The Lust System: Chapter 165 (Unlocked)


Chapter 165 – Beginner’s Guide


The more Max used his mind to think, the more he was slowly waking up from his current state of drowsiness.

His heavy eyelids were lightening up, and his previous muddy head was now clearing up, improving how his mind formed new ideas and answers.

With his mind now stirred awake, different answers he had never thought about appeared suddenly flooded him.

An influx of information was sent to his brain. From it, there was one easy solution that could possibly answer all his questions easily.

He stretched out his hand and moved it everywhere the bed as if searching for something.

Several seconds later, Max brought his hands to his face before a blinding light suddenly caused his eyes to squint.

This was his answer to all his questions.

Max only concentrated his thoughts on the subject was so that he could distract himself from being sleepy.

Now that he felt that he had already woke up, there was no point in thinking about it on his own anymore.

Max has an innate lazy personality. When he doesn’t urgently need to do something, he wouldn’t even think about it.

However, there were exceptions such as matters related to women, his System, and power-ups that would provide him more strength and power.

His focus was now entirely on his phone. Since there was nothing for him to do, Max has more than enough time to fool around.

Hence before he could think of what he planned to do for the day, he wanted to spend time searching for some information first.

Scrolling through his phone, Max went to the well informed, full of materials Awakened community that seemed active as ever.

A while ago, Max suddenly thought, rather than thinking without any references and clues, why not use his useful device to search for answers online.

Max was not new here anymore. He had been using his Awakened phone to search for things he needed.

He had also purchased several items already. The convenience it provides was on another level than the usual online marketplace available for regular people.

One key difference was that weapons were openly sold. The weapons include guns and various choices of blades and rods that would be considered to be against the law in the normal world.

This was where Max bought the dagger he used against the ghost and the masks that replaced the expensive Face Masks from the Store.

“Where should I begin?”

There was endless information available for him to look at, but Max wasn’t sure where he would find the information about the skills that he wished to read.

After a series of scrolling and clicking, Max ended up on the beginner section, where some Awakeneds made guides on how to stay alive as an Awakened.

Reading through the topics, Max was surprised by the detailed subjects he could see, his eyes shining brightly with interest.

“Who made this? Why did I not know about this before?”

“If I had read this from the beginning, this would have helped me greatly.”

“What’s all this information? This much information is supposed to be for new Awakeneds?”

The numerous topics he could see were all beginner’s guide for new Awakeneds. There were a lot of useful subjects that Max would not hesitate to read if he had seen this before he knew anything.

The topics include types of skills, prominent individuals, different places, from the safest ones to the most dangerous ones.

More other topics were available such as basic details about the Special Affairs Department and other major organizations all over the world.

For someone like him, who only knew about the complicated stuff and forgot to learn the basics, this was a heaven-sent opportunity to learn more.

Max enjoyably began to read the first one about the skills. This was the exact information that he had been trying to find.

He would not know what valuable guide he missed if he didn’t go out of his way to search for some information about the skills around the world.

It was unbelievable that it was in the beginner section. This section was something Max skipped when he received his Awakened phone since who would ever read beginner materials?

Max expected that it was about how to throw a punch or something dumb like how not to show their skills in public and how they should not break the law.

That’s how it was usually anyway, and Max didn’t think it would be different in this case.

What he didn’t understand was why would someone waste their time to write something so comprehensive and detailed like this manual.

Maybe this was the works of some good Awakeneds that only wanted to help newbies like him?

However, since it was already here, then he would take advantage of it and learn everything he needed to know.

“So it’s like this.”

Max now had a clearer understanding of the skills in this world, outside of his circle of friends.

It was written that the guide isn’t complete and some things are not included in it so no one should expect that what they’ve read is everything.

From the guide, a lot of skills were mentioned that had opened his eyes to the possibilities. It had also managed to fill in the gaps of his incomplete knowledge.

The first in the list was Physical Skills. This was the most common one of all the skills available, from body strengthening skills to weapons skills, all of them were under this category.

The second one was the Elemental Skills. These were pretty much what magic is. Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind-related skills were under this category.

This was the only example that was written in the guide, but Max knew there should be more. Lydia’s Purple Lightning should also be part of the Elemental Skills.

Maybe his Space-related skill, Inventory, can also be considered to be part of this?

The third one was not specified. It was only called ‘other.’ From his guess, this should be where his Sexual Aura and other various skills would come under.

Though those weren’t the only classifications available, there were many other ways to classify skills in a more specific way.

One of them was something Max already knew, Sword Skills, Healing Skills, Resistance Skills, Movement Skills, and many more.

This can be easily understood. It was merely a specific category of skills, which was very straightforward.

Attacks were also split into different classifications such as Mental, Physical, Elemental, Soul Attacks, and many more.

There was also this group of skills named Mystical Skills. Max wasn’t sure what it was about since there were no examples.

However, he had a few guesses. It might be something like curses? Or something concerning life and death? Or it was about those creepy and strange skills? Maybe it was something else; Max wouldn’t know for now.

For a beginner guide, this was more than what Max initially knew about, and there were more waiting to be read by him.

Whoever would have the chance to read all of it would surely know everything they needed to know to survive.

Ranks were also included in the guide, which was the same with what they already knew about, three different ranks, and four phases in each rank.

Just like Max had expected, there was no such thing as Levels like he had in his System that would accurately grade their power level.

That convenience was solely available for him, and others have no idea that it existed.

“Hmm? What’s this?”




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