Chapter 74 – Dreams are Real (1) (R-18)


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Kissing and touching this lady in front of him, Max was wondering why hasn’t she spoken a word.

She let out moans when Max played with her sensitive nipples and caressed her soft body, but the lady never spoke a word to him, which wasn’t something he expected.

What Max tried to speak to other people in this place, they would respond. Sometimes they even act like real people, exchanging words with him continuously.

There are only a few things that they aren’t talking about like what time it was and that this was only a dream.

Max tried telling people they were in a dream, testing whether they would wake up like Little Dou shouting at him and making him remember where he was, but it never worked.

Excluding that, most people acted normal, speaking, and laughing with others, doing normal things.

Max turned to look at her in the eyes,

“Hey, can you understand me?”


She only responded with a muffled voice, staring at him dazedly with her red face.

“You can’t understand?”

“Hmmn… I…”

Max got a word from her for the first time. Her feminine voice gave out a feeling of authority and confidence, even when lust muddled her mind.

“So you can talk! What did you want to say?”



“I… I want.”

The lady’s eyes were focused on one point. It was the area where Max’s dick was located. Max gave a slight smirk seeing that as he was finally speaking with her.

He didn’t want to have sex with her like a doll giving out moaning sounds. Max wanted a real woman that answers back to his moves. This way, it would feel real.

“You like this? Get it yourself then.”

Max removed his shirt to prepare for the action that was going to happen. He was getting excited by the second watching the lady slowly move to sit up, still staring at his shorts with eyes filled with lust.

The lady crawled towards him as he sat on the bed, facing her, wanting to see what she would to next.

As she got close to him, her hand went forward to reach for his dick. The lady grabbed and traced his dick with her slender fingers over his shorts.

Getting closer, she kissed it starting from the head, to the base, then head down to his balls and sucked it playfully.

‘Ahhh, this is really good!’

Even though the lady touched his dick sloppily, Max still got excited as she was a stunning beauty that was hard to find in the real world.

He decided in his mind to thoroughly enjoy this as it may not happen again, especially that he didn’t know whether this was even a real person or just a fantasy.

“I-I want.”

‘Yes! Continue!’

The lady grabbed the sides of his shorts and quickly pulled it down with Max lifting his waist to make it easier for her as he was also getting impatient.

She then went on to grasp the waistband of his underwear, not wasting any time. In front of her, Max’s swollen member got fully revealed.

Max can feel her hot breathing on his dick as her eyes stared intently at it. His dick as if answering back, stood straight up, pointing at her face.

Not giving him any notice, the lady gently grabbed his dick in her hand, sliding it up and down like she wanted to feel every part of it.

‘Feeling her smooth hand on my dick feels the best like it was made for this moment!’

Max was enjoying all of this. His dick was at its hardest as he savored the pleasure he was experiencing with her hand.

The lady then went down that Max’s dick twitched, thinking that more pleasure would soon be coming but she only started by lightly kissing the tip of his dick.

She continued to kiss every part of his dick like it was a treasure, moving his dick in different directions for better access.

Her lips felt like soft feathers brushing against his skin. Not what he was expecting, but Max enjoyed it as it was his first time being treated like that and it made him feel good inside.

Reaching his balls, the lady gently caressed it with her fingers, looking at every detail she can see. Her tongue slowly slid across his cum filled balls after giving spending a few seconds on kissing it.

‘Ahhh so good! Her tongue is very skillful! This is amazing!’

Her soft tongue licked everywhere his balls, occasionally sucking it. Her hot and wet tongue made it feel even more pleasurable for Max.

While doing all that, her hand started to do their work. Grasping his dick with her hands, the lady began moving it up and down on his swollen member.

Her hand was small compared to his length, not being able to hold it entirely but Max didn’t mind it as he never cared about those things and finding a hot woman that has large enough hands to hold his dick entirely was close to impossible.

Gently stroking his shaft with her hand, the lady took one of his balls into her warm and wet mouth at the same time, playing with it with her tongue.

Max felt his hair rising from hey unconventional way of giving him pleasure. Of course, Max didn’t forget to add this way of service in his mind, planning to experience it again in the future.

Max could feel his ball being licked all over inside her warm mouth, sometimes sucking it gently enough to avoid hurting his delicate balls but with enough force to give Max a feeling of distinct pleasure.

She played with his balls interchangeably, giving both his balls an intensely pleasurable feeling. Max didn’t know if it was intentional, but she was good at playing with them back and forth like teasing him.

After a while had passed, the lady gave his now wet balls one last lick before letting it go. The lady changed to a more comfortable position as Max moved to lie on a pillow, giving her a better view of his hard dick.

‘It’s time!’



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