Chapter 87 – Wild Session (R-18)


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The movie continued playing, booming out high volume sounds to their ears as they laid down unmoving, staring at each other’s eyes.

Something was starting to change between them. They felt something different going on, feeling more comfortable staying in each other’s arms.

Fixing their position for a couple of minutes, they were sitting back on the sofa while enjoying their complimentary drinks. No one said anything to the other.

Lydia said beside Max, looking more beautiful with her glowing face and flushed skin. Both of them were still naked as they turned to watch the ongoing movie playing in front of them.

But Max wanted something else, turning Lydia around. Lydia followed his instructions as the same with Max; part of her wasn’t contented.

Max was in for a fantastic view. Her smooth and meaty ass and her swollen pussy lips were completely exposed in front of him.

Not wasting any time, Max once again took great pleasure in eating Lydia out. His fingers pinched her clit as his tongue played with her pussy, pushing it in and out of her.

From the bewitching restrained moans that Lydia was letting out, Max knew that she liked it. It didn’t take a very long time before she stopped restraining her moans, moaning and cumming on Max’s face.

After bringing Lydia to another mind-blowing climax, Max positioned himself behind her. Carefully pushing his dick into her soaked and tight pussy from behind, Max didn’t hold back, giving her a hard and intense thrusting.

Lydia was moaning so loud that Max had to deal with an occasional feeling of nervousness, imagining a hundred pairs of eyes staring at their room.

After blowing his first load into her, Max felt that he could last much longer this time. He was able to enjoy her tight pussy without fearing that he won’t be able to hold back after the next thrust.

Max didn’t only focus on penetrating her from behind. He was also using his hands in every way he can think of, massaging her ass, sliding it down her smooth thighs, pinching her clit, and caressing her breasts.

This was one of the best moments that Max had experienced as he can clearly see people down below, intently watching the movie while he was pushing his dick hard into Lydia, earning another set of moans from her.

Feeling himself inching close to shooting out his second load, Max started to thrust harder and deeper, wanting to feel his dick completely inside her.


Max groaned as his second load, shot out of him. Spurt after spurt, Max once again filled Lydia’s soaked and tight passage with a large amount of white fluids.

While he was shooting out his load inside her, Max can hear Lydia moaning out every time his dick twitched inside her, giving him some more energy to spurt out a bit more than he should.

‘Ahhh, so good!’

Max exhaled in satisfaction. He couldn’t describe how good he was feeling right now, only that he wouldn’t mind feeling like this every day.

But even with all that, Max still wanted to have sex with Lydia one more time, still not contented, feeling like he can do a lot more.

For an unknown amount of time, Max and Lydia enjoyed themselves until there wasn’t any strength left on their bodies.

Both of them wanted each other, helping themselves in every way they thought about, closing it with one last explosion. They stayed in each other’s embrace as Max fired another shot deep inside her.

Now, they really rested, staying in their current position with Max sitting on the sofa and Lydia sitting on top of him, lying on his chest, facing the movie screen, feeling exhausted.

“Haa haa haa”

His dick was still inside her filled pussy as they watched the movie the second time since they were still resting, and they were already facing the screen.

While watching, Max moved his hand to feel Lydia’s perfect breast in his hand. Her front was exposed in her current position, making it easy for Max to reach for anything, even her still protruding clit.


Max’s dick was starting to stand up again. He thought of something different, moving close to Lydia to whisper some words on her ears.

Lydia intensely blushed as she got down from him. She wasn’t going to go anywhere, only fixing her position to do something else.


Max involuntarily groaned from the pleasure that he was feeling between his legs. Looking down, Max saw Lydia’s head, bobbing up and down his dick as her mouth skillfully sucked him.

Hearing Max’s moans with each move she makes, Lydia became more confident, exerting more effort to pleasure Max.

Max ate her a few times a while ago, so when he asked her to help him down below, she immediately got down. This wasn’t an issue for her as she likes every part of Max.

Max watched Lydia sucking his dick, running her tongue on his length. Max enjoyed it very much as the scene was just incredible.

But from the intense pleasure he had been feeling a while ago, Max knew that he wasn’t going to reach another climax with just this.

Max pulled her up to straddle him, then pulled her down on his dick. This time he didn’t do it slowly as her pussy was still wet and ready for his shape, easily sliding all the way in.

Max held her ass as he moved her up and down with his waist meeting her movements. Max wasn’t saying anything, only letting out occasional groans when he felt pleasure, but his mind had been going crazy.

‘Ahhh! This feels so good!’

‘Yeah, ahhh. Her tight pussy is milking my dick!’

‘I’ll go deeper! Push! Ugghh, this is amazing!’

Max hugged her tight on his body as he closed in to kiss her. Kissing Lydia as she moved up and down to meet his dick, Max felt like his mind was going to explode.

Her warm and wet pussy sliding on his dick felt so good. Max was starting to feel what may be his most intense climax so far.

Both of them were crying out moans as Max sucked her nipples on his mouth. They can feel pleasure building up in the sensitive parts of their bodies as they moved faster, grinding against each other.

After a few minutes, the two of them moaned out loud as Max felt her walls contract on his dick. Max, at the same time, erupted in her deepest region.

This was the biggest and the most pleasurable load that Max let out this whole time. They both hugged each other, wanting to feel their bodies as much as possible while they were experiencing an imaginable sensation running through their bodies from their heads.

Max gripped Lydia’s ass as he pulled her as hard as possible on his dick as he spurted everything deep into her.


Max laid on his back as Lydia collapsed on his chest. They were breathing heavily for overexerting themselves.

Max can still feel Lydia’s walls contract on his dick, causing his dick to twitch, letting out a few final drops into her pussy filled with his cum.

This time, Max and Lydia never moved a finger, fully relaxing their bodies against each other. Max’s dick slowly deflated as it slid out of Lydia.

A large amount of cum followed out after sliding down her thighs, making Max feel like he just accomplished something great.



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