Chapter 79 – Report (2)


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“That’s it?”

“No! There’s a lot more! After that…”

Max got excited again planning to tell her about the club, the lady in the black dress that he stripped and played with for more than a few hours.

Max wanted to tell her every detail of it as it was that unreal that he wanted to share it. But Yu’er didn’t give him a chance to continue as she had priorities.

“Wait! Say that for later! I still have some things I want to be clear about.”

Hearing that, Max deflated like a balloon that had been poked by a needle, but Max quickly recovered from it and turned to look at his sister, waiting for her next words.

“This Dream Realm you’re talking about was like an entirely different realm from the real world or just your own dream?”

This was what had been bugging Yu’er’s mind ever since she heard the number of things that Max did in that realm.

It was unfathomable that he was able to do all that in just a dream, so she was starting to think that maybe it wasn’t just a typical dream anymore.

“Uhh… I think it isn’t just my dream. Little Dou said the Dream Realm was where people go when they sleep, so it’s probably not just me who goes there. Who knows maybe you were walking like a zombie in there a while ago. Right?”

Max turned to Little Dou that was flying around them. Max only noticed her when she came into his view. If she didn’t, he would probably not even remember that she was here.

Thinking about that, Max had some questions he wanted to ask Little Dou but just decided to ask her later.

[Yes! What Max said was true! The Dream Realm was where people go to when they sleep! Including you! You surely appeared in there somewhere!]


Little Dou stared at Yu’er with her big innocent eyes. She was lively as usual with her cheerful voice always having an effect of brightening up their day.

“If I was there then why don’t I know about it?’

[Because you don’t have the Dream Awareness Skill that Max has. You did go in there, but you aren’t precisely awake!]


[Think about it. Have you ever had a dream? If you did, then all of it happened in there!]


“Hmm, that explains why Max said that the happenings in there were illogical and unexplainable. I did have some weird dreams and saw people’s faces that I don’t recognize.”

Yu’er nodded as she reflected and recalled her past dreams after Little Dou made things clear for her.

“So cool right?”

Max excitedly butted in their conversation. He badly wanted someone to share his experiences with. That place was enjoyable for him.

When he was going around wherever he wants, Max had a feeling of freedom. Freedom to do whatever he wants and do whatever he feels.

Most of all, it gives him the feeling of being in control. Looking at all the people in there, Max was filled with unshakable confidence. Confidence that whatever happens, he will always be in control, and no one would be able to hold themselves against him.

“That place was quite good.”

“What? You don’t think it’s great!? I can do whatever I want! That place was like my playground! And if we bought the Magical Space, Little Dou said you might be able to join me there!”

Yu’er instantly focused on Max. She just heard something that she didn’t expect to hear. Max’s words were like thunder booming in her ears.

“W-What did you just say?”

Even her always composed self couldn’t keep calm. If Max could bring people in there, then that would mean a lot more than just bringing someone to another place.

Yu’er can already think of a lot of good things coming from that. If the Magical Space can seriously bring her there, that was already enough for her to lose her composure.

“The Magical Space might be able to bring you there! I thought of a good explanation for it! It was like the Magical Space functioning like an elevator between two floors!”

“Hey! Sis! Do you now want to hear what happened after that?”

From how Max looked, his unusual actions while sleeping, to his now enthusiastic attitude, Yu’er could already guess what happened.

But she still nodded to Max as she wanted to know the specifics on what happened in there. Maybe she would get to know some more crucial information somewhere in his story.

“It’s magical! Me and Little Dou were playing around then we see a lot of people going in the same direction, so we followed them.”

“Reaching their destination, we saw this huge building that looked different from the rest! It has…”

This time, it was different. Max talked about things in a precise manner that Yu’er could already picture it in her mind.

Max told her about the lady that he saw and what he did with her. He also told her how real it felt and after experiencing it for a long time, he can say that there were no differences between the real and the fake, except he felt like he had endless stamina in the Dream Realm.

For Max, it was how Dreams should be. He couldn’t wait to come back to that place again. Maybe he’ll go back in a few days as his mind also needed some rest.


“Just be sure to be careful. Even if we know that nothing will happen, it won’t hurt to be a little bit cautious about some things you’re thinking of doing.”

Yu’er didn’t care about everything that Max did in the Dream Realm. In her perspective, it was just like him playing in a virtual reality game.

She was even happy for him as he can do whatever he wants without needing to think of the consequences like in the real world.

Right at this moment, Yu’er was getting highly interested in going to the Dream Realm as soon as possible.

(End of flashback)


Max was thinking about the past when he felt something poking his shoulder. He turned to where it was and saw Lydia standing beside him.

She was poking him on his shoulder with her fingers. Max didn’t know how long she had been calling for him. He only hoped that it wasn’t that long and scolded himself in his mind, for not paying attention.



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