The Lust System: Chapter 166 (Unlocked)


Chapter 166 – New Creation


“This was also included?”

“Isn’t this useless? What’s even written here? Maybe someone put out a bunch of false information to trick the unaware ones?”

The next topic after the explanation of Ranks was a tutorial on how to advance an Awakened’s power.

This guide should be some tips written by an experienced Awakened for the new Awakeneds that would come to read it.

Max expressed his doubts about it. It was strange that something like this was given out for free when there were merits on keeping it a secret.

Even if the Awakened responsible for this content was a good person or the greatest saint, Max still believed that this wasn’t a great idea.

There was the possibility of the contents being a lie to trick others into believing it. However, why would anyone do that? Max was clueless about it.

Another thing was, no one in this world should have enough information on every existing Awakened to be able to teach them how to improve their power.

This shows that this guide about gaining more power should be a lie.

“Maybe it wasn’t a lie after all?”

Max felt like he understood what this was all about now. He might have thought too much about it.

As far as he knows, there were two main ways of getting stronger.

The first one was accumulating energy to break through to the next stage, and the second one was from enlightenment.

There should be more ways, but those were unique cases, and Max won’t be able to learn about them all if no one would tell others about their skills.

Having a special, one of a kind skill like those ghosts would trigger unexpected perks and unique methods on advancing ranks, but these were rare occasions, and it does not apply for most Awakeneds.

“So this was all it was about? This should be common knowledge among Awakeneds, why would this person make it seem like there were some secret techniques written in here?”

After reading the entire content, Max confirmed that it was exactly as he expected. Nothing special was written in it, only some heavily beautified text as if it was about a fairy tale.

“Clear the mind and cleanse the body, fill your heart with goodness, and the world would give you strength?”

“You mean to absorb the energy from the surroundings into the body to get stronger? Why make it so complicated?”

“Fill your heart with goodness? This can be considered brainwashing, right? I think I can guess who was the one responsible for this content.”

He wasted his time reading the contents, but he got nothing in return. There were some contents that needed to be tested out, other than that, it was a fairy tale.

Too bad the so-called common knowledge on gaining strength wasn’t going to help him in any way.

It doesn’t matter, compared to others, his method was way better.

For Max to upgrade his strength, he only needed to advance his Level, and his power would grow stronger along with it.

That meant he never had to worry about anything else and can only put all his focus into leveling up.

However, it was important to remember that his Levels only influence his strength, specifically his energy.

Stronger and fiercer energy would only make the output of his skills stronger. It would not improve the skill into something more powerful.

This is where the Points come into. Max would be able to do some upgrades on his skills to completely transform it into an enhanced skill.

It would be a completely different skill, overall, an upgrade. The upgrades vary depending on what the skill is, and there will be multiple paths to choose from.

For the other Awakeneds outside the scope of him, his System, and his women, they won’t have that opportunity.

Their skills will simply be what they got in the beginning, with no possible upgrades and improvements, although there are certain circumstances where the said skill would have some hidden potential waiting to be discovered.

One example of this was Lydia’s Purple Lightning. With one look, her skill would only seem to be lightning with a purple color.

Though Max wasn’t exactly sure why the lightning was purple, he knew that it was deadlier than ordinary lightning.

A tiny bolt of it would surely shock a normal person to death. This Max was sure off as even he would be afraid of receiving a direct hit of it.

Until now, Max doesn’t know how much it would hurt if someone got hit by his Purple Lightning since he had no way to test it out.

He currently had no willing subjects to try it out on. Yu’er and others were not included since this was too dangerous, and Max wasn’t willing to risk it.

His enemies could be the possible subjects; however, they would surely not cooperate, so he had nowhere to begin with.

But whenever the Purple Lightning streamed all over his body during the times he was practicing the skill, he never felt any pain.

It was the opposite. It felt extremely comfortable as if he was part of the lightning, and the lightning was part of him.

They were complimenting each other perfectly as a soothing sensation wash all over him. Max felt he had complete control over the Purple Lightning as if he is a God, a weak God.

This must also be how Lydia feels with her Purple Lightning. Though the reason why the lightning was purple among all others was unknown, Max believed that this skill has hidden potential.

The Purple Lightning was not only about bolts of deadly energy, aiming to put an end to someone’s life.

At least, in this particular case, Max had already proved it.

Pushing out his hand with his palm facing up, a tiny purple colored ball slowly formed on top of it.

Its form was brightly glowing as it stayed unmoving on his palm.

Upon closer look, the shining ball isn’t really a ball. It was made of countless fast-flowing lightning that formed the shape of a ball.

To spectators, this might only look like a tiny purple electric ball; however, for some others, they would know how formidable this ball is.

If Evil Ghost Luo was still alive to see this, fleeing the city would be his only priority. He would not care about anything else but to get as far as he can from this place.

This was what Max had thought about when he was testing out ways to efficiently use his Purple lightning and to figure out ways to strengthen its power.

Normally, the usual way to use Lightning Skills was to stream out thick bolts of lightning and instantly defeat the enemy by overpowering them.

However, enemies who use their heads would naturally know about it.

They would do everything they could think of to avoid being cornered into a situation where they would have to accept the hit of a deadly lightning bolt.

Not every enemy he would encounter in the future would be as stupid as the ones in the past. Max should at least expect this much.

That was why Max thought, what would he do if he was the enemy? Then he naturally came up with something, outnumbering the person who could shoot out deadly lightning.

He would also set up traps to immobilize or limit the area the person can go to and escape from.

If he was under that situation, what could he do now?

This was the answer.




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