Chapter 60 – Caution


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They both glared at Little Dou for revealing a little then keeping the more important information a secret only to tease them.



Little Dou flew around then sticking out her tongue. Contrary to what should happen, they weren’t annoyed at all. That was because they used to Little Dou’s mischief.


Max scolded himself as he tried to ask Little Dou a question even knowing that they won’t get an answer. Now they couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Max tried to forget about it by just thinking of other things. His eyes lighted up as he also tore a pillow to test his skill.

“There are no changes with mine. I guess mine’s already maxed out for my level.”

From what they found out after numerous tests, Max’s skill didn’t have any changes. They could only conclude that it was because he was already maxed level on his current rank.

They already judged it was like that and only needed to confirm it themselves. Max’s skills weren’t the main problem that was on their minds. It was his fighting techniques and movements that were the problems.

Max was not good at fighting, not that he was no talent, more like he hasn’t received any training. Max, never in his entire life, practiced how to fight a real person.

Since that was the case, Yu’er had doubts about whether Max would cry or freeze up if he experienced pain.

However, from when he was stabbed, he told her that he was still able to grab the guys arm even with all that pain.

If that was what happened, then that was a good indicator that he wouldn’t be bad at fighting as training to fight people can be extremely painful and taxing on the body.

Physically, Max was undeniably strong. He has the excellent physical strength for a Rank 1, stronger than his sister.

It was only that he couldn’t properly use it that he seemed weaker than others like Lydia or his sister.

So they decided that Yu’er will teach Max everything she knows about fighting. Yu’er wasn’t an expert when it comes to battling. She only has the knowledge their parents taught her and some experiences with delinquents on the streets.

They also had the perfect item to make that possible in the fastest time. Max won’t become a strong fighter when their training finishes, he would only become average.

It was because the technique Yu’er might exactly be the right one for Max, so he has to make some adjustments and get more practice to get used to it.

But that doesn’t matter, what matters is Max won’t be helpless anymore in case a fight breaks out. Yu’er still didn’t forget to give him a severe warning.

“If there are a lot of them, run away. If you think you can fight one person easily, fight two won’t be as simple as doubling the difficulty.”

“It will be much harder than that, particularly when they have great coordination. Fighting three people, don’t think about that for now. To be safe, run away.”

“We can just find them together if you have some problems with them.”

“Of course, I already know that! I’ve played so many computer games to know some things about fighting with numbers!”

Max patted his chest as these things about being outnumbered was basic knowledge in games that he played.

Even though he doesn’t have experience in fighting, he still learned some cheap tricks to use against an enemy, still from computer games.

“Do you think those strategies in games can be useful? Like ambushing someone, outnumbering them with more numbers and taking advantage of them when they’re weak?”

Yu’er’s mouth twitched, but she didn’t bother replying as she knows that he wasn’t thinking of doing it in real life.

As they concluded that he needed to learn his fighting techniques and movements, Yu’er also decided to help him in modifying those techniques to make it smoother for him to execute.

Now that he thought about it, looking at his level,

[Level: 20][30300/20000 Lifetime Points]!

“Does this mean when I upgraded my System, I will instantly be a Rank 2 Peak Phase Awakened(Level 30) Awakened?”

“If we can quickly max our levels on our current rank or the next rank, we can almost be undefeated in our ranks!”

Max’s eyes were shining, thinking that he already considered everything and what he assumed was right.

If that was true, then they don’t need to be afraid anymore. Max and Yu’er weren’t showing it, but they have a lot of worries in their minds.

Even though they knew they had an edge on others, which was the System, they were still thinking about a lot of stuff.

The stronger they become, the more things they would have to consider. Even when they were only starting, they had already experienced a lot of problems.

With a future that was as bright as the sun, they felt that the problems they will encounter might be as intense.

“That’s not happening. There must be some catch here that we didn’t know yet, but there should be in the future. Upgrades would also be costly.”

Yu’er was quick to dismiss all his thoughts. She never believed that they would be strong enough so soon to be undefeated.

She had seen a part of what their parents are capable of doing at Rank 3. If she were to compare Max to them, he probably wouldn’t even be able to give them a scratch.

When Awakeneds get stronger, they will get stronger all around, Strength, Defense, Speed, and many more.

As they were only Rank 1, it would be a miracle if they would be able to defeat a Rank 3. After all, Rank 3 Awakeneds aren’t as common as Rank 2’s.

With just one Rank 3 in your family, it is already enough to guarantee prosperity and a secure future. The reason for that is getting to Rank 3 is extremely difficult.

Yu’er wasn’t sure but based on what she knew, only five percent of Rank 1 Awakeneds gets to Rank 2, and only one percent of Rank 2 Awakeneds gets to Rank 3.

Based on those estimates, it shows how hard it is to reach Rank 3. All Rank 3 Awakeneds are respected, not only because of their strength but because against all the odds, they reached Rank 3 and there will always be a reason for why they reached it.

That was why Yu’er has been full of pride about their parents being Rank 3 Awakeneds at their age. Compared to others, they were extremely young.

Most Rank 3 Awakeneds are old, not old in appearance but their age as they can retain their adult exterior since they have a longer lifespan from their corresponding ranks.

Yu’er would not deny the advantage they were getting compared to others, but that doesn’t mean she will allow it to cloud their minds with some false sense of security.



Soft gigglings that sounded like tinkling bells rang out after Yu’er responded to Max. Little Dou didn’t stop her giggles as if she was laughing at them.

This time, both of them were convinced that there would be challenges for them in the future.


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