Chapter 75 – Dreams are Real (2) (R-18)


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Max’s eyes were shining as he watched the lady got close and gave his dick deep long strokes as she stuck her tongue to lick his swollen head.

Her strokes, this time was felt different than a while ago as she was stroking his dick in weird angles that seemed to give him more pleasure than usual.

She continued licking the head of his dick, catching the pre-cum that was oozing out of it, when she lifted her head, a thin strand of pre-cum formed from the head of Max’s dick to her juicy lips.

Suddenly, she leaned forward taking his sensitive head in her mouth. Max grabbed the pillow beside him, holding himself back from forcing her head down on his dick that had been wanting it for so long.


Max groaned from the sudden feeling of wetness that surrounded his dick. The lady parted her lips and took his length in her mouth abruptly that Max could only moan in pleasure, not expecting her to do it this soon.

Inside, his dick was assaulted with her warm and wet tongue sliding on his length, hitting all his sensitive spots while her lips were intently sucking him off.

Opening her lips a little bit, she took more of Max inside her sweet mouth. All the while that happened, her tongue never stopped moving, licking him intently.

The lady unconsciously looked at Max while his dick was getting in and out of her mouth. Her eyes were more lively in a way that she seemed to know what she wanted to do, not like those people doing random things outside.

Still staring at him, she slid her lips back, only sucking the head of his dick. From her constant licking, Max’s dick was soaked in her saliva, giving him more pleasure as she stroked him with her hands.

Her extraordinary sky blue eyes that were fixed at his face was just beautiful. Even Max’s eyes paled in comparison to hers that Max had to admit it was the most exquisite pair of eyes he had ever seen.

And the thought of her, now sucking him off, made Max feel like a king, having some of the best women anyone could lay their eyes on.

That only drove his ambition to do further everything he can so that having the best women in the world might not be impossible for him anymore.


Max unintentionally let out a surprised moan from the sudden intense feeling he felt on his dick.

‘This! This feels great!’

Sucking the head of his dick, Max thought that she wanted to focus on his most sensitive area to make him cum but didn’t expect that she would do things like this.

In one swift motion, the lady took his entire length inside her mouth. Max felt his dick hitting the back of her throat.

But she didn’t stop there. She nicely positioned herself, then pulled him further down her throat until her lips were kissing the base of his dick.

She had some fantastic technique, being able to contract her throat, thoroughly wanting to suck his seed out of him.

She slid back up to breathe some air before diving back down onto his hard dick, sucking and licking it like she was thoroughly enjoying her favorite ice cream.

She then bobbed up and down on his dick, not even stopping for some fresh air. Her bare naked full breasts jiggled with her movements that Max stretched out his hand to play with it.

‘This is the best! I’ll definitely try to come back here again!’

A few minutes passed, the lady stopped deepthroating him to regain her breath, but when she went back, she never did it again, only taking a part of his length in her mouth.

Her head bobbing up and down with her tongue, licking him wherever she wants, Max felt it was only a matter of time before he explodes in her.

Her other hand went for his balls, massaging them with her nimble fingers like asking for him to let his cum out.



One hand stroking him, one hand massaging his balls, and her mouth sucking him, Max felt the pressure starting to build up inside him.

With all her efforts, almost his entire lower body felt pleasure. Her hair was wildly dancing as she took his dick in her mouth.

Max’s dick twitched, getting closer to cumming. The lady must have felt that as she sped up her movement. The juice that she had been waiting for was finally coming out.

Her change of pace further pushed Max closer to his climax. Without stopping, she continued sucking his dick like that as if she felt that she would get a reward for doing that.

Now and then, she would slow down, taking his dick deeper down her throat. Her tongue would also move fluidly around his dick, almost bringing Max to the brink of letting it all out.

‘I can’t hold it much longer.’

‘Her mouth felt so good that I wanted to keep this up for a few more minutes but she ughh! She really wanted to milk my dick dry.’

“You want it? You want to drink it all?”

The lady responded by increasing her pace while stroking his dick and balls as she took his dick inside her mouth as fast as she could.



She never stopped sucking his dick, but this time, it was much slower and deeper. Max couldn’t hold it anymore.

“It’s here!”


The lady used her hand to stroke him as she sucked the head of his dick, catching every load he shot out. His cum didn’t stop continuing to fill her mouth up as Max watched how she looked.

She was kneeling between his legs with her head down, stroking his dick while sucking him off every cum he let out.

Max kept pumping out as she stroked him. This experience was amazing. His mind almost went white from the intense burst of pleasure he felt on his body.

The lady hurriedly swallowed his cum, not wanting to waste even a drop of it as Max kept releasing more.


Max laid back as he overexerted himself, feeling weak on his lower body. The lady after swallowing it all never stopped sucking him, wanting more of it.

“How was it?”

“Good. More!”

Max thoughtlessly asked her a question, not expecting an answer. He got surprised that she responded. In his head, he thought if she were a real person, this would be a bizarre dream for her.

“More? Wait for a bit, and you’ll get more.”



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