Chapter 80 – Date Begins


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“Oh sorry I wasn’t paying attention!”

Max was too immersed in his thoughts that he had no idea how much time had passed. He became a little nervous thinking what a way to start their supposed date.

Giving a side glance to other places, Max saw the same people still hanging out with their friends, internally sighing in relief confirming that only a little time had passed.

Lydia shook her head, implying that she didn’t mind. She was also partly blaming herself for being late.

“Let’s go!”

Max looked around cautiously, not wanting people to see them going out after school. Having a good understanding of each other, they walked at a quick pace, going straight out of the school gate.

Train Station

Max had good plans for both of them this day. Not knowing about all this going out stuff; hence, he did some serious research on what to do.

Yu’er also helped him in making up his plans. In the end, they decided to keep it simple and fun. There will be more time in the future anyway.

Sitting in another private cabin that Max had grown to like, they waiting for the train to start moving. Silence filled the room as no one was trying to say anything.

“Do you have places you wanted to go?”

Max, not having any reserve, started taking. He knew that they don’t need to be shy with each other as they already did everything with each other.

He also knew that Lydia could be shy at the beginning, but once she felt comfortable with her surroundings, she would start to be responsive.

“Anywhere is fine.”

Lydia had some things in mind, but she wasn’t going to say it just like that. Maybe if they really did go near the place, she would say it.

However, if Max chose to go somewhere else, she would be fine it too. She isn’t picky about where they would go, and this was her first time, so she was open to everything that can happen.

This news also reached Layla as Lydia tell her everything. Since hearing it, Layla had never stopped in teasing her on some things that were bound to happen when going out with someone.

There was also something about Layla’s tone that was different than usual. Lydia didn’t know the reason for it but was determined to find out why.

Lydia does an exceptional job of reading people, including her big sister. She had a lot of reasons that came into her mind, but she still needed to see things out.

“We’re going on places around the Mall. We can do pretty much everything in there as it’s a vast place.”

Nodding her head, Lydia relaxed on her seat. She didn’t know what to feel about this or if she should expect that it will be fun.

Max was also quite nervous. As he knew that Layla was her sister, he already expected that she might have come up with a plan too.

He could only hope that they had some plans in common, even at least just one.

‘Haah, problems again.’

The place where they were going to was only a few minutes away. It wasn’t in another city, so they don’t have to wait for a long time sitting here.

‘What to say. What to say.’

Max felt that he should talk about something here. He didn’t know what but his mind was running fast, trying to think of something.

‘What should I say?’

[Ask her about her day!]


Little Dou gave an idea. She didn’t know if it would work, but the only thing on her mind was at least Max would have something to say.

‘Are you sure about this? I don’t think I should ask that. Ah! Whatever!’

“So how was your day?”

Max was sweating thinking about why was it so hard to make simple everyday conversations. While brainstorming on the possible replies she says, and how to continue it, he heard,

“It’s the same as usual. Boring.”

Max signaled Little Dou as if asking what he should say next. Max was now very nervous as he was running out of time. He didn’t want her to think that he was ignoring her.

While Max was feeling anxious, sweating on his palms, Little Dou acted like nothing was wrong, always thinking about ideas on what to say.

[Tell her she looks pretty!]


This time, like a lightbulb lighting up his mind, Max’s thoughts cleared up, sweeping away all the useless things he thought of saying.

“You look great today.”

Max said that most sincerely as that was what he honestly thought. He forgot about it as he tried to think of random things to say, but after Little Dou said it, it came back to his mind.

Lydia’s face became red as she looked down, not knowing what to say. It was her sister’s idea for her to wear something like this.

Max inspected her with his eyes. Lydia was currently wearing a mini skirt. Her tops were the same baggy hoody, but with her mini skirt, Max thought she looked more beautiful with it.

He didn’t know whether she wore it to school or she changed after. Eventually, Max went with her changing after school as he didn’t think she can take it, wearing that to school.

Her mini skirt was short that as she was sitting, it showed her smooth white thighs that made Max want to reach out and feel in on his hands.

Feeling Max’s eyes on her legs, Lydia started fidgetting in shyness. That didn’t mean Lydia didn’t like it. If it was Max that was looking, she was okay with it, only feeling shy at his blatant stare.

Her pink glowing skin only further tempted Max to make his move but seeing that they were close to arriving, he held himself back.

Max added one of his plans for later to his priority list. He decided to do everything he can to achieve it, and his hard-on twitched, seemingly agreeing with him.

Under Max’s hungry stare, Lydia also felt something building up inside her. Every time Max make a move on her, she couldn’t feel any resistance for him like she had no problem with whatever he does, even a tiny bit.

Each of their thoughts got interrupted by the noises. Looking out the window, they found that they had arrived as the door was starting to slide open.

After sneakily fixing his boner in the right angle as it was getting uncomfortable, Max stood up getting ready to go out.


Taking a deep breath while looking at the sea of people at the station, both of them took their step out.



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