Chapter 90 – More Evil Plans


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As Max made his way in, he checked every person that he passed by. So far, Max didn’t any more Awakeneds at his surroundings, even the guards at this hotel were just ordinary people.

No matter how buff they were, they will stand no chance against a Rank 1 Peak Phase Awakened like Max. Knowing all this made Max feel better as he strode inside. Still, he didn’t let his guard down for any possibilities.

People were everywhere as Max scanned the entire room. Surprisingly, not a lot of them looked rich, which was not how Max imagined it to be.

‘Were they just here to look at the items being sold?’

What Max assumed was right. Most of the people that attended this event were only here to lay their eyes on the valuables.

Some of them had a little bit of money wishing to get a good and cheap buy, hoping that they would be able to make some money off it.

Almost none of them would be successful as most people in this room usually won’t make a mistake with their eyes, having years of experience in this kind of stuff.

Even if there were someone who succeeded in earning money, it would still be small and insignificant for the wealthy. For them, it simply isn’t worth it wasting time for those.

‘Jewelry and gold are amazing, but there are too many people?’

Max estimated that there should be hundreds of people here. That was crazy. First, he had to settle himself inconspicuously.

Max found a seat beside the exit door. It was the seat that made him the most comfortable as he can smoothly go out when anything happens.

Up to this time, people were still going in, and it doesn’t seem to be close to stopping. Max could only prepare himself to use another Face Mask just in case this would take long.

‘Haah. Why did I come too early?’

“Hey, Little Dou. Can you check the entire layout of this area? I want to know the best way to get to where the items are stored.”

[Wait, I’ll try and see if I can find one!]


Little Dou raised her fist as her face became serious. She treated it as a mission that Max gave her as she flew straight to the stage, not caring about the people below her. No one could see her anyway.

Her adorable actions amused Max as he watched her disappear off the stage. He wholeheartedly wished that Little Dou would come back with useful information, cheering for her success in his mind.

A few minutes passed, the whole place suddenly god silent as a beauty wearing a red dress walked out from backstage. She had fair skin, curvy eyebrows, and small cherry-red lips.

‘Of course, a beautiful woman should be the one hosting! Whoever was in charge of this event was an honorable person.’

Max nodded his head as he checked the woman out. Based on what Max can see from looking at other people’s expressions, she should be a regular on this event as most of them wasn’t showing anything on there faces while staring at her.

Except for some relatively old guys that were letting their eyes filled with desire and lust roam her body.

The woman should have gotten strict lessons on how to handle herself properly, not being bothered by a few hundred pairs of eyes staring at her, including the lustful ones.

She even gave them a slight smile. Standing in the middle of the stage in front of the crowd that was eagerly waiting for her words, she started speaking,

“Welcome to the monthly auction of the Xiao Hotel Group! The auction will begin shortly.”

The woman gave out a lively yet charming aura that entices people to want to talk to her. Maybe this was why she became the host of this auction.

Max also had a feeling like he should also buy some of the items so that the woman would glance at him, even just for a few moments.

While Max was waiting, he saw something coming out from backstage. It was Little Dou! Max looked at her, flying towards him, hoping she has some good news for him.

[It was really easy! There wasn’t much in there!]


[There were a lot of guards, but you can easily go through them with invisibility!]


[I don’t know if there were other Awakeneds as I have no way to find out! Oh! Xiao Ming was there!]


[I saw Xiao Ming back there! He was in a room alone with the Awakened that we saw a while ago!]


[I heard Xiao Ming talking about how this was his first time hosting the event himself. He also said something about nothing should go wrong this night!]


[Hehe! You will be happy about the next thing I saw! Do you want to know?]


Little Dou put on a childish teasing expression, but it wouldn’t work against Max as he knew that she would still tell him regardless if he asked or not.

“What is it?”

Max acted like he was very interested in what Little Dou was going to say. When Little Dou saw this, she brightly smiled like she won something great.

[I saw Xiao Ming opening a secret vault in his room! I even know the code for it! Hehehe! I’m so smart!]


This time, Max was oozing with evil aura from the thoughts that were running through his mind. This couldn’t have gone better for him, complimenting Little Dou, further making her happy inside.

Many people whispered to themselves as the first cart was being pushed to the stage. This signified that the auction finally began.

The woman stood relaxedly in the middle of the stage, waiting for the card to reach her. Since she was used to this, she looked very professional in handling all of this.

While waiting, she moved her body slightly. It wasn’t exaggerated in any way, but from the guys’ perspective, she was tempting them to further look at her with eyes like wolves. It does seem that she was enjoying every bit of it.

Not for the reason that most people think. It was only because of the more attention she got, the easier it will be for her to sell the items at a higher price.

If she sold the items at a higher price than expected, she would get a big fat bonus from her boss. From the looks of it, she might just get it this time. She was already looking forward to it.

Finally, this was the moment that everyone was waiting for. Not only the potential buyers but also the onlookers focused their gazes on the covered cart, anticipating the first item that was being shown.

The cheapest item that will be showcased would still go for a high price, so everyone was excited to have a glimpse of each one, maybe take some pictures.

Max was the only one that looked different. He wasn’t enthusiastic about it because if the first item was very precious and valuable, there’s a big chance that he won’t be able to get a hold of it once it was sold.



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