The Lust System: Chapter 38 (Unlocked)

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Chapter 38 – Each Other’s Thoughts


Layla was stupefied as she watched them have sex without caring about anything. She wondered whether they were enjoying themselves so much that they forgot where they were currently at.

Layla had been wondering about why her little sister suddenly broke up with her boyfriend when their relationship hasn’t even lasted close to a month.

Witnessing all of that was happening in front of her, she now figured it all out.

‘So this is the reason. I knew something was going on but this never came up in my mind. How did this even happen?’

Layla slowly shook her head as she thought that it doesn’t matter anymore. She looked at them still on top of each other and sighed.

‘Little sis, do you really like him so much that you gave yourself to him? Was this a good decision? Haah, I can only hope that you won’t be hurt in the end because no one can hurt my little sister.’

Layla’s face was serious while secretly watching them from their blind spot. A lot of things were running through her mind.

‘Ah, Lydia, please don’t tell me that you fell for him because you will be the one who will suffer in the future.’

‘You should know that Awakeneds like us shouldn’t be too close to normal people. But you exactly did just that and even worse, you got into this kind of relationship with him.’

‘What if the time comes that we would have to go, what would you do?’

Layla had a lot of worries on her mind. She was very concerned about her little sister as she doesn’t want to see her becoming sad.

Both of them had been living only with each other that they were inseparable. Layla would do everything just to make her little sister happy as she was the one who was taking care of her since she was a little girl.

Layla just doesn’t know what to do. She can only wait for what’s going to happen in the future.

But watching all of that also made her pussy wet. Laying her eyes on Max’s dick that was penetrating her sister, she felt that she also needed it for herself.

By the time she noticed it, she was already touching herself while watching them. Imagining how good it must have felt having that huge thing inside her.

Layla reached her climax as fluids slide down her legs. She leaned on a wall as her legs became weak after an intense pleasure exploded within her body.

That was when her mind became clear as she thought of the implication of everything that was happening.


Max, while lying on top of Lydia, whispered,

“You’re mine now.”

He licked her ears as he moved his hand to fondle her breast then gave her a few kisses on her neck to any part he sees.

Lydia just closed her eyes while Max kissed her all over. She felt a sense of satisfaction, laying there,
feeling her lower body stuffed with his cum.

Max didn’t pull his dick out, not allowing his cum to flow out of her. They just enjoyed their time like this until he heard Lydia say something while nodding her head.

He didn’t pick on what she said but seeing her give him a nod, he knew that she had agreed to be with him.

Lydia’s mind had some complicated thoughts. They’ve only met a few times and those few times they’ve met had resulted in them having sex.

She was worried that Max might think that she was an easy woman but her heart warmed looking at Max that was giving her gentle kisses everywhere.

Max enjoyed Lydia’s soft body by caressing it all over while at the same time inhaling her sweet scent.

It was then Max felt her pussy start to coil tightly around his dick that made his dick back to its peak form, earning a moan from Lydia.

Her pussy must have felt so sensitive that Max was hearing her moan with just the smallest movement. He turned towards her, gave her lips a peck, saying,

“Let’s do it again!”

Max turned into a whole different person, fiercely penetrating her over and over, driving her to give out loud moans that were heard throughout the entire room.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Layla quickly ran back to their room, not wanting them to see her in there.

Layla was violently blushing as she recalled seeing her little sister being too proactive at their second session.

She thought she was looking at someone else as it was her first time seeing her little sister act like that.

‘What should I do now? Should I hide?’

She looked everywhere the room to see if she can think of something to do to pretend that she didn’t have any idea on what happened.

‘No! I should go back to the shower, I need to clean myself anyways.’

Layla quickly removed her clothes leaving her body naked as she ran to shower for the second time. If Max were here he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back seeing her seductive body that looked perfect in every way.

Max and Lydia walked side by side while going back to the house. Lydia looked uncomfortable as she felt the fluids inside her starting to slide down her legs.

Max was feeling the opposite, his condition couldn’t be better as he just released all his pent up urges inside Lydia, filling her up completely that it gushed out when he pulled out his dick.

Before going out of the room, Max cleaned up all the mess that they made. He crumpled up the bed cover that they stained so that no one will see it.

The windows were open the whole time so there won’t be any long lasting smell that will give away what they just did.

Max felt that after doing it again, Lydia was already treating him as her partner. The only problem was that she was just too shy.

Max figured that it will take a long time before he would be treated the same way as her sister because there’s no reason for her to fully trust him, especially that they didn’t know that he was an Awakened the same as them.

“We will be going to a gathering tomorrow, can you go with us?”


Max confusingly turned towards her, his mind was also confused,

‘They will go to some party tomorrow? Whose party is it?’

“Sure! I’ll go with you.”

“You can also ask Yu’er if she wanted to join us.”

Lydia was joyful that Max will go with them. They were invited by their friends to go to this party but they weren’t really sure whether they should go or not.

She asked Max to go with them because it was just both of them going and adding a guy on their group would make it safer against annoying people.

Reaching the house, they went their separate ways, hurrying back to their rooms to take a good long bath.



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