Chapter 91 – Exorbitant Price


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Xiao Ming was the first one to piss Max this much. Max wasn’t a good person. His belief was simple; if someone annoyed him, he would get them back one hundred times worse.

If someone helped him, then he would only thank them and most likely forget about it the next day. That’s how his head works. Not that he was ungrateful; he only knows that if he owed someone, it might come back and bite him in the future.

This will only be the beginning of Max getting Xiao Ming back. Max doesn’t think that this will be enough. And this wasn’t only for him, Layla and Lydia, his women, were also attacked, which made his retaliation several times harsher.

“Sorry for the long wait, everyone! Now, let me show the first item!”

The woman looked apologetically to the crowd, invoking some of their sympathies, especially those horny dogs.

“It’s fine pretty lady! Take your time!”

Max curse the guy who shouted that in his mind.

‘Sh*t! There’s a limit to being a shameless pervert! Are you a virgin?! Why can’t you control yourself? Old man, you’re already so old! Leave that to your grandchild!’

The bald old man was laughing on his seat, disregarding the hateful glares that he received. Some of them were angry for not being the first to say those words, thinking about how lucky the old man was.

Not minding the small commotion, the woman uncovered the cart, showing what look liked an unknown jewel.

The jewel was unpolished and dirty but didn’t seem to be damaged. It was as big as a hand and shined like a diamond.

“This was an unidentified jewel that was originally an inheritance from a big family. Since they currently need a large amount of cash, they are prepared to let this jewel go for a minimum amount of one million!”

The crowd’s eyes’ lit up, hearing that the owner urgently needed money. That would mean they were somewhat desperate, effectively lowering the price of the treasure.

As they looked at each other with understanding on their eyes, knowing precisely what the other was thinking, but one person broke the silence,

“One million!”

A man in a suit shouted. This tiny amount of money seemed to be insignificant to him, not caring about the circumstance behind the exchange. He was prepared to use everything just to get this jewel.

“Two million!”

Another man with a beard from the other side shouted. The same as the first man, he didn’t care about what most people from the crowd were planning. His eyes were only focused on the jewel.

The two of them shot the other a glare then turned back to bid higher, not wanting it to land on someone else’s hands.

“Three million!”

“Four million!”

“Five million!”

The audiences’ plan of keeping the price low wasn’t working because even though they were a lot of them, there were still a considerable number of wealthy individuals in this place.

Some of them were in the jewelry industry and would not waste this opportunity to put their hands on a potential national treasure.

Some people took some pictures to send to their bosses. Phone calls kept ringing everywhere as they became crazy in bidding.

A number of them pooled their money to have a chance of getting it, agreeing to split the jewel up later.

The bid continued to shoot up. No one wanted to give up. Most of the onlookers were starting to think they were crazy.

But it wasn’t that simple. From their years of experience dealing with jewels, they can determine that this one was different than the commonly traded ones.

“40 Million!”

There was a middle-aged man in the crowd that shook in excitement every time a higher bid was being made. His face was completely red as his bright smile never faded. Max figured that he must be the seller that needed the money.

‘Crazy! Crazy people!

‘What are they doing?!’

‘Too expensive! That’s a waste of money!’

Max was initially feeling pretty good that he had a lot of money, but seeing these people splurge money more than double his entire savings, made him feel poor and irrelevant.

Each bid was like a bomb that exploded in his ears. Every explosion made him feel smaller and smaller. In the end, the highest bid reached an outstanding 82 Million!

The man who got it was the first man who shouted for his bid. Right after successfully winning it, the man and the seller from the crowd went out to seal the transaction.

Since then, the man never came back. It seemed that he spent all his available balance in that jewel and not wanting to be in any trouble, went away while being guarded tightly by his security.

Happiness was all over the woman’s face. This was only the first one, and she already sold it for a hefty amount! If this were to continue, she would surely secure that lump of bonus.

‘Little Dou! We have to make our move now! This can’t happen again! I lost a lot of money just by sitting here!’

Max still couldn’t believe it. If he had arrived earlier and didn’t sit here to watch, he could have gotten that expensive jewel.

He felt as if someone stole his money even when it wasn’t his, to begin with. He already treated all the items as his property.

Max didn’t look back and walked straight out. As everyone was busy waiting for the next item, no one bothered to look at him.

He arrived at a small hallway somewhere. There wasn’t anything in it except some paintings on the wall. Since Max went out in the middle of the event, there was no one with him excluding Little Dou.

Max and Little Dou then went on their way. After Little Dou flew in so many directions, turning left and right for a good minute, evading some guards that were stationed in their spots, they reached their destination.

It was a warehouse at the back that has a lot of guards outside. Each of them was carefully checking the items that were being brought in and out of the room.

‘Xiao Ming is inside?’

[Up there!]


Little Dou pointed to an elevator that wasn’t operational. But that never stopped Max from using the stairs after avoiding another group of people to head up.

Max wanted to see if he could do something to annoy Xiao Ming, even just a tiny bit. After all, it would give him happiness if Xiao Ming were to be pissed off.



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