Chapter 72 – Lady in Black


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This whole place seemed to be some membership-only luxury club because most people have some restraint in their actions, giving other people a decent amount of respect.

Max also recalled that all of them held a black card before they went in. At that time he didn’t think much of it as he didn’t know he needed it.

“Why did they allow me in then?”

“Forget about it. I don’t need to know.”

From their adventures, going from places to places before they came here, Max became used to encountering weird things like this.

There was even one time when they saw a person falling down a building while screaming, but after the person hit the ground, he just stood up and walked away like nothing happened.

They pitied the person who might have been dreaming about that. It was like his dreams when he dreamt of falling from the railing of the stairs in a skyscraper building.

Max couldn’t remember why he fell, and what happened after that. He only knew it did happen. That’s how dreams work. Sometimes, it’s completely unrealistic and unexplainable.

What Max learned from staying in the dream realm for a few hours? Max wasn’t entirely sure. They tried to find any clue about what time it was right now, but they couldn’t even find a single watch, not even just a date or the current year.

What Max learn for being in here for quite some time was that if there’s something weird happened, ignore it as illogical things happen all the time here.

Going back from the balcony, Max went up to the third floor as there were stairs available and Little Dou already went up ahead of him.

The third floor was like a typical luxury hotel hallway, carpet floors, doors with key card locks, and a quiet atmosphere. The first thing Max saw when he arrived was the concierge right in front of him.

Employees were also in there, and as usual, they didn’t care about him, acting like he doesn’t exist, even when he was in front of them.

Max and Little Dou found out that unless you speak to them, they will not initiate a conversation in any way.

There were only two ways Max can go from here, the left or right hallway, and both looked the same. There were probably just rooms for people who wanted to stay the night here.

‘What a convenient idea, even if this is only in the dream realm.’

“There’s nothing in here. It’s just full of rooms. Little Dou, let’s go back. Maybe see the pool area!”

Seeing nothing after going through the hallways, Max couldn’t help being excited from the thought of going to the pool with a lot of beauties.

Walking down the stairs, Max suddenly stopped his tracks.

A beautiful lady slowly walked by him, going towards the third floor where he came from. Max only stared at her the whole time until she disappeared in his view.

“Little Dou, change of plan. Let’s go up!”

Max’s original plan was to head straight for the pool to get close to the beautiful ladies and maybe pick one of them to use his skills on.

After all, this was just a dream. Max can try all the fantasies he had on his mind, not needing to consider any repercussions for his actions.

He was getting excited thinking about it; His boner was starting to outline his shorts, imagining the hot and soft bodies of the women he didn’t even know whether they were real or not.

Max had the time to test out his Status Checker, but it was as if he wasn’t able to target anything like checking the status of a wall, it shows nothing.

Max wouldn’t deny the thrill of having sex with random hot women. It was a pity that he had a bit of a possessive personality, not wanting to give up every woman he had sex with.

If he weren’t like that, Max would’ve had sex with women in his neighborhood or any hot or cute ones he sees while walking on the streets.

Max was very aware of his problem as it was continuously bugging his mind, giving him conflicted thoughts as to what he should do.

“Where is she?”

Max turned his head left and right, not seeing the lady anywhere. It was as if she just disappeared.

The third floor had two starting hallways that were connected like a rectangular-shaped hallway. There was no way the lady was going to disappear except if she got in on one of the rooms.

[Max! She’s on the elevator!]


“Really? Let’s go!”

Max knew that there was an elevator on one of the open rooms of this floor. He tried using it to go up while he was exploring around, but it required a specific keycard to use it.

He even ‘borrowed’ multiple keycards from the concierge employees but none of it worked. In the end, he could only give up on using it.


When they reached her, the elevator was already closing. From the looks of it, they won’t be able to reach her.

Right on this second, the elevator stopped closing.

“We got in! Haa, haa, haa.’

Max panted as he leaned on the elevator wall. They ran as fast as they can to reach the lady, but her position was just too far.

Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to reach her, Max stopped the time. That was enough for them to sneeze in the half-shut door.

When they were traveling everywhere the Dream Realm, seeing many beautiful places, Max took the opportunity to test some of his skills with Little Dou on his side, doing everything she can to help him out.

They found out that the Time Stop was also destructive in here. It didn’t have any maximum use. If his Time Stop had a limit of only two uses, he wouldn’t be able to use it at this time.


As time resumed, there were only three of them on the elevator. Max didn’t waste any time and went on to initiate a conversation.

But it was ignored by the lady, only giving him a side glance and turned back to look forward. The strange thing was, the lady’s eyes gave Max a feeling that she was disgusted at him.

Max didn’t care about it and passed it off as one of those unexplainable happenings in this place. There was no way for him to get an answer if he asked anyway.

As the lady ignored him, Max decided to wait after they went out of the elevator to start his moves. In his mind, he was only playing around, not overthinking things he doesn’t need to.

While waiting, Max admired the look of the lady in front of him. Long wavy red hair, it was different from his hair color. The lady’s had a darker shade of red compared to him.

She had a mature aura more mature than Layla. Her movements were elegant like a queen. Her body looked ripe enough that Max wanted to take her now.

Wearing a tight black dress that displays her full breasts and heart-shaped buttocks with long and plump thighs laid bare in front of him, Max almost wanted to rip her dress apart to see her covered regions that would surely look heavenly.



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