Chapter 63 – Hanging Out (1)


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Max stopped in his tracks as he stared at the familiar people in the hallway.

They were so many people there that he decided to walk the other way, not that he was avoiding them or anything. Talking to himself,

‘Yes, they were probably lost. They didn’t know where they were going and just walked randomly until they got here. Well, none of my business.’


Before he was able to leave, Max heard someone calling his name out loud.


Max cursed out thousands of words in his mind, wondering what were they planning by going in here.

Layla, Lydia, and Yu’er were having some fun talking with each other as they stood in the hallway.

On their surroundings, a lot of people were staring at them as it was a rare occurrence to see the top beauties going in this area of the building.

Even other students from other buildings were being influenced by checking out what was happening, making the entire floor quite crowded.

Max got goosebumps as he watched them, ignoring the stares like they were used to it, which was exactly right as people always stare at them wherever they go.

They were being treated like some sort of celebrity, and they were used to it. Max, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with it, so he decided to turn around in the other direction.

Layla spotted Max as soon as he got out of their room. It wasn’t just her, Lydia and Yu’er also saw him, they were waiting here for him after all.

As Layla and Yu’er were able to have their break early, they figured that maybe they should get Lydia and Max to join them.

Lydia was the first to arrive. After the crowd grabbed her attention, she saw that Layla and Yu’er were standing there.

With no hesitation, she immediately went to where they were standing, not paying any attention to the onlookers.

Next was Max, seeing him acting like he didn’t want to associate himself with them, Lydia and Yu’er weren’t sure about what they should do.

But Layla had some other plans, letting out an alluring smirk as she shouted for his name while waving her arms, not caring about his feelings.

Receiving so many people’s stares, Max wasn’t able to ignore them any longer. Having no choice but to turn back, Max slowly walking towards them.

“What are you doing here?”

“What do you think? Of course, we’ll go eat together!”

Layla was the one who responded like it was obvious. As he was already here, Max agreed. He didn’t mind joining them anyway, and he didn’t want to keep staying at this place in the middle of so much students.

They walked away together as the students made way for them.

Seeing that nothing interesting was going to happen, the students who were watching slowly went back to do their own business, feeling slightly disappointed in waiting for nothing.

“So did any interesting things happen?”

While Lydia was happily chatting with Layla, Yu’er took the time to ask Max if anything happened in his day.

“Uhh, nothing really. Except I cheated on my math test! Now I’m a hundred percent sure that I got a high grade. My skills are convenient, right?”

Max boasted like he did something amazing. If people heard that he was bragging to his sister about how he successfully cheated on his test, they would probably hit their head on the wall in anger.

“To be honest, I had a thought that you might do that. I didn’t expect that you would really do it. Doesn’t matter anyway. If I had a skill like that, I would also do it.”

“I don’t study much either. It won’t be useful for us in the future. I don’t think they study too.”

Yu’er looked at Layla and Lydia, who was really close to each other. Laughing and talking about what happened in their classes and some other random stuff.

“Why did you think of going here, anyway? This was so random. I never even imagined that there would be three beauties waiting for me.”

Even though she knew Max was just teasing her, Yu’er still became happy from his words, replying in a lively voice.

“No particular reason. We only fetched both of you as we were bored spending time with ourselves.”

Max repeatedly nodded as he can understand what they feel about how boring this place is. And thinking about that he still has a lot of years left, he almost wanted to complain out loud.

Although he was considering stopping next year as Layla and his sister would finish school. He would probably be bored to death if he were alone.

Thinking about if he should convince Lydia to do the same. But that’s for later.

Hundreds of students can be seen enjoying their food in the busy cafeteria as numerous conversations being heard everywhere.

It sounded like a market in there, non-stop talking, eating and serving food. No one can be blamed here as the food was all free.

This was the cafeteria for this building and where Max always goes to eat. One of the bad things here was that Max spends more time trying to get his food than actually finishing it.

The food quality here isn’t good, but it wasn’t particularly bad either. It was very much deserving to be called free food.

As Max doesn’t care much about what he eats, he usually just picks whichever food was available, quickly finishes it then go back to his classroom to wait for the next class.

There were times when he liked the food he was eating that he wanted more, and there were also times when he absolutely hated it, choosing to skip the meal.

Surprisingly, the whole place was wide and clean, tables and chairs were placed appropriately, and the floors were spotless.

Cleaners can be seen everywhere, maintaining the cleanliness for the students that still haven’t arrived. As expected of a good school, they take these kinds of things seriously.

The overall design of the place was very plain, white walls and an ordinary set of tables and chairs. Looking at the faces of the students that were using them, they don’t seem to care much about it.

As usual, there was a long line of students waiting for their time to get their food. Impressively, no one was fighting, properly lining up in the provided lane.

Watching the long lines that might take them more than tens of minutes to get their turn, Max followed them as they suggested to go on the second floor.



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