Chapter 65 – Invite


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Max was currently walking with Lydia, going back to class together. They were left on their own as Layla, and his sister wasn’t able to accompany them for a little longer, going the other way as they were short on time.

This was by far the most satisfying meal that Max had at this school. He enjoyed everything, almost treating this whole place as his home, doing whatever he wants.

Max had someone prepare a freshly made steak, and it was so good that it made the free meals he has been getting taste bland compared to it.

It wasn’t only him that was enjoying their time, Lydia, Layla, and his sister also much enjoyed their meals.

Fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and even desserts were available for them to pick at any time. They only have to ask what they wanted, and they will be served exactly what they asked.

As this was Max’s first time going in this place, he tried most of the things that he saw, only stopping when he was full. His sister got the same steak as him and joined Max in eating all the food he got.

Layla got herself a salad while Lydia ate small portions of meat but mostly had different kinds of cakes. She ate so much of it that Max wondered whether she would get fat it she kept eating those.

Everyone got what they all wanted. Even though they had to pay a high price for it, no one cared one bit about it as they were all rich, including Max as he had a lot of money to spend.

And using up all his money just for buying food wasn’t possible in this case. Even if he did, he could only earn more in a day using his skills.

With his close friends, good food, and a relaxing environment, Max felt that it would be great if this happened every single day.

All four of them were having fun, Layla sometimes talked about the hot girls on the swimming team, wanting to tease Max. Having too much fun that they lost track of time.

In the end, Max had to pay for everything after they accepted when Max offered to treat them. Every one of them knows that money one of the things they were not going to lack as they were all Awakeneds.

Before they went on separate ways with Layla and his sister, his sister whispered to him, asking him to ask Lydia out.

Yu’er walked away with Layla, not explaining the reason, probably because they didn’t have any more time.

As Max knew that his sister never asks him to do things, he thought that she might have a good reason for this, so he followed her words.

Quietly walking beside each other, Max was having a hard time, as he didn’t know how to ask Lydia out.

He never had any experience with these things that he wasn’t sure what to say. Making up his mind, Max forced some words out of his mouth.



Lydia turned to him as she walked, her eyes staring at him as if asking what does he want to say.

At this moment, Lydia was already comfortable around Max. But her habit of speaking a few words as much as possible never change.

“Are you free one of these days?”

Max sounded like it wasn’t a big deal, showing no hesitation and not stuttering while asking Lydia in a clear voice.


Still looking straight forward, everyone that saw this would praise Max in their minds, as he was always composed even when he just asked one of the top beauties of the school out.

Contrary to how he appears from the outside, inside, he was sweating buckets. A few seconds have passed, still not getting any responses, Max started to overthink things.

‘She won’t decline, right? This is so embarrassing. I shouldn’t be doing this! No! I shouldn’t have done this. Why did I even do it? Now, I’m just going to be rejected.’

“I’m free the day after tomorrow.”

This time, Lydia responded with a more energetic voice. She never expected that Max would ask her out. She thought that they would hide their relationship, not telling anyone about it.

It was fine for her whatever Max decides to do as she doesn’t have any problem with it, but when Max asked her out or implied to, Layla didn’t imagine she would suddenly be filled with happiness inside.

She had heard of other students’ stories about dates, what they do, and where they go. Sometimes she also pictures herself going on one, thinking about what she would do.

Lydia also heard about what they ended up doing after that, scolding herself for even thinking about it.

Her thoughts stopped after deciding to give Max a present, depending on how much she would enjoy the experience.

Max almost jumped up in delight as all his negative thoughts were instantly swept out of his mind, not forgetting to thank his sister later for asking him to do this.

At the same time, Max decided to do some research on what to do as he didn’t have any idea what people do at dates.

“It’s set them. The day after tomorrow!”

Lydia looked down as she didn’t want Max to see her blushing face that was completely different from how she acted when they were doing it.

Lydia felt something sweet as she saw Max getting excited, and his face brightening up, making her look forward to the day after tomorrow.

Even though Lydia only utters out a few words each time when speaking with Max, it was only because of her shy personality, her feelings for Max were strong and real.

In the past, not so much, but when unexpected events kept happening around them and repeatedly hanging out together with Max, Lydia started to fall deeper and deeper until it was pretty much irreversible.

Arriving close to their rooms, they made some space between them as they were walking so close beside each other.

Although they were okay with people knowing about them, they had an understanding about not wanting to start any unnecessary dramas, especially when there will be some people who would make things hard for them like Dex.

Which only in time, would look like a complete beta in other people’s eyes when they see Max and Lydia being together.

From what Xiao Ming had said, Max was expecting that something will happen in the future. Although Max was prepared for it anytime, preferable, it won’t be this soon.

The closer Max was to his room, the more deflated he was becoming as he was once again going to go through the most boring time in school, sitting in his classroom doing nothing.



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