Chapter 53 – Anger


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Max exhaled as he calmed down, knowing that despite all of the things that happened, he didn’t make anything worse. Until now, he still couldn’t believe that some people dared to attack them.

He didn’t know whether they were strong enough or they just got lucky to go out of that unscathed, but he promised himself to get a lot stronger so that situations like those would never happen again.

Next time, it will be him who will protect them or maybe they will fight together as they won’t let him fight on his own, especially his sister.

In his mind, there are only two kinds of people, his family, and friends on his side, and others. That was not influenced by what happened, but it’s just how he looked at things.

His conviction made him realize that he needed to have the Magical Space as soon as possible.
It will be the safest place for them as no one would be able to locate them.

While he was thinking about that, his sister also had something on her mind,

‘Xiao Ming, wherever you are, we will get you back. Let’s see what you can do after we’re done playing with you.’

Fury was hidden deep in her eyes as she thought of ways to get their revenge.



Yu’er confusingly turned to max, not understanding why he was shouting so close to her.

“You were giving off a strong pressure! What was that!?”

“Are you thinking about Xiao Ming? Hmph, don’t worry, we’re not going to let them off. Sending Awakeneds for us, wait for me to…”

Max stopped what he was saying as he didn’t want his sister to be mad at him for thinking about those things but what he didn’t know was that there’s nothing for him to worry about.

Yu’er mentally praised her little brother, seeing that he was starting to learn some things. Weak-minded people will be stepped on in the world of Awakeneds as Awakeneds would use anything they can to achieve their goals.

There are some good Awakeneds or good organizations throughout the world, but most of them were only hiding their dirty secrets, and those that were genuinely good were rare.

One interesting fact though was that those who were genuinely good are usually some of the strongest in the world.

There are weak ones that have good personalities, but they never get to live for long as they were always the easiest to prey on.

Yu’er doesn’t want Max to be like them, but she would never do anything to force him on doing things he doesn’t want to do.

The only thing she can do was to guide him, and it’ll all be left for him to decide. Seeing Max getting furious and hungry for revenge, Yu’er felt delighted inside, knowing that their attitudes were not far from each other.

“It’s good that you didn’t fight with him. We can just get him back, smart enough that he wouldn’t think it was us.”

“Won’t he suspect us because Xiao Ming knows himself that he asked someone to attack us? If something happened to him, he would immediately know who it was.”

“No, they won’t. If we investigate them enough to find their enemies, we can copy and use their faces. After that, everything will be easy.”

“We can also make it look like an accident or something unexplainable, and with the Store, everything will be possible.”

“We can also plan their end, making them fall from having everything, down to nothing. If you think about it, they’re only big in this city but not big enough for us to be scared of.”

Max stared at his sister with his mouth wide open, not expecting those words to come out of her.

“What are you staring at me like that?”

“Did you just say all that?”

“Oh. Well, you’re a new Awakened after all, haah.”

“Let me tell you this. The reality is that Awakeneds kill and scheme against each other everywhere around the world. That’s why organizations and groups exist so that they would have other people to lean on for security.

“This city is pretty tame compared to cities that were full of Awakeneds or even just those bigger cities, in general, definitely has some malicious people.”

“They kill each other for reasons like revenge. Some kill people without any reason, and that has been happening for a long time.”

“There are still a lot of things I will tell you. Just absorb the information slowly, you’re a new Awakened after all, I don’t expect you to get it easily.”

Yu’er straightforwardly told Max a few things so that he would know more about Awakeneds. She didn’t tell him everything as the things that she excluded were just minor issues.

She doesn’t want him to be overloaded with information then remembering the minor things and forgetting the important ones.

“And also, you aren’t sure if the person that escaped saw you using your skill?”

“Yeah, we couldn’t find him. By the way, tomorrow Layla and Lydia will come over. They will probably talk about the Awakeneds stuff.”

Yu’er nodded as she already expected them to come sometime later.

“You look really tired. You should go to sleep. We’ll continue this tomorrow.”

Noticing that Max was only forcing his eyes to open with his voice becoming weaker, Yu’er suggested that he should go to bed.

Max didn’t respond anymore, holding her in his embrace. Yu’er not having any problem with it, joined him as they both went to sleep.

Xiao Ming’s Mansion

“Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

*glass breaking*

Xiao Ming was in his room, kicking and breaking everything he sees.

His face was red in anger, looking completely different from his smiling face. This was how he usually looked when he is alone. He only shows his fake smile for other people.

Xiao Ming kept shouting at the man in front of him.

If Max were here, he would immediately recognize him. He was the one who attacked them a while ago.

His chest was still severely injured, but it seems like he added something to it as it was no longer bleeding.

Currently, he was facing Xiao Ming looking down at the floor, his face still covered by a mask.

“How can someone like him die?!”

“Boss, he was killed by them.”

“Are you treating me like an idiot?! Do you think I would believe you?!”

“He’s a lot stronger than you, but he died, and you survive?”


The man wasn’t able to say anything because he also didn’t know how he died. When he was severely injured, he immediately ran away, not caring about anything else.

The only thing on his mind was to run as far as possible. If not, he knew he would die. He assumed that his partner was following him.

After reaching their temporary hideout, he waited for his partner while tending to his wounds.

But after a few hours, his partner still hasn’t arrived. So, after making sure that he wasn’t in danger of dying, he went back to look for him.



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