Chapter 64 – Hanging Out (2)


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The second floor of the cafeteria was unique. Only a few people were staying there.

The reason for that was students would have to pay for their food, and from what Max gathered, it was quite expensive.

As no one wanted to pay so much for their food, especially if they can have it for free, a lot of empty tables were displayed in front of them.

This was Max’s first time going in there. With one look, he can see that the atmosphere in this place was different. It was like he wasn’t in school.

“This place is great!”

Those were the only words that Max was able to mutter as he’s body softened, enjoying the calming music while lying down on his comfortable sofa.

When someone compared the two different floors, the difference would be quite noticeable; this place was like a premium environment made for specific people.

Make no mistake; this floor wasn’t built to take advantage of students by earning money from them if they were tempted to be here.

This place came to be when the Student Council proposed the idea to the board members and the backers of the school, for the reasons that students would instead choose to eat outside than to wait in line.

In addition to that, the cafeteria, whether it was in this building or the others, was always crowded. Arguing that it wasn’t made for everyone, giving examples like what if some students wanted better meals or specific dishes.

Rather than letting them go to other places outside school, why not just make one in here. They would save time, and the school would earn more money.

The Student Council was quite influential in this school as they also have their own backers. Most of its members have some connection to the board members, or they came from a very influential family.

Alice was an example of that, but not every one of their members was as successful as their family.

They treat it as training, training themselves to manage things so that in the future, they won’t be clueless and for the most part, the Student Council was doing an excellent job at their work.

As most of the board members and backers understood it, with enough funding, they were able to build the whole place.

No one made a fuss about it as it was built from donations than using the school’s assets to fund it.

“You have never been here before?”

“Huh? You already tried this place?”

Max responded with a question as his sister asked him like it was surprising to know that he had never been here before.

Now Max was filled with confusion, asking himself whether he was supposed to be here for some reason.

“Well, except some time when I have to do something, I go here all the time!”


“Yeah! It’s cozy in here, and there’s not a lot of people. Why wouldn’t I be here?”

“We also go here every time you know!”

Layla and Lydia joined in their conversation. Now Max understood why they were asking him to join them.

It turns out that they go to this place every time; the only different thing they did was going together at the same time.

But even if they didn’t go together, they would still see each other here. So it was only him that has never been here that was why he felt like he was the only one feeling weird coming here.

After knowing that they always come to this place, Max decided in his mind to go here every time as this was such an excellent place to hangout, better than sitting in his classroom doing nothing.

And right now, he can pay for any food he likes as he didn’t lack money, so the high prices weren’t a problem for him at all.

Looking around, there were only a few random students in there around them. Most of them seemed like they came from a well off family with how they look and their manners.

Their seats were overseeing the whole cafeteria below. It was a good view as Max can see every single situation that was happening.

“This was a good place, right?”

Max absentmindedly nodded as he continued watching people below. It was like he was a bystander in a VIP room.

While looking at the students doing their own stuff, Max spotted someone he knew. It was Nana, and she was eating alone.


Max thought that must’ve been the way he looked in the past. He thought he was fine like that but watching her right now, that doesn’t look good at all.

So he indeed does look like a genuine loner in the past. Max wondered why she was alone, doesn’t she have any friends?

The only reason Max was thinking about her when it wasn’t like him to think about others was that she was attractive.

He was tempted to make a move on her as it will be a pity if he let someone like her go.

Nana was like a diamond in the rough, a few changes here and there and she will be a top beauty. As it was already proven that she could pull herself up on her own, she would be a great partner.



“What are you looking at?”

“I was looking at the girl. She was the girl who I copied from for the test.”

“Hmm? She’s really pretty.”

Yu’er looked at Max suspiciously after he pointed out where the girl was sitting. Even Yu’er had to admit that she was beautiful.

“Right? I didn’t even know someone like her has been sitting in front of me. Nana acts too low profile that I wouldn’t notice her if I didn’t see her face close up.

“Nana? I think I’ve heard of her, but I’m not really sure. Anyways, do whatever you want.”

Yu’er seemed to guess Max’s intention; that was why she said that. But Max shrugged it off as he didn’t have any intention of doing anything, for now at least.

“Oh yeah! Yu’er! Max! The swimming team girls said that they could go to your house for the weekend!”

“Really?! This is going to be fun!”

Yu’er was shaking in excitement. When they had Lydia and Layla come over to their house, she enjoyed it very much that she wanted to do it again.

After Max went to the party of Xiao Ming, Yu’er instantly regretted not joining them as even though they were going to be attacked later that night, it wasn’t dangerous as Max was still holding back a lot.

She further yearned to attend a party when Max was telling her everything that they did in there, having lots of fun, food, drinks and meeting various outgoing people.

Now that it was certain that they will throw a party in their own house, Yu’er couldn’t hold her excitement, thinking about things that she wanted to have in their party.

Max was also excited, but he didn’t make it visible. Those were the swimming team, hot girls who he could only look at from afar in the past.

Now, they were going to his house! He would not be called a man if he didn’t say he was excited but not so much as it was still quite a long time until the weekend arrives.

And from his experiences, there are so many unexpected things that can happen within just a few days.

“Are all of them going?”

“So far, every one of them agreed. They were looking forward to it.”

Yu’er asked Layla every question she can think of. How many would go, who they were, if they have any suggestions and many more.


Max turned back to where Nana was sitting, but she wasn’t there anymore.

‘That was fast! That’s barely ten minutes! Was she hungry or something?’

In fact, it wasn’t any of that. Nana was only hurrying as she didn’t want to stay in this place for a long time.

If Max were looking at his past self, he would be surprised as he was just as fast as her when it comes to finishing his food, as he was subconsciously hurrying, not wanting to be in the middle of massive crowds that were making him feel alone.



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