything that would expose his existence intentionally.

Even though he had already run through the entire city, part of his mind was still worried about the consequences if things were to go wrong.

It was like what Max had learned about his Face Mask and Invisibility Potion that it wasn’t as invincible as he thought.

Further reading taught him that those items weren’t enough for his safety since it couldn’t block other senses such as hearing, touch, and smell.

There could also be other potential counters to his items that he doesn’t know about yet, such as skills and treasures.

Deeply thinking about it, the probability of it being true was quite high. Max had already expected that, assuming that those already exist somewhere, which further tightened his guard.

As long as Max could purchase the item, the worries weighing down on his mind would drift away.

Seeking thrilling adventures and dangerous yet fruitful encounters was something Max always found to be exciting with all his skills and items.

However, it would only be fun and exciting if he could guarantee his well being. When he could feel his life to be the slightest bit threatened, the fun and excitement would naturally vanish.

Though that wasn’t the biggest issue he had, with the Magical Space, now there was nothing for Max to be concerned about relating to the Special Affairs Department.

Yu’er told him that the Special Affairs Department was very logical and would go about things professionally with great morals and beliefs.

It sounded good, but Max felt that he shouldn’t believe it. Yu’er wasn’t lying when she said it, but Max thought that what she knew probably wasn’t the complete truth, and there was no reason for him to trust them.

Yu’er also gave her word that they might be good, but it doesn’t mean they have to be close and trust them wholeheartedly.

Max could imagine a day where they and the Special Affairs Department would have a different train of thoughts and courses of action to which would be opposing to each other.

When that happens, Max would just enjoy his life, knowing that they couldn’t do a thing about him as he could effortlessly destroy them.

That will surely become a reality one day though it would be the other party’s mistake to be their enemy.




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