The Lust System: Chapter 164 (Unlocked)


Chapter 164 – Boundless Possibilities


Max relaxedly sank on his bed, enjoying the sunny weather and the clear blue skies seen from his window.

He was the only one left in his room. Yu’er had long got up early in the morning and began completing her daily tasks.

When he woke up, Yu’er was already gone. She was probably out to buy some food and some necessities, or it could be that she was only somewhere downstairs.


Max’s eyelids were dropping as he tried to move his tired body. Despite every change that occurred in his life, the mornings never changed.

He was not a morning person. Ever since he could remember, from the beginning of his memory, it was normal for him to sleep till noon.

Instead, he would stay wide awake throughout the night as if it was the real morning.

At night when it is dark, Max would feel his body softening, feeling deeply comfortable with the dark and silent surroundings.

It seemed like his body never adjusted and still felt like he needed to go back to sleep in the morning with the heavy feeling on his eyes.

When the sun shined down from the window, Max couldn’t help but think that this was the perfect time to take a nap.

His skin was being energized by the rays, giving him a refreshing feeling all over his body, which further enticed him to close his eyes.

While lying face down on his soft bed and at the same time thinking about the Special Affairs Department and everything concerning them, a thought suddenly crept up to his mind.

What kind of skill could possibly threaten him that he would feel helpless against it? Was there even such a thing?

For some unknown reason, Max had never thought of this before.

Max couldn’t imagine the day when he would be left without anything else to rely on. If he did things the right way, he could say that it shouldn’t even be possible for it to happen at all.

As long as he doesn’t make an extremely foolish mistake, then he would be fine at any point in his life.

Also, most of his plans revolved entirely on his and his women’s survival.

Before he would decide about damage skills, he would first think about how to guard their lives, and his mind would then be filled with a long list of answers.

But he was genuinely curious about all kinds of skills that exist. Max classified them in several categories while thinking about what skills could possibly beat him or counter his own abilities.

Putting some thought into it to keep his mind running and prevent the sleepiness from overcoming him, Max tried to solve his own question.

To do this, Max had to think of himself as his own enemy and try his best to devise smart ways to defeat himself, including several nefarious ideas.

Nothing was off the table; this way, he could prepare for the possible troubles and outcomes that might come to him.

Expecting the worse will always be beneficial than being hopeful with nothing to base it on. Max doesn’t need to know the future to prepare for it.

Awakeneds usually unlock their skills randomly. No one would be able to anticipate the birth of a new Awakened.

Some would argue that it runs in the blood. An offspring from two Awakened couples would have a higher chance of being an Awakened just like them.

However, through the years of findings by testing and experimenting, there was still no scientific explanation for it; thus, it can be considered to be an unfounded assumption.

Though Awakeneds still generally believed it to be true.

With the use of technologies, even the weakest and the most secluded Awakened would read about families of Awakeneds appearing generations after generations.

Most of their family members would unlock their skills at some point in their lives. Even if they are already old, they still have some hope of unlocking their ability.

Of course, this doesn’t have any evidence backing it; however, it indeed seemed to be how most Awakeneds described it to be.

Max was one of the people who believe that this was the case since Yu’er became an Awakened in her early years with their parents being an Awakened.

Though he wondered whether he would unlock his skill in the future even without the help of the System, Max would never know.

Still, his belief never changed since it was the only explanation for how all those Awakened families multiplied their numbers.

From the explanation Yu’er gave him about their parents before, she seemed to also believe that she had a skill because of them.

Perhaps it wasn’t that there were no scientific explanations to prove it, but it merely could not be explained by science alone.

Since this whole Awakened subject was not logical in the first place, the explanation should be outside the scope of science to something which they couldn’t comprehend.

Little Dou, for example, was also unbelievable and too fictitious to believe, but she truly existed.

When Max stopped and thought clearly for a moment, Little Dou was a unique being that defies the laws that they have been used to in this world.

With her and the System’s existence, there was no reason for Max to cross out any possibility of something occurring out of his imagination.

With all this happening, the possibility of someone having a skill that was overpowered was still there.

Usually, skills unlock when the individual least expected it. It could be when they were sleeping, or they had encountered an accident.

One of the stories Max kept reading about was when someone was in danger and miraculously activated their ability.

Another one was when they had experienced any physical or emotional traumas that would somehow trigger something to unlock a new skill.

It was such an interesting concept.

Whether skills were something that appears out of nowhere or it was something already within everybody, Max would never know.

One thing he noted when thinking about other Awakened’s skills that could be a potential threat to his skill pool was how unpredictable it is.

So far, there had been no indication of a skill being influenced by anything about the user, such as personality traits, hobbies, unique talents, and other things.

It would be great if someone that practiced swordsmanship since they were young will somehow unlock a sword skill that would complement their talents and masteries.

However, there was no such thing.

Awakeneds who unlocked a variety of swords skills had never been an expert in sword fighting. It solely was because they had the sword skill that they became an expert.

Yu’er, with her skill, wasn’t related in any way either.

It was only a coincidence that she thought about healing her wounds and noticed a tiny change that made her realize that she had an ability.

His own skill, Sex Steal, was influenced by the System, so it doesn’t really count as it is more like a cheat compared to how others were getting their skills.

Even the gentlest girl could have the most destructive spell. Nothing was off the list on the boundless possibilities of his imagination.




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