Chapter 62 – Another Use for Time Stop


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Max remembered his Time Stop Skill that he can use twice a day. He hasn’t been able to use it and he thought of using it today.

Now that he thought about it, when they were attacked after the party, he could’ve used it instead of using his body as a shield.

‘On second thought, I don’t think so.’

He thought about it more deeply and concluded it wasn’t a good idea to use it as if he did, they will immediately think he has some Teleportation Skill or Time Stop.

And when they got severely injured, he might even have to heal them with his other skill further exposing himself needlessly.

As he decided to use it today, he searched for smart people in the room. He wasn’t very familiar with them but he can identify some students have has consistent high grades among them.

Max was still very careful about deciding who to copy on as it would be embarrassing if he copied a paper full of wrong answers.

Max stared at his paper, acting like he was seriously answering it. Sometimes when Teacher Li turned to his area, he doodled whatever he can think of.

Every time he sees that Teacher Li was observing the other side of the room, he searched for students that seemed to know what they were doing.

Max eliminated those students who he believes would fail the test. It wasn’t hard to distinguish them as there were a lot of people who were blankly staring at their papers for a long time while furrowing their brows.

There were also others who kept erasing their answers like they were unsure about what they were writing.

In the end, he was left with a handful of potential helpers. As the others were too far from him, Max feared that he might not be able to have enough time copying, so he chose the closest one.

It was none other than the girl in front of him. Max had been observing her actions and so far, there was never a time when she stopped writing.

Max could only assume that she really came prepared, studying for the test.

Now that he decided on where he was going to copy from, Max waited for the girl to finish or at least to be close to it, giving her tens of minutes to continue writing.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, indicating that Max just used his skill. Not wanting to waste any time, Max hurriedly went beside the girl and seriously focused on copying her answer.

He wasn’t expecting that there was a lot of words to copy when he only had thirty seconds.


Max was back on his seat with sweating all over his face. In the end, he had to use his second Time Stop Skill to extend it as he didn’t have enough time.

Despite the fact that Max didn’t know what the topic of the test was about, he wasn’t stupid to not understand how simple calculation works.

He used the remaining time of the test to modify some of the answers he copied. Adding some small calculations here and there, removing some unnecessary calculations making it look like he used a shortcut, ending in the same answer.

Before going back, as he had a few time left on his Time Stop, he compared his paper to others, changing some things as it’s the most common he sees from others, so it must be right.

Walking back, he looked everywhere in the room, people weren’t moving and he could only hear the noises that he was making when he moves.

The last thing Max saw before he sat on his seat was the appearance of the girl that he was copying from in front of him.

He was hurrying in copying that he didn’t have the time to look up to check on the face of the girl he was copying from. Now, he praised himself for choosing the best one.

Max recognized this girl. Her name was Nana. As he was able to look at her closely, he can honestly say that she can also be considered one of the top beauties alongside his sister, Layla and Lydia.

Many students probably didn’t notice it as it wasn’t obvious because of her bearings and low profile attitude. Adding her very plain clothes, even Max didn’t notice it until now.

Mad had a good understanding of her as she was the role model of many students that were aiming to get to the top like her.

Nana was an orphan that came from the local orphanage. She worked her way up to this point on her own. As far as he knows, Nana should be living in one of the dorms of the school.

Students admire her as she had a humble personality even with all the achievements that she has gotten through years of hard work.

The only reason why Nana was able able to get into this school was that she was in a scholarship. That was admirable considering how hard it is to get it, especially at this school.

Max respected Nana a little as she was doing her best in studying, most likely to have a good future for herself.

Max wished her good luck in his mind. Most of the time, he was a realistic person and he knows that having high grades don’t always translate to a successful future.

Although he had a feeling that Nana didn’t need it as she probably had been through a lot to know what she really needed to do.

He also had the feeling that this girl is smarter than most people, not just academically. But he couldn’t point out where exactly, it was just his feeling.

Anyway, Max was happy that he doesn’t have that problem anymore. He was an Awakened and the only thing he should focus on was to get stronger as fast as possible.

Now that Max easily finished his test without much effort, he pretended to be focused on solving the problems confidently so that no one would doubt him.

‘Hahha, having skills really makes things convenient.’

[What would you do if they asked you some questions?]


‘That’s not going to happen. No one would care about it.’

Max doesn’t believe that someone would question him about the results of his test. He even gave up trying to get a perfect score so no one would be suspicious of him.

If he was asked to solve some more questions, he can just say that he was lazy or say he doesn’t know. They don’t have any proof anyway.

What was likely to happen was they would think he was lazy to answer it. They would never think that he cheated as it was practically impossible with the sharp eyes of their teacher peering down at them.

Getting out of the class as it was already lunchtime, Max saw some familiar faces on the hallway.



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