Chapter 78 – Report (1)


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Students were coming out of the school gate. It marked the end of the school day. Some of them looked tired while some of them were livelier than ever.

They were usually those students who had plans after class, hanging out on the local arcade, playing computer games with their friends, and for some people, going to the mall, just walking around with their friends.

Bright smiles occupied their faces as it seemed for them; the end of their classes was only the beginning of their days.

Like agreeing with them, the weather couldn’t be more beautiful. The sun was shining high up in the horizon, raining down warm rays of light, illuminating people’s faces.

But even with that, smiles never left their faces as fresh winds blew through their hair as it occasionally replaced the hot weather.

Every time that happened, squeals of girls can be heard all over the place as some of them were only wearing short skirts that always being blown up by the winds, exposing their cute panties.

It was the regular occurrence on the school grounds. Some guys had been waiting for it to happen, giving in to the temptations, intently admiring the heavenly sights.

However, it always comes with a cost that they had to pay for as they earned hateful glares from other women and looks of pity from the men as they knew those guys would get a merciless beating the next moment.

What was bound to happen, always happen. Soon after, cries of pain can be heard as groups of women chased and grabbed the guys to give them a beating.

From the musical peals of laughter and the overreacting groans, both sides seemed to be enjoying what they were doing.

All of this happened under Max’s watchful eyes. Leaning his back on the wall while crossing his arms, every little thing that happened was seen by Max in great detail.

As he also took a quick glimpse of the flying skirts of the cute girls he sees, deciding to reconsider further his decisions about having sex with only a few chosen women sometime later.

Max was currently waiting for Lydia as this was the day of their arrangement to go out together. While waiting for Lydia, Max thought back to what happened at the Dream Realm,


After resting on top of the lady, Max got hard once more and made his move on her. From that moment, the lady slowly started to make her moves.

Enjoying themselves to the fullest, moving from places to places, doing it in all sorts of positions they could think of.

Landing on the bed, after a couple of hours of releasing their desires to each other, they cuddled as Max closed his eyes to take his well-deserved rest.

Max’s eyes twitched as he opened his eyes. For him, it only seemed to be a second when he closed his eyes and opened them again.


A familiar feeling exploded throughout his body as intense pleasure shot up to his brain, groaning in delight as the muscles in his lower body jerked uncontrollably.

He felt his dick being enveloped by a warm and wet feeling as he continuously shot out never-ending loads of cum.

Reaching out his hand to lift the covers, Max saw Yu’er looking staring at him while giving his dick a good licking with her mouth.

Watching her as she sucked cum out of his dick until she was sure that there were no more, Max heaved a sigh of satisfaction.

Yu’er licked her lips as she enjoyed the tasted of Max’s cum on her mouth. A moment ago, she woke up to Max, humping her from behind, his dick seemed to be the hardest it could’ve been.

Not minding it, she pushed him to his back and slowly went down on him. What happened next was what Max woke up to.

“That was great! Do that again next time!”

While still physically weak from his peak, cumming in his sister’s mouth and mentally exhausted as he never got any rest with his mind kept working in the Dream Realm even when he was sleeping.

“So, did anything happen? You were more energetic than usual down there this morning.”

Yu’er looked at him wanting to know if there was something special that occurred for this to happen.

Max usually sleeps peacefully only hugging her while sleeping, but this time he was touching her everywhere as his hard dick poked her all over like it was trying its best to find her entrance.

“A lot happened while I was asleep! You won’t believe it!”

Max completely remembered everything that happened in the Dream Realm. From the start to end like it was real, and he truly experienced every single thing that happened.

“I went to the Dream Realm, then tested out my skills, went everywhere with Little Dou, having fun talking with people like they were NPC’s, doing everything we want with them! There was even th…”



Max looked confusingly to Yu’er, not knowing why she stopped him in the middle of his explanation.

“Slowly, I don’t understand what you were saying. Tell me in detail.”

Yu’er was just as confused as Max. Before asking him what happened, Max had a peaceful expression from being satisfied by her, but after asking him, Max suddenly got excited and started blabbering all this stuff about the Dream Realm and NPC’s that she couldn’t understand.

“Huu, so after I went to sleep, I woke up in this dark place. I felt bewildered at that time. I didn’t even know where was I at.”

“My head was muddled for some unknown reason. As I was getting more frightened, I mean getting nervous, Little Dou appeared and she briefed me on what was happening.”

“Even with that, I still didn’t understand so she…”

Max went on and on and on, explaining in detail what his skill was about. What was the Dream Realm and what they did in that place.

He also didn’t forget to tell Yu’er about his unexpected findings on the Dream Realm like skills getting stronger, most people being too amiable and stupid that he started to treat them as NPCs.

Max also told her about specific details such as how that place was different from the real world, his next plans, and the future potential of it.

Of course, it was only Max being excited. Most of his blabberings were not very well thought of that Yu’er had to stop him and ask for the information she specifically wanted to know.



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