Chapter 83 – To the Movies


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As it was the time after school, Max could see a lot of people around the movie theaters. Most of which were students or young workers.

They were in groups of at least two people. He can see a lot of what seemed to be couples, but there were also all boys and all girls groups. It was a bustling scene of running kids and outgoing students.

One thing was certain: all of them were excited to be here. Their eyes were shining as bright smiles can be seen on their faces.

Max could hear the echoes of people chatting all over the place. The movies available seemed to be popular, having this many people right after school.

Scanning his eyes everywhere, looking at each of their beaming faces, Max nodded to himself.

‘Surprisingly, there were a lot of people here at this time. That should mean it’s good right?’

Max and Lydia decided to watch the newest Fantasy/Sci-fi movie. Max heard everywhere that it was a fantastic movie.

It was also the most popular choice for the people here, seeing the long lines that seemed to have no end. Everyone was patiently waiting in their spot, further convincing Max on how popular it was.

Max would take a long time if he were to wait in line behind all these people. Fortunately, they were going to get a private room for themselves. The line for private rooms didn’t have anyone in it.

The reason for that was private rooms were made for certain people that wouldn’t do well with crowds. Mostly for high profile people in case they decided to watch, not minding to pay a high price for it.

It’s merely for the VIP and those who wanted privacy. A lot of people wanted to try it even once in their lifetime, but can’t as it was too expensive. It has the same value as a luxury hotel room, too costly for a day of movies.

The room is paid once a day. If Max paid for one, they could stay for ‘one whole day,’ but they only meant until the theaters close down.

The allure of the private rooms was seen from the envious gazes of people as Max slowly walked forward.

Lydia stayed far away as she had already expected how people would react once someone went to the lines for unique and wealthy people.

She also slightly blushed, knowing the reason why Max would choose to go to a private room. She had a hunch that this was what Max would go for but didn’t expect she would be right.

‘Hehe. Look at those gazes on me. They’re going to die with envy. Hahaha!’

Max was filled with pride as he became the center of attention. But on the outside, Max’s face was void with any emotion, slowly making his way to the counter, his chest puffed up in confidence.

The feeling of people’s eyes on him as he made his way to the counter was exciting. It was as if people were looking up to him.

[Hey! What are you acting like that for! You just cheated your way to making money!]


‘What do you know? Those guys’ eyes were looking at me with hate as their girlfriends were comparing them to me.’

At his side, some couples were looking at him. Max ignored their gazes, only being amused by their girlfriends following him with their eyes.

‘This is the right way to show off! Look at those groups of cute women. See? If I asked them to join me, they would probably not hesitate to say yes!’

Quite obviously, Max wasn’t planning on asking them out. He only felt good instigating chaos on those couples. It was a passing entertainment for him.

‘Haha! This feels great!’



That was all Little Dou was able to say as she couldn’t refute Max, knowing that everything he said was the truth. She then went back to laze around on Max’s head.

“One private room please.”

Saying it to the lady in front of him, Max felt it was a bit awkward. This was his first time doing this. He didn’t know what he needed to do, or if he needs to show anything.

“What movie would you like to watch?”

A feminine and professional voice reached his ears. Max became calmer as his previous tension disappeared.

The lady’s conduct was simple and straightforward, making Max more comfortable speaking with her. She could beat Max in hiding her emotion. It looks like she genuinely takes her job seriously.


“The price for that is…”


“This is your ticket. You can show it to the person in charge after you get in.”

“That lady handled it professionally. I guess she was used to different types of people.”

Max made his way back to where Lydia was waiting for him. It was quite far as she didn’t want people to stare at her because she’s with Max.

[Hehe! It’s time!]


Little Dou stood on Max’s head as she watched the people around them. They all had the same liveliness in their eyes as they prepared to get in the theaters.

‘Why are you excited? It should be me who is excited!’

[Movie! I want to watch a movie! This is my first time watching a movie! Everyone around us is excited about it, so it must be fun!]


Little Dou shouted with her squeaky little voice that Max had to look around to make sure once again that no one was able to hear her.


Max nodded in understanding as he recalled that Little Dou still hasn’t experienced a lot of things, and fun things like going to the movies were something she definitely would want to try.

Reaching Lydia that was waiting almost on the opposite side of where the counter was to make sure no one would see them together, Max asked her if she wanted to buy anything before they get in.

Lydia shook her head as they just finished eating. She didn’t feel like bringing anything with her to the movies.

In the end, Max bought two big bottles of water and a few packs of wipes. It was in case they made a mess inside when something happened.

Max mostly had sex on this house, and every time, they had to clean themselves from all the mess they made. Now, they weren’t at home, so Max had to prepare, even if it may not happen.

‘All set! Fun, start!’

The two of them with Little Dou made their way to the entrance, each having something they were looking forward to.



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