Chapter 88 – New Awakened


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Max and Lydia relaxedly walked their way back home. This day had been a fantastic experience for them, a lot of things happened, good things.

Neither of them was saying anything to each other, only enjoying the atmosphere of their surroundings. The chilly night wind blew on their faces while the full moon shone down from high up the sky, giving them a calm feeling.

After they finished their noon activities, they didn’t stay for long and left a few minutes after catching their breaths.

Max graciously thanked his past self for taking that few packs of wipes before going into the movies, despite having to deal with the weird looks from a lot of people.

Before they went out, Max had to clean some places that were smudged by their fluids. Looking at the mess they have created from their wild session, it turned out that the wipes were going to be more useful that Max had thought it would be.

Once they got out of the theaters, Max felt a qualitative change in their relationship. It seemed to have changed inexplicably.

Max and Lydia were now able to speak unreservedly with each other, no more shyness, and no more holding back.

Naturally, Max was ecstatic. This improvement was very important, way better than in the past when they were awkward and clueless people going on their first date.

Currently, the two of them just got out of the station, walking on their way home. Since they were strolling, Max took the change to pay more attention to his surroundings.

“This day was surprisingly more fun than I thought.”


Lydia nodded while walking beside him. The atmosphere around them was calm. Only a few people were going in the same direction as them.

“Then, we can do this again next time if we have time?”

Lydia nodded as she turned to face him. She wasn’t embarrassed about these kinds of stuff anymore, not even blushing like usual.

Max didn’t speak more after that. He wasn’t able to think of things to say to Lydia as he was preoccupied with a lot of other things that he couldn’t put of his mind.

This time, he was sure to get a lot of points! Max didn’t even know how much it would be. That was the reason he was getting excited, couldn’t wait to check it out later when he gets home.

“What do you usually do after school?”


Max returned to himself after hearing Lydia asking him about something. Lydia was curious about this for a long time. Max was one of the first students to always go out of school once the bell rings.

Some people slightly wanted to know why he would always hurry out the gate like he had someplace important to go, which includes her.

“Uhh, nothing just going straight home, doing whatever I feel like doing. Most of the time, I’m in my room.”

‘On my computer or waiting for my sister.’

Max didn’t say it out loud as it was quite embarrassing to tell someone in person that he has an unusual way to waste his time.

Lydia confirmed that she wasn’t shy around Max anymore. This was very surprising for her. In the past, there was something inside her, holding her back.

Telling her not to say some things as it would be embarrassing but now, that voice at the back of her head was gone. It was like she was free to say anything she wants.

Lydia felt a peace of mind as her attitude towards Max completely changed. Lydia didn’t believe it at first, but she was starting to think that she would treat Max the same way she dies with her sister.

Halfway close to their house, they walked across this luxurious hotel that Max just had to stop walking to stare at it.

Max admired the architecture of it. The property was grand and massive. The whole area was lively, full of lights that made it look beautiful, especially at this hour.

It was so bright and tall that the surrounding buildings looked old and dull compared to it, easily towering over them.

‘Has this always been here? Am I living under a rock that I don’t even know about this?’

‘When did this establishment launched? How come I didn’t have an idea?’

“That’s one of the hotels that Xiao Ming’s father owns.’

Lydia spoke out, standing beside Max, looking at the grand hotel that was brimming with cars and people this late at night.

From what Lydia said as she explained further, Max understood what this hotel was about and how come he did not know about this.

This hotel was part of the Xiao Hotel Group, only one of the hotels they owned. It was only opened for the public a few months ago.

Max, at that time, was only an ordinary person, staying in his basement most of the time, living a colorless bland life.

‘Tsk tsk. This place is pretty good.’

‘From the looks of it, they seemed quite successful too.’

‘I wonder how much money do they earn here every day?’

Max looked at the number of people going in and out of the establishment. Most of them were wearing dressy casual attires. Cars were also lined up at the side, showing how well off these people are.

There was a lot of security at the entrance. This shows what type of people were expected to come to this place.

‘Too bad, this was owned by Xiao Ming’s family. Maybe I’ll come back in the future to see what’s good about this place.’

Both of them continued their way home, using the shortest route possible. But before Max started walking, he saw something unbelievable.



[Level 12]


[Shapeshifting Skill: Can transform and reshape one’s physical body.]


There was a small-framed man that was different from the rest. Max occasionally used his Status Checker every time he sees a large group of people.

At first, he wanted to check every people he sees, but checking each of them was very time consuming, needing to always look at each of them.

Now, he decided to use it every time he sees a crowd like in this place. Who knew he would be able to catch one this way.

‘Should I follow this guy?’

Max saw him going to the backside of the hotel building. From his movements, he doesn’t seem to be hiding from anyone, normally walking in the open like the rest.

Max wanted to follow the guy badly, but he was currently with Lydia, and he didn’t want to include her in this potentially dangerous activity.

Maybe not as the guy was only Level 12. Even while knowing that, Max didn’t throw away the possibility of him having someone else with him.

Deciding to come back later, Max continued walking to the direction of where their house was while thinking of possible plans to have.



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