Chapter 73 – Blissful Dream (R-18)


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Max followed the hot lady out as he observed his surroundings.


The entire floor was made into a personal private space, and the walls on every side were all glass overlooking the breathtaking view outside.

Max turned to where the lady is. She was looking out the glass wall like a statue. Her back view was so bewitching that Max’s hard-on twitched in his shorts.

Max wanted her badly, wanted to see her body, to touch her, and to fill her up with his cum.

Slowly walking towards her, Max used his Sexual Aura. It wasn’t like the last time when the woman fell down the floor.

Max was now able to control how strong the effect was going to be. The lady was still stationary when Max stood behind her.

That was how it usually goes. If Max didn’t do something to them, other people acted would like he doesn’t exist.

Placing his hands on her face, he pulled her the rest of the way, pressing his lips against hers. As soon as their lips met each other’s, a tiny explosion erupted throughout Max’s entire body.

His knees felt weak. He was kissing the hot woman that he didn’t know. He couldn’t describe how good he felt inside, and so far, the lady hadn’t pulled away yet.

As if awoken from her deep slumber, the lady kissed him back. That must’ve been the Sexual Aura doing its job.

Max was steadily increasing the effect of his Sexual Aura on her. He didn’t want her to be a mindless beast as that wouldn’t be as fun as when she was responsive.

The lady sucked his lips repeatedly, coming back for more each time she released it. Max wrapped an arm around her thin waist, pulling her close to him, smashing her breasts against him.

Max felt good, feeling her breasts grinding on his chest as he kissed her back. Their kiss grew more intense as their mouths were starting to open.

Max pushed his tongue into hers, enjoying coiling her tongue with his. He then explored her lips, tracing it lightly while occasionally sucking it.

The lady seemed to like it as she sucked his tongue, pulling it in her mouth. Their tongues wrestled back and forth, tasting each other.

Max put his arms around her waist, rubbing her body against his as hard as he could. The lady responded by putting her arms around his neck. Their bodies were completely intertwined.

‘This is so good. Kissing a stranger! A hot stranger! Her tongue was so sweet! I won’t ever get over this!’

The lady moved her hands to Max’s shoulders. She then slid her them down to his chest. Her other hand kept going, sliding in his waistband and stopped on his dick.

The Sexual Aura was almost at the maximum. Max maintained it that way as he like this version of her. Her every move turns Max hornier that he wanted to keep it like this.

The lady gave his dick a gentle squeeze while fiercely kissing him. Kissing her back, Max forced his tongue into her mouth and tasted every part of her.

She occasionally bit his lip, which Max responds to every time. Not realizing it, Max backed the lady against the glass wall.

He pushed his body into her irresistible body with his hands grabbing her ass, all the while kissing her back.

She reached up underneath his arms and placed her hands on his back, pulling Max closer to her as possible.

Max moved down, slowly kissing her chin then to her neck. He kissed and sucked, making her moan out as kiss marks stayed on her skin.

Max can feel her hot breathing on his ear as she grabbed his head, running her fingers through his hair.

Moving on to the next step, Max moved one of his hands, running it down her thighs. Pulling her leg up, he ground his waist onto hers.


The lady moaned as she wrapped her thigh around the back of his leg, answering his thrusts with her own.

With his other hand, Max traveled up to her shapely breasts. He cupped it with his hand, grabbing a handful of her soft and full breasts through her dress.

Rubbing it with his hand while they were kissing and sticking their body together. After a while, Max slid a hand down to her bare thighs, slowly sliding it up underneath her dress.

Reaching his main goal, he rubbed her pussy through her panties. Her lower lips felt hot and wet on his finger that he kept playing with it.


Without any warning, Max carried her on his arms, heading straight to the white bed that was overlooking the best view outside.

People can even be seen walking around below. Seeing this, Max became more excited, feeling like they were having sex in the open with all the glass windows around them.

And the thought of pounding this lady that he had wanted ever since he saw her.

Max put her down the bed, going straight for her dress. Max slid it down her shoulders, to her waist.

Max was left with a breathtaking scene in front of him. A hot woman with wavy red hair heavily panting left with her black brassiere that barely holds her full breasts.

For the first time, the lady looked at him with eyes filled with desire. Her soft tongue was sticking out as she opened her mouth, staring at him.

Max forced himself to hold back as he continued to pull her dress down past her waist, sliding it down her long smooth legs, letting it fall on the floor.

His eyes scanned her entire body but stopped at a particular area, knowing what he wanted to do next.

Max kneeled between her legs, reaching behind her, unclasping her bra. Slowly sliding it off, her two milk jugs bounced as they were set free, revealing themselves to the world.


Max stopped holding himself back and jumped on top of her, making her lie down on the bed. He grabbed her breasts with his hands, feeling her soft flesh with his fingers.

Her breasts had a perfect shape and the right amount of firmness that he kneaded them, enjoying it with his hands.


Max pinched her nipples that became protruded as he was playing with her, forcing a moan out of the lady.

Having the feeling of wanting more, Max went on to lean down and took one of her hard nipples in his mouth.



Her nipples seemed to be sensitive as she moaned every time Max licked, sucked, and bit it while massaging her milk jugs with his other hand.

After some time, Max stopped, taking a step back, then stared at her like a hungry wolf. A lady with messy hair only left with a pair of black panties and high heels laid in front of him.

Her heavenly breasts fully exposed with her nipples hard, tempting him to suck them again, but Max already had other plans in mind.



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