Chapter 66 – Home


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In a busy road filled with cars, crowds of people can be seen walking at the side of the streets.

Students, parents, workers and other people minded their own selves, each seemingly has their own plans for the rest of the day.

All kinds of stores were open, some full of people and some were void of people. There were workers standing outside, trying their best to attract customers to their stores.

Max was one of those customers. As students were the primary sources of income for the stores on this time of the day, Max had to deal with different people trying hard to attract his attention.

Max, being used to these things happening every day, expertly ignored and evaded them.

As the school was over, Max, like usual, walk straight home. Having to once again experience sitting in class for hours with nothing to do, he looked mentally exhausted.

Complaining about why he had to deal with this every single day. The only thing that kept him to go to school was because he had nothing better to do and there were some good opportunities there.

If there weren’t, Max wouldn’t even think of going back. He would only enjoy himself everywhere but would mostly stay in his house as it was the place he feels the most comfortable at.

In recent times, Max always goes home with his sister together. Today was different as his sister mentioned earlier the day that she will have things to do and he should go home first.

‘Any good ideas to do?’

[Find some women and have sex with them!]


Little Dou always answers the same thing whenever Max asked that question. As she was the System Fairy, she never stopped asking Max to use the System to its full potential every time she had the chance.

This was a regular occurrence when Max walks home. He would ask Little Dou all kinds of questions he was curious about and Little Dou would answer them if she can.

It was Max’s way to keep his mind occupied than just thinking about nothing and wasting time.

‘Find women and have sex with them huh.’

Max was helpless against Little Dou’s answer. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of doing it, it’s only that he didn’t have any time to do so.

The past few days, he had been very busy, going from places to places everywhere. He does have time right now, but he can only restrain himself as he would need it for later.

“Hah hah hah”

Max and Yu’er were laying side by side on their bed. There was a thick scent of sex all over the room. It was apparent what just occurred in there.

There were also their sweaty bodies and fluids flowing out between Yu’er’s thighs, further confirming what the both of them just did.

While Max was talking with Little Dou when he was walking home, he thought if there’s something he can to for later.

From the colorful designs of the stores that Max and Little Dou wasn’t able to look away from, he had an idea to buy their dinner so that they won’t waste time making them if they even decided to do it.

However, if they didn’t, they would have to eat leftover food from the fridge and Max didn’t want that if possible.

Thinking about that, Max changed his direction to buy themselves their dinner and a few candies for Little Dou ass he thought why not.

When Yu’er finished showering after she got home, they quickly finished their meal. Max even got a compliment from his sister for thinking about buying their dinner, getting himself a good prize.

What happened next was plain to see. Coming back to the present, Yu’er went back to the bathroom to clean herself while Max changed the stained sheets into a clean one.

They’ve bought a lot of new sheets expecting that they would have to replace their sheets quite often from now on.

Once he was done, Max went back to the bed, feeling extremely satisfied.



[Level: 20][31550/20000 Lifetime Points]!
[Points: 11950]

[Women Conquered]

Yu’er (Sister) Level 9 [8600/9000 Lifetime Points]!
— Loyalty Meter: 100

Looking at his status, Max thought about their decision about the System. From all his experiences so far, he has been relying heavily on the System for strength.

If other people were to look at it, it would look really bad that he doesn’t buy skills for himself. But Max, on the other hand, doesn’t think so and Yu’er also agreed with him on this.

He was only an ordinary person before he got the System. He didn’t know anything, never had any training and never had any abilities. Basically, he was a useless person.

That was why it was normal for him to rely heavily on it to get stronger. And for them, if they were to prioritize getting skills for Max just because they had concerns over a few things like the System disappearing, then Max’s future would be severely limited.

The reason for that was that the System had a lot of use for them at the moment. Women Conquered section that can make Max stronger tremendously fast by having strong women around him at the same time, making himself and his women stronger from sex.

Store items that were currently more useful for him compared to buying a weak skill as it’s a lot cheaper and has stronger effects than cheap skills could give.

Lastly, using the System to measure his own strength by looking at his status. He can clearly see everything from a numerical perspective, making it easier for him to understand his needs.

That was the reason he wasn’t buying a lot of cheap weak skills. They’ve thought of the possibility of the System disappearing numerous times despite Little Dou repeatedly assuring them that it will never happen.

At this point, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they were already thinking too much about this as it shouldn’t even be considered as Little Dou already told them many times and there was never a sign of it to disappearing in the first place.

While they were thinking about the subject of the System disappearing, they were still able to think of a contingency plan.

In the first place, Max would still be left with his Sex Steal skill regardless if the System disappears or not as it was the skill he got for getting Rank 1, his own original skill.

That was enough for him to be the strongest if used in the right way so they didn’t bother buying cheap weak skills from the Store.

They also made plans for some good skills to buy from the Store. But Little Dou said the skills that they wanted were expensive as all of them were Upgradable Skills.

Those cheap and weak skills can’t be upgraded and would only be effective against weak people.

One day, when they became stronger and stronger, it would start to turn useless until it becomes completely garbage, wasting their points.

They were aware that the both of them were taking big risks right now about not buying any weak skill even just one, but it’s more like a calculated risk, they decided to take.

On the other hand, if they were successful at pulling it off, then they would bring in a huge amount of benefits compared to not risking anything.

Those benefits would make them much stronger than if they prioritized short term cheap skills that they may or may not need. Making it worse, those skills are guaranteed to be useless in the future.

The door of the bathroom opened and a sweet scent blew out, spreading to the entire room.



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