The Lust System: Chapter 179 (Unlocked)


Chapter 179 – They Came


Max blinked his eyes before distancing himself away.

His mind quickly worked, finding an explanation of what just occurred back there.

At the same time, Max was also starting to get annoyed. He only traveled a long way towards this location to take a closer look at the bats, expecting something big happening.

But what was going on here? He shouldn’t be the one dealing with this. In the first place, this shouldn’t have happened.

Casting away all the unnecessary thoughts, Max went back to what he felt the moment his dagger connected to the man.

What was that feeling? His dagger might have been nothing special, but once it hits, it should still do damage.

But what happened? Armor? Max didn’t think so. His blade definitely reached the man’s exposed throat before it bounced back, leaving no signs of injuries anywhere.

Just right after he found out the truth about the weapon, another problem came up. Should he leave? This was becoming an inconvenience.

Even while deep in his thoughts, Max never left his eyes on the man, watching out for his next action.

When Max took a few steps back, the man also took several steps forward. What irritates Max through all this was the playful smile on the man’s face.

Was it a provocation? Imagine someone still daring to smile even if he was on the losing side of the battle. This was what Max had been dealing with.

In addition, they had no idea of each other’s existence before this. Max found all of this a waste of his time.

Why would someone intentionally disturb him? Max never went out of his way to bother others, and he didn’t like the feeling of someone annoying him like a pest.

Unknowingly, Max started to release some pressure around him.

Max didn’t know much about this person. The only thing he was certain of was he wasn’t strong. This came from how the strength behind his attacks was not comparable to his.

Their fight lasted for several minutes now, and Yu’er could be contacting him at any moment soon since they had been searching the mountains from the time they arrived, unlike him, who was kept busy by some nobody.

One minute. That’s the last amount of time Max gave himself to finish all of this. If Max failed to do so, he would just have to leave; he doesn’t believe that this guy would be able to keep up with him.

Exerting force on his feet, Max charged towards the man with the intent of defeating him in a few moves.

Max wasn’t sure what was it that blocked his attacks, but it didn’t mean he would back down with just that.

He still had many ideas on what might it be. The only thing he needed was a few more contacts, and he would be able to figure it all out.

Knowing his limits, Max was confident that he was far more powerful than this person. He only needed to know what skill this man had.

Seeing Max going at him, Smiling Death couldn’t help but glare at him contemptibly. He might have been using a weapon that is meant to scare others, but that doesn’t change that it was impossible for him to lose.

After all, ever since he found out about his skill from a deadly accident that night, he still hasn’t lost to anyone.

Even though his offensive capability is almost none, his defensive ability is unmatched. What’s the point of having the most destructive power when it couldn’t hurt him?

Smiling Death would like to see what his target’s face would look like once he realized he couldn’t damage him. He can only consider himself unlucky to have met him in this place.

Just like his other victims, Smiling Death would have fun toying with him, at least until that appointed time.

Instantly, Max got beside Smiling Death, and using his weapon, he rained down multiple attacks on every side, continuously pushing his opponent back.

This time, Max used his full power against Smiling Death, leaving him with no chance to fight back. Max wanted to see if Smiling Death was capable of doing anything other than defending.

After all the blows they exchanged, Max had landed a good amount of hits to Smiling Death. Among those, some landed on his body.

With a few observations and direct contacts, Max had finally figured it all out. The skill that his opponent has should be some kind of absolute defense ability that blocks anything from hurting him.

Every lethal blow Max was supposed to deal, all never happened. His weapon only kept bouncing the second it hits his body.

Until now, Max had never found out a way to go past it.

Skills like that should definitely have a weakness, but even after trying every possible way, none of them worked.

It was difficult to guess what was the weakness of the skill, but Max knew there has to be something. Only that there is a large variety of possibilities, and some of them were impossible to test out.

For example, maybe it can only last a few minutes. Max would never know since he had already decided to leave this place after a minute, and that time was getting closer.

He could not bother to concern himself too much with these things that he would probably forget about the next week.

Knowing that he only had a short amount of time left, Max didn’t hold back and picked up the pace of his attacks, not giving Smiling Death a chance to respond.

As Max kept landing his hits, the number of blocked attacks also increased. No matter where he tried to attack, it was always rendered ineffective.

Adding up all this made him grow frustrated. It was like he was hitting a wall with a sword made out of feathers and expect the wall to be destroyed. All his attacks were useless.

Not wanting to continue this any longer, under immense fury, Max lunged towards the man before putting all his energy to his palms and connecting it to him.

If his weapon wasn’t going to work, then he would use his entire power to force it to work. This was the last thing he could do. If there was still nothing, then there’s nothing more he could do.

An explosive sound erupted from the contact. With all the energy added behind that attack, Smiling Death got pushed back, flying several meters back before hitting a large tree, destroying it in the process.

Smiling Death’s eyes suddenly constricted as his face warped from being hurt.

Max’s eyes glowed, seemingly enlightened from what he had seen. He was the one who made the attack, no one else but himself understood better what just happened.

Before he made another move, shrilly noises rang out in every direction. Max looked everywhere, feeling the vibration in the air, only to see a large shadow that seemed to cover the entire area.

It didn’t take him long to see small creatures flying towards him in large groups. With one look, Max knew those were what he had been searching for.

Seeing their overwhelming number far away rapidly making their way towards his location, Max forgot about the man he had attacked as he began running in another direction.




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