Chapter 77 – The Purpose of Dreams (R-18)


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“Haa Haa Haa”

The lady leaned on the glass wall as her legs were weak from her previous climax. While panting heavily, her eyes looked unfocused, not having anything on her mind other than the intense pleasure she was feeling.

Max took a step back, sliding his dick out from her pussy. His dick was soaked with fluids with bloodstains all around it.

His cum and some other fluids can also be seen flowing out of the lady’s pussy, slowly sliding down from her crack.

Max felt excitement boiling inside him, watching everything he did on the lady’s pussy and how she looked leaning on the glass wall, trying to catch her breath.

“That was amazing.”

But Max wasn’t only going to stop with just that. Even after cumming for two times now, he still wasn’t feeling a bit tired.

Probably because this was the Dream Realm and his body in here isn’t his real physical body. And since his skills were stronger in here, maybe he would be stronger too.

Max turned to the lady in front of him, seeing if she can still go on. Coincidentally, the lady was also looking at him.

Her eyes were now back to how it usually was, but Max still believed that even if this was only in the Dream Realm, he could make her more responsive to his words and actions.

And through the time they were together, he had been partly successful in doing that. But for him, it wasn’t enough. He wanted more from her, and he wasn’t going to give up just yet.

“I still want more. Tell me what you think?”

“Haa haa haa haa”

“Do you want more of this?”

Max pointed at his dick that never lost its strength, still wanted more. The lady moved to fix herself properly and looked at him.

“Mnnh, want more.”

Max lifted one of his eyebrows as he was able to make the lady speak for more than one word. It wasn’t really a big deal as people outside can speak normally.

Some of them just don’t make sense. What Max wanted was to speak with someone and get a real reply, not just random words.

It looks like it was working with this lady. But he will have to see. Maybe he can make her move like how he wanted her to.


As the lady was weak on her legs, he carried her on his arms, heading towards the bed. He laid her flat on her back so that she can rest for a little bit.

Max’s dick was still rock hard, and he didn’t want to stop to wait for her on getting her strength back.

Spreading her legs, Max went on top of her. He grabbed her head and pulled her in for a kiss, sucking her lips and playing with her tongue.

His hard dick laid right on her belly as he enjoyed himself on her sweet lips. After a while, Max released her lips. He peered down through the gap of her bountiful breast to his dick that was pressing against her soft skin, staining it with his precum.

Max didn’t forget to give her lips a few pecks before he moved back to kneel between her legs. His swollen member pushed through her pink lower lips.

As she was still very sensitive, the lady gave out a soft moan but never stopped focusing her gaze on the snake that was going to penetrate her.

Max guided his dick with his hand and lowered it until his bulging head pressed against her entrance.

The lady gave another moan as her hips jerked. His precum was once again mixed with her juices.

After carefully pushing his dick inside her, Max got in with ease as it was already soaked with fluid. Max started by slowly moving his waist even when she was ready for him as he wanted to enjoy the feeling thoroughly.

Her pussy never changed. It was warm and wet. Her walls were tight on his dick, clutching him like her pussy was hugging its favorite dick.

Stimulated his dick with her walls, Max once again started to feel the familiar feeling of pleasure. Max had no idea how she was doing that, but she somehow learned to move her walls on her own.

The intensity of what he was feeling was indescribable that he almost exploded then and there. Luckily, he had a lot of experiences to know how to hold back.

His head rubbed against the folds of her moist flesh while his eyes were closed, enjoying every second of it.

It was then. The lady unexpectedly wrapped her meaty thighs around him, clamping hard on his waist, seemingly wanted him to push his dick further in.

And that was what she got. Max pushed deeper, reaching the deeper regions of her pussy. Taking deep breaths, forcing himself to hold back, not wanting to come this early as he felt he was very close.

Finally fitting perfectly inside her, his entire length was grasped tightly by her tight and wet pussy. Her legs kept on pulling him in as her walls clenched tightly around him.

The lady was kept panting, not sure whether she was growing tired of using her legs, or she was feeling more lustful by the second.


Max felt her coming as her pussy twitched around him while more juices were released on his dick. But he didn’t stop his thrusting, continuing to bring both of them more feelings of pleasure.

Pulling back and thrusting in, smoothly and fiercely, his swollen dick was sliding through her wet folds with no effort. As if her pussy was made for him and it was designed to fit his entire length and accommodate his exact shape.

Max hips violently moved, pushing his bulging dick into her pussy with powerful, fast and deep strokes.

He also didn’t forget to hit the sensitive spots he found on her pussy, making the lady moan nonstop.

Their lower bodies were in a mess as fluids were spattering and soaking them as they moved. The lady gripped him tightly while her inner walls kneaded his every inch as he penetrated her sweet pussy.

The lady got over her climax very quickly, keeping up with Max, meeting his every thrust. Max’s eyes were lost on her breasts that were swaying back and forth with each push.

Max kissed her lips, all the while moving his waist. The lady responded to him by kissing him back, positioning her arms one at the back of his head and the other rubbing his back.

Slowly going down, Max gave her smooth white neck a lot of attention, kissing, licking, and sucking it. By the time he continued to move downwards, her once white neck was full of his marks, claiming her as his.

Taking one of her nipples on his mouth, Max played with it with his tongue, sometimes sucking it as the lady pulled his head down her breasts.

Their room was surrounded by glass walls that did nothing to hide the natural night light from the outside. Those that were to look at it would feel peace within themselves.

They would bask in the calming atmosphere and appreciate the opportunity to be able to experience it. But Max and the lady didn’t show any regard to that.




The lady reached another climax. This time it was different, she pulled his head up to give him a deep and passionate kiss.

Her legs tightened around him, wanting to keep his everything inside her. While Max was thrusting hard into her, his balls were bouncing on her, hitting her ass below.

Max could feel pleasure building up inside him really fast. He was going to cum. Max tried to hold it back for so long, keeping his mind out of it, focusing on different places.

But as the lady reached her climax, moaning on his mouth with hugging him tightly and pulling his waist deeper against her, Max knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back anymore.

With another primal groan that came out from deep inside him, his balls made their move, releasing hot and thick cum deep inside her.

Shooting out loads after loads of cum, wanting to fill her pussy up to the last drop. Feeling everything in her pussy, the lady hugged Max tighter as her pussy tightened like it was drinking all his cum.

Twitching and jerking, Max’s dick kept releasing an endless amount of cum, not showing signs of stopping.

It was only after a few moments that it stopped. He fired a massive amount inside her as if he wanted to guarantee that even if she might not be real, she would still be impregnated by him.


Both of them gasped for breath as they stopped moving, only enjoying the long-lasting pleasure that erupted throughout their bodies.

Max lost his strength and laid on top of her with his head resting on her neck. Sweat was pouring down the sides of their faces.


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