Chapter 81 – By the Sea


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Not wanting to waste any time, Max led Lydia to the small park outside the mall as his next plan was going to happen in the next hour.

Around the park, various restaurants were lined up. As it was currently after school, they can see a lot of students from different schools hanging out in here.

Seeing all that, they felt more comfortable as the chances of other people recognizing them were close to none.

Walking at a slow pace, Max and Lydia enjoyed the atmosphere. A broad and open place in the middle of the park, cars were stopping as people cross the street, groups of friends and couples who were strolling the same way as them.

“Lydia, you don’t have anything you want to do? We have a lot of time!”

Max looked at her in her eyes as he called her name. This was for both of them, not only for him. He didn’t want to be the only one who enjoyed their time here.

*inaudible muttering*

“What was it you said?”

Max went closer and turned his ear close to her face. He understood that Lydia might be embarrassed about something she was saying.


Lydia mumbled in a low and soft tone, but this time, Max heard her what she said. His eyes shone as that was the same plan he had.

Max planned for them to go to the movies later. He wasn’t quite sure whether she would like it but hearing what she said, Max got excited.

The movie theater was where they could do everything they want. Even if they show their feelings to each other, no one would know.

As long as Max can get a private room for themselves, everything would be set. His dick was starting to stand up as Max imagined what would happen later.

Shaking his head to get rid of his impure thoughts, Max responded in an enthusiastic voice,

“That’s what I planned for us later! Good thing you like movies too! If not, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Having heard what Max said, Lydia also felt ecstatic. Movies were the only one she wanted.

Lydia had been watching movies for years now. Usually, she goes with her sister after pleading for a few days.

But if she had something to do, she would only watch on her phone. Still, it wasn’t as good as going to a movie theater and watch it on a big screen.

Watching movies like that would look more realistic, and the powerful sound system around her makes her feel alive.

Now that she knows that Max also liked watching movies, Lydia was seriously considering asking him to go with her every time she wants to.

“Before that, we should find something to eat first.”

Max pulled her to a great place he found after reading thousands of reviews online, and his sister bugging him that he should go there.

“We’re here!”

Both of them looked at the massive place in front of them. They were currently a few blocks away from the Mall.

They would have to walk back for a few minutes to reach the mall. Seeing this whole place, they felt it was worth it.

The establishment overlooked the sea that seemed to stretch in every direction. Waves rolled softly across the surface as the cool breeze brushed against their faces.

Their city was a port city that a lot of businesses make full use of it. While ships and boats were numerous, most of them are privately owned.

Most ports were also mainly owned by big businesses. They enforce strict security around it that it became hard for other people to get close to the seas.

This place was one of the popular ones in the city for being publicly accessible for anyone. It was Max’s first time going here.

Max saw a lot of people playing by the sea. Most of them were locals that lived near this place. Breathing the fresh scent of the ocean, Max thought that he should come by here more often.

People were lying on the sand sunbathing. Max, being himself couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering, inspecting the hot bodies of some women in there.

Sitting by the sea as they ate their meals, Max randomly thought of something. He imagined how great would it be if they had their private beach.

Max didn’t know how to make it possible as he had no idea if he could even buy one easily, so he put it off for later to ask his sister about it.

“What do you think about this place? Cool right?”

Lydia nodded at him. Max had been catching Lydia constantly looking at the sea. She pleased by the view, frequently checking it out, admiring the scenery of the shining reflection of the sun on the surface of the water as birds flew over it.

Max smugly smiled for making the right decision to bring her here. Even Max didn’t know this was a great place, if not for his sister and the internet, he wouldn’t have known anything about this place.

“Have you ever been here before?”

“Nn, with my sister. Only walked around.”

Lydia liked it here. The soft waves of the sea gave her a calming feeling inside. The smell of the ocean also gives her a distinct feeling that she couldn’t explain.

Maybe it was because of her Purple Lightning Skill. In her earlier years of training, she always goes to the sea as her lightning flows easier in there, causing her daily practice to be a lot smoother.

Lydia didn’t notice it, but she was starting to speak in a more lively voice now. INot like she was too energetic, but her volume was up by a few levels. Now, Max can hear her even while sitting across the table.

‘Ahh, times like this are fun. If not for that stupid school, I would’ve had a lot more free time for things like this.’

Max’s feelings to stop going to school after his sister finished her last year was getting stronger. Max thought of the fun things he can do if he were to be freed from school, imagining having the perfect life he wanted.

Finishing their meal, Max got both of them some ice cream. Max didn’t know whether the ice cream was delicious, or it was only because of the hot sun shining straight at them that made it taste good.

Not having any more time left, they head back as the best has yet to come and that time is getting closer and closer.



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