Chapter 82 – Minds Wander


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Walking back, Max couldn’t help but feel excited that he almost wanted to jump wherever and do whatever he wants to calm his hyper-energetic self.

Every time he was horny, his mind seemed to turn into a demon that can only think with his lower body. His dick was hard as a rock that Max had a hard time containing it on his boxers.

He kept picturing hot springs, how relaxing it was, birds chirping and sounds of water flowing around him to relieve his stone-hard dick.

All of that only happened in his mind. On the outside, he had been relatively calm the whole time, not showing any sign of excitement.

While Max’s thoughts were wandering, thinking about a lot of things, Lydia also focused on her situation. They were going to the movies.

That was one of her favorite things to do. Every time Lydia was bored, she would always watch a movie. She had even watched all the good ones that she got used to watching some movies once more.

However, that wasn’t what was mostly on her mind. It was what her sister had said to her this morning.


Two girls were lying down on a well-decorated massive bedroom. Their bed was so big that they can spread out their arms and legs and still have enough space for another two of them.

“Haha, my little sis would be going out with a boy later.”

“Are you excited, Lydia?”

“You must be, right? Right? I saw you sometimes trying out some of your clothes in front of the mirror! Hahhaha, my little sis has grown up now!”

Enchanting laughter filled the room like a succubus luring their prey with just their voice. But Layla wasn’t done yet.

“Oops! Hmm, now that I think about it you’ve turned into a woman already. Hahaha!”

Layla was teasing her little sister about her planned date with Max for a few days now. Lydia was currently sinking her face on a pillow, hiding her face that was red from embarrassment.

She also moved her legs out to give Layla a kick, causing her to give out another set of laughter.

This was a regular happening between the two of them. Layla, teasing her little sister and Lydia fighting back to make her stop.

Even when they were treating each other like that, they knew that all of it was only a joke, not taking anything seriously.

In their current state, they would be able to tempt anyone that was to see them, wearing hot and revealing clothes that left plenty of room for imagination.

They were wearing a pair of thin and short shorts that in the right position would show part of their ass.

Lydia’s smooth white legs looked even more alluring on the white sheets that she almost gave out a pure and sacred aura around her body.

Layla, on the other hand, looked the opposite, giving out a bewitching feeling as her curves became more pronounced with her tight clothing.

None of them seemed to mind what they wear and how they look as it was only the two of them in their house.

“Have you thought of any plans?”

“Not yet.”

A soft and almost inaudible muffled voice sounded out from the pillow as Lydia replied to her sister.

“Hmm? Are you going to do it with him again?”

This time, Lydia flushed red as she was still shy when talking about this topic.

“You are?”


“Max must’ve really liked these, huh?”

Layla gave Lydia’s ass cheeks a weak slap that it jiggled around enough to cause nosebleeds to anyone that were to see it.

“So where are you going to do it?”

“In a hotel?”

“Hmm? How about in the movies! Wouldn’t that be very exciting? I heard there were private rooms now that you can stay for as long as you like!”

“Most people use it so that they can watch their favorite movie a few more times but doing some other things after watching isn’t a bad idea, right?”

Lydia was close to overheating as her skin blushed in a darker shade of red. Imaginary smokes were also coming out of her like she was close to exploding.

“Layla! Stop that!”

Lydia said in a high pitched soft tone. Couldn’t take her big sister’s teasing anymore, Lydia thought of something to say.

“That’s why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Heeeh? Me? Not having a boyfriend?”

“That’s only because I chose not to have one! Do you think no one would like these?”

Layla squished her breasts together, changing its form with her hands. When Lydia peeked a little bit from her pillow to see what her big sister was talking about, her eyes went wide.


“What are you talking about? I’m just telling the truth. That’s all!”

“Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you, so what’s your plan?”

“Did I guess it right?”

“Well, if you don’t have any plans yet, then you can, of course, take my suggestions.”

Layla stared at her little sister like a predator playing with her prey. Part of her wanted to tease Lydia, and part of her sincerely wanted to help her.

“Hehe, I have also thought of some other things! Want to hear it? First, you…”

The more Lydia heard what her sister was saying, the redder she became, but that didn’t stop her from listening to what she was saying, thinking it wouldn’t hurt to consider some of the things she suggested.

(end of flashback)

Sneaking a glance at Max, Lydia sighed in relief when she didn’t notice anything different with Max.

‘Don’t be a pervert like Layla! Nothing will happen! Just enjoy the movie that you’re going to watch!’

Lydia cheered herself on her mind, taking her mind off the subject, only thinking about what movie to watch as there would be a lot to choose from.

This time, it was Max who was daydreaming,

‘Hehe, Little Dou, do you think I should make a move on her in the movies?’

Max was imagining how hot it would be to do it while watching a movie. In his mind played an image of him humping Lydia while watching a movie, then it changed to Lydia sitting on him.

[Hmph! Why are you asking me when you have already decided on it!]


‘I’m just making sure that there was nothing for me to worry about.’

[There’s none then! Lydia had been peeking at you a lot of times now! Hehe! She probably already knows that you’re just a lust demon!]



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