Chapter 49 – Unforeseen Situation


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Max relaxedly leaned on the back seat of the car, closing his eyes reflecting about everything that happened and all the things that could have happened, contemplating whether he could’ve done something better, as there were still quite far away from home and he can’t do much sitting in there.

‘So tired.’

‘I think we tried everything that we can do at the party except playing at the pool. The food was good. If it wasn’t Xiao Ming’s party it might have been perfect, or not since this was my first time and I don’t know how it usually goes.’

‘Maybe I’ll try to go again next time with my sister but not at Xiao Ming’s party. After all, I don’t believe that he will have the time to host a party anytime soon.’

‘But surprisingly, those times with Lydia were fun! Our relationship became more like close friends from being friends. I guess that’s an improvement.’

‘I checked all the people I’ve seen in there but no one was an Awakened among them. They’re just mostly normal people which wasn’t what I expected.’

‘Alice was the only different one but based on my observation. Even though she has a sly personality, I feel like she genuinely thinks of Layla and Lydia as her friends. I just don’t know the reason why they were that close.’

‘But she had been sneakily glancing at me a few times back there. Did she really notice something from my Aura?’

‘The problem is that I lack the information about her Aura Reader Skill as I never expected to come across someone like her this early. I can only hope she isn’t an enemy as we don’t have any time for her right now.’

‘Then there’s that idiot, Xiao Ming. What a disgusting person. My image of him was entirely different from how he was in real life.’

‘I thought that he would be more like a playboy than an arrogant spoiled brat. He was also so stupid, too full of himself.’

‘And those people around him, aren’t they just sucking up to him? it’s so obvious what were they there for. Do they think they’re something?’

‘So arrogant, don’t they know that they’re just some disposable pieces? Forget about it, they’re nobodies, I’m just wasting my time thinking about them.’

‘But why did Xiao Ming try something with me? I don’t even know him and I’m sure I’ve never met him before. Does he offend anyone he sees?’

‘From what I’ve seen, he seemed to like Layla? Maybe he wanted to impress her? Hah, with his attitude? Most people around him were only there because of his money and power. No, more like his father’s money and power.’

‘Ahhh, his face is pissing me off so bad! He even dared to look at my women. If my sister isn’t logical, I would’ve sent him to the hospital and let him stay there for a couple of months.’

‘Should I have fought him? No there isn’t any logical reason for fighting him at his own house. That would be a stupid move.’

‘My sister also reminded me to not be provoked to fight. Hmm, but what she said makes sense. Did it come from her past experiences?’

‘And If I really think about it, I won’t achieve anything even if I won, it’s basically risking to expose myself for nothing. Most importantly, we don’t really need to attract attention to ourselves just to win.’

‘I should talk about this with my sister and ask her to team up with me in getting him back. We have the face mask to have a second identity.’

‘But I don’t think that’s enough. There should be some item that can even change our body size so that there will be no chance of other people finding out who we are.’

‘Currently, my sister is the only one I can fully trust. I’ll have to make full use of it to make overall better decisions by asking her thoughts on things.’

‘We will always be on the same side now and I’m not alone in planning like in the past so that should be good?’

‘The future is dangerous for us but also rewarding, especially now that I’ve met another Awakened. But I have a feeling that this was just the beginning.’

‘We need to stick together at all times and if possible add some other people to confide with as soon as possible.’

‘We also need a lot of money, so we can move freely anywhere and I just have the right plan on how we’re going to be very very rich!’

Max looked out the window as he considered the plan that he thought about, his eyes shining with playfulness.’

‘So later I’m going to ask my sister about everything she knows about Awakeneds, what they mostly do in their lives, what’s their priorities, the difference in mindset between them and normal people and a lot more other things.’

‘What else? Did I forgot something?’

“Are you alright Max?”

Layla checked him out on the front mirror. Seeing him with his eyes closed, she was worried that Max was thinking about Xiao Ming as he is just an ordinary person and Xiao Ming might be a powerful figure in his eyes.

“Just tired.”

“Sorry about Xiao Ming. He picks on anyone he sees so don’t worry about it. He won’t do anything else more than that.’

Layla thought maybe he was thinking about might happen to him so she gave him a few words to stop him from worrying.

‘Is he really worried about that? He doesn’t speak to people often maybe he’s also sensitive to harsh words?’

Max noticed that Layla and Lydia occasionally looking at him worriedly from the mirror. He was lost for words, not knowing what to say.

‘Hey! I’m an Awakened too! Don’t look at me like that. He’s really not bothering me! Ugh, if I can just tell the both of you about it.’

“He doesn’t really bother me you know.”

Max could only smile at them while laughing at himself inside as he couldn’t prove it in any way without exposing his Awakened identity.

Seeing that Max was really fine, Layla focused on herself as she had a bigger problem on her mind. She doesn’t know how to talk with Lydia about her relationship with Max.

Layla was conflicted, thinking if she should talk to her little sister about it or not. Moreover, she was afraid that when she told Lydia that her relationship with Max can’t continue anymore, Lydia might resent her for it.

But she felt like she should talk to Lydia regardless of what might happen as it will be dangerous for both of them if they didn’t stop.

Thinking about someone threatening her little sister by kidnapping Max really frightened her that she decided to just go and talk to her, explaining all her worries clearly one by one when they get home.

It was at that moment,




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