Chapter 86 – Small Achievement (R-18)


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Max reached one of his hands down to guide his stiff dick through her hidden entrance, pushing past her swollen lips into her warm and wet folds.


Max uncontrollably grunted on his mind at the same time, closing his eyes as he felt her soaked walls wrap around his dick.

Watery sounds can be heard as he slowly moved, thrusting in and out of her. It felt incredibly good that Max almost released his load deep inside her.

Her pussy was so tightly wrapped around him that Max had to think of random thoughts to stop himself from cumming this early.

Lydia was groaning every time Max moved his waist to push his dick deeper into her. His hands never rested, fondling her breasts, playing with her nipples between his fingers.

With each thrust, Max would try to go deeper and deeper. He wasn’t able to push his dick fully inside her as her pussy was very tight.

Max can understand maybe she still had some reservations at the back of her mind as this was the very first time they were having sex without Max using his Sexual Aura.

Everything that was happening in here right now was all happening to the normal Lydia. She wasn’t too horny to think about anything else like in the past.

Max was having sex with her fully aware self. Checking her Lust Meter, it wasn’t even close to 70 where he can pretty much do whatever he wants as she would be turned on at that point.

Feeling that she was still tight, Max changed his pace into a slow one, planning to make her feel every single inch of him inside her while making her enjoy it on her own.

Max allowed her to get used to his hard dick inside her, only taking it slow as that seemed to be the one she likes from her closed eyes and relaxed muscles.

Eventually, Max was thrusting in and out of her with his full length. He can feel her wet walls all the way to the base of his dick.

‘So good!’

The combination of the tightness, the warmth, and the wetness of her pussy surrounding his dick was unbelievable.

Max had to keep himself from blowing his load many times throughout his continuous piercing. As he was going slow, he can feel more of her on his dick, the texture of her walls, and the sensation of his swollen head rubbing against her upper wall.

As Max kept the same pace for a few minutes, Lydia was slowly getting accustomed to him pushing his dick inside her.

She doesn’t understand why, but this was the first time she felt that something was different, like the atmosphere was different, and the whole sex felt like it had a meaning.

This was the first time they were having sex without any skill being used, so Max had to step up to give her the best pleasure that she would be missing even in her dreams.

Before this, Max had sex twice with Lydia, both of them using items and skills; he felt like he was too useless not to be able to have sex on his own.

Using his skills is convenient, and there was nothing wrong with relying heavily on it, using it every time, but he just had this feeling that he wanted to prove that he can do it without using his skill.

Finally, right now, he was successful with it. He was having sex with Lydia without using anything on her.

That would mean that in the future, he can do whatever he wants without being worried about how high was her Lust Meter and how long does he need to wait for the Sexual Aura to start working.

Ever so slowly, Max began to pick up his pace, noticing that she was used to having him deep inside her.

Max couldn’t believe this was happening. Lydia was moaning while rubbing her one of her hands on his chest and the other on his back.

Max could feel her fluids running down his dick and balls as he picked up the pace, pumping harder and faster into her.

Lydia was also getting into it, matching his thrust with her own. Max looked up and stared at her eyes as their lips connected.

Feeling her hard nipples on his chest, Max gave her a deep and long kiss, only breathing through their noses. They enjoyed each other’s mouths like it was the best thing they’ve ever tasted.

Her moans were like sweet melodies going through his ears, turning him on, causing him to exert extra effort on his thrusts.

The faster his thrusts were, the louder her voice became. At this moment, Max sincerely hoped that the sounds in their room were not being heard outside.

Then it came. The unstoppable feeling of not being able to hold back as his balls jerked, preparing to shoot out loads of cum inside Lydia.

Max pounded Lydia in the best way he could before his dick twitched, exploding deep in her, releasing loads after loads of his cum.

Lydia moaned as she felt Max letting out hot fluids in her deepest part as she reached her climax, further pleasuring Max as her walls tightened the hold around his dick.

Max released a lot that he felt like he had filled Lydia up completely. He turned to her lips, sucking it with his own as he let out the last few drops of cum inside her.

They stayed in their position for a long time as they coiled their tongue around the other, waiting for their strength to come back.

Max’s dick slowly shrank as he felt numb on his lower body. Both of them were covered with sweat as if they just finished an extensive set of workouts.

Max felt that this time, it would be different like something will change between them after this, and it will be a good one. But he passed it off his mind as it’s only his intuition.



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