Chapter 84 – As the Movie Ends


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‘So slow!’

Max felt a slight wave of regret, wasting time running around buying things as he watched the long lines in front of him.

On the direction he was looking at, Max watched as stacks of people were trying to go in at the same time.

In actuality, the lines weren’t really long. Max was just too excited to get in that he thinks waiting a minute or two would be too long.

Finally getting in Max led Lydia directly to the nearest person in charge he saw to guide them on where they should be going.


Getting in their private room, Max was out of words as he ran his eyes around the whole room. It was surprisingly big, enough to fit ten people comfortably.

‘That was why it was that expensive! I thought they were just taking advantage of rich people!’

A dark red carpet-like wall covered the room. The first thing Max saw when he got inside was the luxurious design of the room.

The cold temperature and the quiet atmosphere was just the right balance. There were also a lot of leather sofas positioned in rows and columns.

The best thing about it was the remote-controlled sofas that Max can adjust depending on what he prefers, sitting or lying down.

In front of them was a glass window. They were still in the theaters, but their room was a few feet up in the air, giving them the best view of the whole screen.

Their glass window seemed to be the usual one-way glass as Max couldn’t see the inside of the private room on the opposite side of them.

Max expected it to be a small room with okay seats, thinking it was only made for people to have their private space. He didn’t know it would be like this.

‘Worth? Meh, I don’t really care. Oh! We have our own restroom!’

Max went straight to the restroom to check the condition of it. It was clean and looked brand new. It only has a toilet and a sink, but that’s good enough for him.

Looking at Lydia, she seemed to be surprised as well, checking out everything she touched with her hands. The same with Max, she thought this was only a small room just like a private cabin on a train.

She wasn’t expecting it to be this good. That was why she never bothered using this place in the past even when she could easily afford it.

[Hehe! This is my spot!]


[No one can use this spot! This is mine!]


Little Dou jumped around the right sofa at the front that has a direct view of the massive screen. She was claiming the seat as hers, thinking that Max would want it as it was a good seat.

Max didn’t mind as he would be sitting with Lydia on the left side. He guided Lydia to the left seat so that Little Dou can have her place for herself.

Before the lady that guided them left, she explained to them everything that they can have like being able to ask for any of the food and drinks available.

They only have to click the button on their seat, and someone would knock on their door for the things they asked.

Privacy was one of the main objectives for building rooms like these so that no one would barge in without any good reason.

The two of them sat together on their sofa as Little Dou calm down to prepare for the movie, sitting alone on her big seat.

Her little frame looked even tinier as she intently watched the movie that was starting. She had popcorns beside her that Max had sneakily placed when Lydia wasn’t looking.

To hide it better, he also placed all of the things that he bought in there so it would look like he only put all his stuff there so it won’t be distracting.

As the movie started with Max and Lydia sitting next to each other, they had a little understanding of wanting to watch the movie first.

No one said anything, but they know it from their actions, only focusing their eyes on the bright screen in front of them.

Max got lost in watching, not expecting that it will be this good. The movie overall surprised him as he never really cared about what he will watch, only choosing the most popular one.

But right now, he was genuinely enjoying it. In his mind, most movies nowadays were just pretty much the same stuff.

Little Dou and Lydia were in the same position as him. They were doing nothing else other than watch what was going to happen next.

It never crossed their minds to do anything else. Little Dou, while intently watching the movie, continued to reach for the popcorns beside her.

She had to take a few bites to finish one, but with her unlimited stomach capacity, there were no signs of her stopping any time soon.

‘That was close! I almost forgot why we were here!’

Max only noticed Lydia beside him when he turned his head for a second as his eyes were starting to hurt.

He turned to look at Little Dou then to Lydia and saw that they were lost in the movie just like him a while ago.

Not wanting to waste time and the opportunity, Max moved closer to Lydia to hold her hand.

Lydia felt his hand on hers, but she didn’t care about it as it was only his hand anyway, still concentrating on watching the fantastic movie.

Usually, she would turn shy and blush but not this time as holding her hand was nothing compared to the thoughts she had, going into this room with Max.

Not seeing any reaction from her, Max slowly slid her arms around her waist, pulling her against him, enjoying each other’s warmth in this cold room.

That was the only thing that Max did as both of them knew this wasn’t the right time, still wanting to finish the movie at least once before thinking of doing something else.

Max knows what he should and should not do right now. All the things they bought wasn’t touched at all.

‘Great movie!’

The movie finished as everyone below them was slowly walking out. Workers came in to do some spot cleaning here and there before another batch of people would come in.

As they were already rubbing each other’s bodies, Max went to the next step and kissed Lydia. Lydia returned it in her own way, touching Max’s hair as she wasn’t assertive at the beginning.

While they were kissing, Little Dou was blabbering about how great the movie was as she hurried people below to start the movie again.

None of them were hearing her, but Little Dou kept going and going on hurrying them up while holding a popcorn in her had, taking a bite at it, finishing it bit by bit.



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