Chapter 85 – The End is Only the Beginning (R-18)


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Max pushed the button of the remote to turn their sofa into a bed, pushing Lydia down along with it.

As he was kissing her, tasting her sweet tongue, Max slid one of his hands down her legs. She was only wearing a mini skirt with her oversized hoodie that Max was able to have a nice feel of her soft and smooth thighs.

Stroking her perfect thighs with his fingers, running her hand slowly up and down her legs, Max continued to suck her juicy lips.

Lydia started breathing heavier when Max was moving up, stroking close to her pussy. No one was saying anything.

All they did was look into each other’s eyes as they kiss. They didn’t care about anything else. They only focused on each other.

Max and Lydia continued kissing for a few minutes when Max removed his clothes, doing the same with Lydia.

She was left with her bra, giving Max a fantastic view of her breasts. It was one of his favorite parts of her as she just had the perfect pairs he had ever seen.

Unclasping her bra, Max shot down to suck on them, as they were bouncing, finally being set free from the tight grasp of her bra.

Lydia softly moaned as Max sucked on it like he was forcing milk to come out of it. He felt one of her nipples harden in his mouth as the other did in between his fingers.


“Haah haah.”

Max slowly went down as he reached for the button side button of her mini skirt with one hand. Lydia moved her hands to help Max as he was having a hard time unbuttoning it.

They were still kissing as Lydia slightly lifted her waist to pull her mini skirt down to the floor. Touching her pussy through her panties, Max could feel that she was already soaked.

His heart was beating fast in his chest as he pulled Lydia’s wet panties down. From her feet, Max could see her beautiful pussy that his dick twitched in his pants.

Lydia had a youthful and beautiful body. Just like her breasts, her hairless pussy looked just as tempting. Her pussy lips were red and swollen, and her crack was shining with fluids, dripping out to her ass cheeks.

Max’s dick throbbed in his pants as he began kissing her legs, kissing slowly, all the way to her thighs.

The entrancing smell of her pussy reached his nose. The only thing in his mind was getting his dick in her.

Lydia moaned as his tongue touched her moist lips. Max enjoyed her scent and taste as he gave her another lick.

At this point, Max was so turned on. He wanted more of her. Not resisting his urge, he dived straight down her waiting pussy, burying his face between her thighs.

Max started licking, kissing and sucking as Lydia let out sweet-sounding moans, lying down on the sofa.

Currently, Little Dou was back on her seat as the movie was going to start again, now for a different batch of people.

Max felt his hard dick wanting to be freed from his pants, pushing out as hard as it could so he unbuttoned his pants, slid down his zippers and exposed it in front of Lydia.

But he wasn’t going to use it yet. Pushing Lydia’s legs up to her breasts, Max went down on her fully open dripping pussy.

Soon enough, Lydia was making her move as she pushed her pussy up to his face, wanting more of his tongue.

Max pushed his tongue into her pussy as deep as he can, hitting her sensitive places inside her. After going through her insides, Max went on to suck her protruding clit.

Lydia uncontrollably moaned as Max enjoyed her pussy while sucking and biting her clit. Only times like these would Lydia change into a different person.

Usually, she would give out a shy feeling when she was around Max, maybe because he wasn’t a girl like all of her friends.

But when they were in the middle of pleasuring themselves, all her shy feelings disappear, or she forgot about it from the pleasure she was feeling, turning into a more assertive Lydia.

Max thought it was hot, seeing Lydia’s pussy exposed fully in front of him with her fluids spread all over his face.

She was usually a quiet person and imagining her previous appearance, shy expression, baggy hoodie, and a mini skirt, Max felt something good inside him, thinking it was him who turned her into this.

Lydia kept moaning on his actions, especially so when he inserted two fingers in her and rapidly thrust it in and out while rubbing her clit with his thumb.

About a few minutes into it, Max felt that Lydia was close to cumming. He wanted to taste her juices while she cum, so he focused all his attention on her now sensitive pussy.

Shortly after, her moans turned more frequent as Max’s tongue targeted her clit while simultaneously pushing his fingers on her dripping hole.



Lydia cried out with her soft voice as Max felt her pussy walls squirm around his fingers. Lydia unconsciously locked Max’s head on her clit as she pushed her waist further on his mouth.

Lydia was cumming, and she was cumming intensely. Her mind wasn’t able to think about anything as intense pleasure invaded her mind.

Her pussy was still violently contracting on his fingers. That would only mean she was cumming for a long time.

Max sucked all the juices that flowed out of her pussy, tasting her delicious sweet juices. Sometimes, he would give her lips light kisses, prompting it to twitch from how sensitive it was at this time.

He reluctantly moved away from her pussy after cleaning it with his mouth. He did it for a long time, thinking that this pussy was only for him and no one else’s.

His dick was now at its hardest that Max felt that in one thrust, he would burst everything out from how horny he was feeling.

Max urgently needed to relieve himself, feeling that if Lydia weren’t here, he wouldn’t care and find a random hot woman and release himself inside her.

The movie already started with the sounds ringing out on their ears. Not that they cared as the room blocks the sounds from coming out, at least that’s what it said on the words written on the wall.

Giving Lydia some time to catch her breath and calm herself down, Max pulled down his pants and boxers, leaving both of them naked in the private room of a movie theater.

His dick was pointing up as he moved on top of Lydia after Max figured that she was ready for more.

They shared a kiss. Lydia wasn’t bothered in tasting her juices from Max’s mouth. They only enjoyed themselves, rubbing their warm skin against each other.

Max prepared himself, positioning his dick to the right angle. As he was kissing Lydia, it took him some time to find her entrance.

Pointing his dick straight to her hole, Max was in for an exceptionally pleasurable time.



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