The Lust System: Chapter 173 (Unlocked)


Chapter 173 – Cracks


The plan that they came up with was similar to what they used against it the last time. However, they added a few things for when something goes wrong.

Back then, they trapped the bats inside a barrier before they slowly dwindled their numbers until the Awakened surrendered in fear of death.

It took them several days of continuous attacks before they were able to kill off most of its numbers.

Now, they have changed some things to make it easier and save them those long hard times.

While White Eye was captured, they have carefully studied and found clues as to how its skill works. Since then, they knew a lot more about it.

The bat transformation could only last for a whole day. It wasn’t in the Awakened’s control to extend that. It was merely the cooldown of the skill.

The bats can transform back into being human at any time. But the opposite, turning into bats, were limited to a total of one day before it has to wait for a whole day to use the skill again.

They called it his cooldown time.

As long as he hasn’t used his skill for a total collective time of one day, he could use it at any time no matter how much he wants to.

If White Eye transformed for twelve hours, he still has to use his skill for another twelve hours before it goes on cooldown.

It doesn’t matter if White Eye uses the other twelve hours a week later, the cooldown will only come after he used his skill for a total of twenty-four hours.

Knowing all of that, there were many things they could do. As the barrier had already captured the bats, they could just wait for a day to end and catch him back.

If White Eye decided to stop the use of his skill earlier than that, then it would be better since, without the fearsome number of bats, he will be nothing.

However, staying in this area for a whole day would be full of uncertainties and dangers.

Anything could happen when they were left alone in the middle of the expansive forest. This was something that they would rather not do.

Fortunately, two more Awakeneds were here to assist them.

One of them will use a skill that would put the bats into sleep while the other would finish them using a sword.

As long as they put their hands on the last bat alive, they could bring it back, and after a day had passed, it would be forcefully transformed back, and there will be nothing it can do to escape.

The only reason why they are formidable was because of their large numbers, after all. When there is only one of them left, it would be nothing but a bat that could suck a tiny amount of blood.

Once they were able to bring the Awakened back, the operation would be a success.

There were a lot of people who were inwardly ridiculing them for going so far to capture Awakeneds when they shouldn’t.

They were all thinking that catching them would be pointless as almost everyone would just kill them and be done with it.

That way, troubles like these won’t be occurring, and they don’t have to worry about things going wrong from playing with dangerous individuals.

But the Special Affairs Department disagreed with this and only kept doing things their way, not giving anyone an explanation about their actions.

Most outsiders would think that they were setting an example for others not to kill indiscriminately.

However, that wasn’t why they chose to capture these Awakeneds who were full of evil intentions.

What other people didn’t know was that most of the Awakeneds in their Department were previously the same Awakeneds who would not hesitate to prey on others for their own gains and enjoyment.

That was right. Some of the Awakeneds that they captured ended up joining them.

The Special Affairs Department was quite secretive about their way of things. Not a lot of people would know how they work since most of their missions were not publicized.

This worked great in their favor. They had collected a variety of Awakeneds that they could convince to change their way of life.

Once they were able to change some of those Awakeneds, they would then push them back out to society.

There were using multiple ways to teach the Awakeneds how to live their life with respectfully.

If they only committed a minor offense, they would be given another chance. After a few months, once it was decided that they have learned their lesson, they would be free to go.

This was only possible for those Awakeneds who weren’t murderous enough to be classified as an extremely dangerous figure.

It was highly likely that the dangerous ones would not be let out, and some would even be killed if it was determined that they pose a serious threat that would still be tricky to deal with in the future.

The ones that were let go sometimes decide to join them, which they would happily accept since that was still another Awakened being added on their side.

This was the reason why they capture Awakeneds instead of outright killing them even if they have the capability to do so.

They have their own process that, through time, would determine whether the Awakeneds can still be changed or they would have to disappear as they would be too dangerous to handle.

The Awakened that they were currently in the midst of capturing was one of those who still have the chance to change.

If it were thinking properly, it would know that there wasn’t any need to kill off its prey since sucking a tiny amount of blood on many people was completely fine.

White Eye’s only problem was that those bats it transformed into seemed to have no self-control and could only suck away blood from others until those targets lose their life.

If it could control the urge to keep sucking out other people’s lives, then they could exist just like mosquitoes, which were closely similar to them.


Chief Li looked on with shock, as the barrier that seemed to contain the bats effortlessly, started to show signs of damage with small cracks appearing here and there.

“Did they suddenly become stronger?”

The cracks became more apparent as the bats’ actions turned more berserk, continuously hitting the barrier as hard as they could.

“Could it be that they were only pretending to be weak so that we would think that they’re trapped?”

Chief Li thought about the reason why they could possibly do that. Maybe they wanted to escape?

That wasn’t it. If those bats wanted to escape, then why would they show themselves in the first place?

No, there should be something they were here for. What could it be? What were they doing here?

Chief Li recalled everything about White Eye and how the bats prey on others, sucking out their blood.

It was only effective for ordinary people as they would have a difficult time against Awakens.





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