Chapter 76 – Glass Wall (R-18)


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A few minutes passed, Max was ready for more. Before this, he took the time to catch his breath and waiting for his strength to come back to his numb lower body.

He laid down on the bed with the lady, caressing her soft skin, occasionally grabbing her breast with sucking the other.

The lady seemed to have no problem with it as she only moaned from his actions with her hands around him.

“I have a good idea! Come with me.”

Max forced himself to let go of her breasts and stood up. He also pulled the lady with him. He wanted to do something that he hasn’t done yet.

Max hugged her body close. His hard-on was now fully alive, hitting her on her stomach. Their lips connected as they hugged each other, enjoying a warm body rubbing against their own.

“Stand here and put your hands on the wall.”

Breaking off their kiss, Max extended the lady’s arm to place it on the wall, making her face outside, where they can see other people below.

Looking at her straight back and her ass that was swaying from side to side, Max got a lot more impatient.

Turning her face to the side, Max exchanged kisses with the lady, coiling their tongue around, tasting each other.

Max reached and grabbed her fully exposed ass cheeks, squeezing them, changing their shape with his hands.

Max broke free from the kiss, and as he positioned himself behind her. Pulling her close to him, Max placed his dick in between her ass cheeks, rubbing his head on it, sliding it up and down.

His dick slid between her soft and bouncy cheeks smoothly like it was a perfect fit for him. Reaching his hand around, Max fondled her luscious breast while flicking her nipples, still enjoying his dick between her ass.

Pulling her body against his, he asked while thrusting his waist, giving her a taste of what’s to come,

“Do you want this?”

“Ahnn! More!”

“That’s a yes then.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take it slow first so that you can get used to it.”

Max gave out a smirk, looking at her waiting for him, facing the glass wall, sticking her ass out. Her slight movements made her cheeks jiggle that Max didn’t waste any time.

Stepping forward, with one hand, Max grabbed the head of his dick. As he moved closer, he guided his dick in her wet crack that shined in sticky fluids.

Once his head was starting to slide in her entrance,

“I’m going in! I’m going to penetrate you from the back!”

Placing his hands on her waist, Max slowly thrust forward, forcing his hard dick deep into her very tight pussy.


Max looked at her reflection on the glass as the light of the room shined on it. Her eyes closed tightly as her face grimaced in pain.


Turning his head down, Max saw blood sliding out of her pussy, making his dick twitch in accomplishment.

‘They can bleed in here?’

‘Who am I asking. This makes it even better. I’ll be the one to take her virginity then.’

Not hearing the lady ask for him to stop, Max pushed deeper, simultaneously pulling her waist back. Sometimes he stopped to make her relax and continue penetrating her unused soaked tunnel.

Eventually, the entire length of his dick entered inside her. It was warm and tight with juices thoroughly soaking his dick.

The lady still feeling pain, clamp down her lower body, including her walls, giving Max an ultimate pleasure on his dick.

Max gave her time to get used to him, not moving the slightest bit, waiting for her to relax. He only enjoyed the feeling of her ass cheeks rubbing against him.

After a few moments, her eyes started to open up with her face loosening up as the pain began to subside.

She was getting used to him inside her as her walls were also being more accommodating, getting softer, easing the stiff feeling to it.

‘This feels so good! I wouldn’t mind having this every day. Ughh’

The lady started moving her ass, side to side with her cheeks bouncing along with her. Taking this as a signal, Max also started moving.

Slow and steady at first, enjoying the feeling of her warm and untouched passage. Thrusting in and out repeatedly.



Their breathing got heavier as Max hit her jiggling ass with every thrust of his wast. His dick was sliding in and out of her, bit by bit pushing more deep inside her.

“Are you enjoying this?”




Flesh hitting against each other sounded out as Max asked the lady, trying to make her speak up.

“Good! Ahnn!”

Max began to thrust into her faster as she returned with her own movements, meeting him in the middle.

“Ahnn! Aaaah!”

The lady moaned out loud each time Max’s dick plunged into her. Max pulled her waist as he thrust his dick in her soft and tight pussy.

Her breasts were swaying as the lady arched her back to give Max a better display of her pussy and to let him push it in deeper into her.

Max took one of his hand off her waist and spanked her lightly on her bouncing ass.


The lady moaned as soon as Max did that. Her pussy tightened on his dick, giving him more pleasure than he was already feeling.

“You like that?”


Her pussy tightened once again. After a few more times, Max found out that every time he slaps her ass, she would unconsciously tighten the hold of her pussy.

Each time he spanked her, Max would feel a small burst of pleasure on his dick. He pulled her waist in each thrust.

Without stop, slapping her ass and hitting it with his waist every time he thrusts. Her breasts were violently bouncing every second that Max reached to fondle a handful of it with his hand.



Max turned to look at her after he heard her muttered something incoherently.


“Heeeh, you want it faster? Like this?”


Max picked up his pace, pushing the entirety of his dick inside her while pulling her the same time he thrust.



The lady got filled with pleasure; her mind went white, overloaded with the intense sensation coming from her pussy that was spreading throughout her entire body.

Each time Max wanted her to tighten her pussy on his dick, he would slap her ass, earning a moan from her. Her pussy was becoming so tight like it was trying to milk his dick of cum.

Letting go of her breasts, Max reached down to her pussy from the front to touch her clit, giving it a little pinch while their lower bodies were hitting each other.


Max figured that she was close to cumming and went on to rub her clit faster while giving it a little pinch.

He also penetrated her repeatedly, from behind that she wasn’t able to deal with all the intense feelings. The lady’s mind went blank as her entire body suddenly trembled with pleasure.


The lady reached her climax as her pussy violently twitched, tightening on his dick. This time it was longer, continuously squeezing his dick inside her.


Max tried to hold himself back, but the repeated tightening of her walls stimulated his dick to feel the greatest pleasure as his balls churned, spurting out cum deep inside her.

Max closed his eyes while giving out a primal groan, hugging her tightly against him to push his dick further in so his cum would reach her baby room.



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