Chapter 71 – Club


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Max tried to use his Inventory on a flyer he got somewhere. He felt it with his hands; it was real and looking at it all over, he couldn’t determine why it might not be real at all.

Storing it in his Inventory, trying it see if it was possible as that would be great news for him. He could take advantage of it by getting a lot of good things from this place and bringing it all out.

But it didn’t work. Max already expected it a little bit but was still surprised and a little bit annoyed because he couldn’t do anything to change it.

[That’s expected! Like what I said, everything here comes from people’s imagination. This place is almost limitless. But that doesn’t change the fact that all of this isn’t real except every people that go here every time they sleep!]


[Still, they are just a small percentage of everything you see in here. That was why you couldn’t store an item that never existed in the first place!]


[That was also why I said that the Magical Space might work if you wanted to bring Yu’er here, as in here, you can use every skill you have!]


[The only reason your Inventory isn’t working was that it doesn’t have a target as all things in here aren’t real!]


[But what if you tried it on a real item? If you used the Magical Space to bring an actual item from outside to this place and stored it in your Inventory, it will surely work!]


[The same for a person, if you bring in a real person from outside by letting them in your Magical Space, you can also bring them out! I think? Yeah, you definitely can!]


“Then, let me test my other skills.”


Max’s eyes went wide as he saw the women fall to the ground and started panting. He tested out his Sexual Aura to a random woman, but she suddenly fell after he used it on her.


“This is great! Hahaha!”

Max checked the Lust Meter of the woman and saw it reaching the peak.100, the highest number possible.

Max only focused a little bit of it planning to test his skill out, but he didn’t expect that the effect will be this strong.

“Quick! Little Dou, let’s run! That horny woman might see us. I don’t want her to chase me! She looks quite old!”

Max had the feeling that something terrible will happen after he saw the woman looking everywhere while still sitting on the ground panting.

Trusting his instinct, he ran away from that area with Little Dou following behind him. It was only after a few minutes of running and making sure that this was an entirely different area that Max stopped.

“What was that?!”

“Did you see that?!”

“Hahaha! My Sexual Aura is the strongest!”

If people were to look at Max right now, they would think he was crazy. But Max was just too happy knowing that his skill was powerful.

“I can do whatever I want here.”

Lifting one of his fists as he viewed the distant area, Max started to look forward to what was going to happen from now on.

“Let’s go, Little Dou! We’ll go on an adventure!”

Max and Little Dou were currently outside a huge white building. The building was full of one-way glass wall around it, making it impossible to look at what was happening inside.

It was a few stories high located in a massive plot of land. It was still currently dark outside, but this place seemed active.

Pink Pleasure Club was the only thing they know about it as its written in front of the building. They can only imagine what it was about.

Max and Little Dou followed people in here. They saw a lot of people going in this direction that they became curious about why they were going here.

Joining people walking inside, Max was didn’t know what to think about it. There were round tables with luxurious sofa chairs and a large dance floor right in front of a massive stage.

The room was dark, with lights flashing everywhere. There was also sensual music that people were dancing to.

People seemed to have fun, dancing, drinking, chatting, and some people were doing some other things elsewhere.

The glossy white stairway with a carpet on it was very striking. Max and Little Dou went up, following some people as they wanted to see what it’s all about.

Max already had an idea about what the second floor was for, from what he saw after he got in.

Precisely the same as what he pictured in his mind, the middle part of the second floor was removed, giving the people on this floor a direct view of the stage and the dance floor below.

But there were mostly small rooms positioned side by side with another one-way glass window so that the people can watch the happenings below at the same time, have their privacy.

The rooms all together were in a U shaped formation. It acted as a barrier for the removed floor in the middle. While the remaining side that didn’t have rooms lined up had glass railing covering it.

Max can directly lean on the luxurious railing, overlooking the fantastic view of the whole dance floor.

Occasionally, he sees some attractive group of ladies laughing and drinking, considering approaching them later.

“So it’s possible that everything that happens in here would be in the dreams of some people?”



“So if I dreamt about dancing down there, that would mean if someone were watching in my position right now, they would see me dancing down there?”



“You know, this is weird, right?”

[It’s fine! It’s not real, anyway! Just do whatever you want and enjoy everything!]


Little Dou until now, still has shining lights trailing behind her. Max didn’t even want to ask how she was doing all that.

After a while of watching people down below, Max turned to the tall doors behind him. It was partly open, so Max only needed to walk in.

“This is amazing!”

They were currently on the balcony overlooking a massive pool. There were so many people, a lot of beauties too.

They were wearing skimpy swimsuits that Max just wanted to jump on them all.

“Huu. Later! Definitely!”



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