Chapter 67 – Choices


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Yu’er went out of the shower, looking fresh, wearing an oversized shirt, showing off her smooth white thighs as she went beside Max.

“So I’m level 9 now, almost max level for my rank huh.”

Yu’er was elated as she looked at her current level that went up again. But it wasn’t just that she was happy about, it was also because they can get stronger quickly while enjoying what they were doing.

In the future, it will be easy for them to get stronger and rank up continuously as they were enjoying themselves, getting stronger from it without even trying.

Of course, that was assuming they won’t be in danger from being attacked by anyone. As Max and Yu’er have considered a lot of things that might happen, they already had an answer to that specific situation.

Magical Space! If they have a space like that, they won’t have to worry about always being in danger anymore.

Their worry about unexpected things that might happen to them will also be removed from their minds.

According to Little Dou, the magical space can be inhabited by living beings at the same time. It can also store objects.

As it was considered a skill, it will only be available for Max to use, but from the Store’s description, buying the Magical Space comes with a hidden gate.

[The hidden gate is like a secret entrance that you can install anywhere for other people’s use. If you want to change the gate’s location, Max can do it anytime he wants!]


[And before you ask, yes, the gate will be invisible and only people authorized by Max can go in it!]


That’s what Little Dou said after they asked about the hidden gate that came with the Magical Space.

That would mean Max can place it somewhere, so Yu’er doesn’t have to find him to get in. Because as long as she was authorized, she would still be able to get in on her own.

For all these reasons, Magical Space was one of the things that they were prioritizing, and it was more valuable than others might think.

Not only can it be a safe place for them, but Little Dou also mentioned that future upgrades are possible with it. So far, Little Dou said that she wasn’t aware of the end for the upgrades and that the upgrades might be endless.

After all, like the System always emphasize, as long as they have enough points, they can have anything.

Those words made their minds wander about the possible upgrades they can do. As the Magical Space was more like an impenetrable secret base that will be crucial for their survival in this world.

Not caring about anything else, they even thought of a lot of things they want to have in their space.

Building houses, stocking necessities for emergencies, building training grounds, and possible upgrades that would be available at the time they buy the Magical Space.

Yu’er had a lot more ideas, mainly what they should do after they bought the space as she had been thinking about it a few times when she has nothing to do at school.

What came into Yu’er’s mind was to take all the advantages they can get from their enemies or people they didn’t like, whoever they are. A simple thought with multiple implications.

Yu’er might have meant stealing from their enemies to looting whoever annoys them. But it could also mean doing whatever they want, not caring about anyone.

It might not look like it, but they have overwhelming strength when compared to other Awakeneds. And if Max got his training and perfected the techniques Yu’er will teach him; they may not necessarily lose against a Rank 2.

Time Stop, Reverse Time, Sexual Aura, Purple Lightning, Status Checker, Invisibility Potion, Sleeping Serum, Face Mask was only a few of the items available for them to use.

When they have the strength and Magical Space, they can start spreading out their influence. Finding treasures all over the place, finding excellent opportunities, and fortuitous encounters, slowly making the city move in the palm of their hands.

“We have accumulated over 11000 points now, should we save it up for the Magical Space?”

“Okay, that’s a no then.”

After a few minutes of seriously contemplating over it, they decided to delay buying the Magical Space for only a few days.

Even with all those benefits, the points they needed for the Magical Space was 50000, and presently, they only have 11950 Points.

Based on their estimates, they would need more than two weeks to reach that number.

They couldn’t take that risk, saving for two weeks without buying anything from the Store.

Presumably, they were able to buy it after two weeks without needing any other item. It would still be a poor decision as they would need some items in the upcoming days when problems would start appearing.

So if they decided to make it their main priority, it would still be delayed a few times before they can acquire it.

In the end, they chose to buy something that they would need in the coming days.

“Then we’re set. We would buy the inventory first?”

Yu’er gave Max a nod as the Inventory is a unique type of skill. Even in the far future, it would still be useful for them, so whatever happens, it won’t be a waste of points, always having a value for them.

In the next few days, if nothing goes wrong, they would have to run around the city to get some annoying people back.

To make it successful, they would need a lot of items. If they bought the inventory right now, it would undeniably make things convenient for them.

On the contrary, when they decided to save up for the Magical Space, it would hold them back considerably as based on their approximation, they won’t even be close to getting it before the action happens.

“Little Dou, what do you think about this?”

Max turned to Little Dou to make sure they weren’t making a terrible decision. Since Max was used to asking Little Dou random questions every day, he didn’t forget to get her opinion about this.

Besides, Little Dou always listens to what they were talking about, occasionally teasing them and giving suggestions, here and there, that sometimes substantially affect their outlook of things, giving them a clearer idea about various subjects.

Little Dou was the only person that completely understands all their plans. Mango doesn’t count as he was mostly doing his own business, living in his own world.

[That’s right! That’s right! You should buy the inventory first! Even if you purchased the Magical Space, you would still need the Inventory in the future!]


[Why is that you ask? Because the Magical Space doesn’t have infinite space to store things that the inventory has!]


[The inventory also has one of the best and the most useful feature of all! It stops the time inside which has infinite uses!]


‘That’s right! We didn’t consider that! We can store things in the Magical Space, but we can’t freeze the time! A lot of things will be damaged; overtime and food would also spoil.’

Max was starting to see the Inventory in a brighter light. Yu’er was also thinking about the same thing.



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