Chapter 92 – Seeing His Enemy Again!


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They arrived in this quiet floor. According to Little Dou, this was supposed to be where Xiao Ming was staying.

This floor was small, only around ten square meters of lobby space. There were no windows, and overall, it looked like a small hotel lobby.

[He’s in there!]


In front of them was a fancy double door. From its designs, everyone could discern that it was valuable. It was a pity that Max couldn’t steal it.

The more he stole from Xiao Ming, the more damage he will give him so Max was prepared to do everything to hit him the worst way he could.

He would only steal the expensive ones as the others were worthless. It’s his time that is going to be wasted so Max won’t bother with the useless ones.

“How are we going to get in?”

[I went in a while ago after someone opened the door to go inside! We can wait for someone, or you just open the door and hope that he won’t notice! It wasn’t locked when I was previously here!]


“I have to open the door and hope that he won’t notice? What’s the chance of that happening?”

[I’m not sure! His bedroom was behind that door! If he’s lying down, he would be facing that door too!]


“What?! There’s no chance for me to go in that way then.”

Waiting for someone to open the door for them was definitely out of the picture. No one would wait that long just to sneak inside.

If Max were going to do that, he would rather break in and knock Xiao Ming unconscious while invisible and clean his vault in the process.

“Let me think! There must be another way.”


Max furrowed his brows, looked up, then shook his head. He thought that he heard someone moan beside him, but they were the only ones here.


While he was thinking of a plan, standing motionless, Max heard it again. It was like a faint sound of moaning somewhere.

Max tried to guess where the sound was coming from, pointing his ears to where he thought it came from.


Max went closer to were it was, hearing the moans getting louder with each step he takes until he couldn’t get any closer.

“It’s inside?”

Max stuck his ear on the door as quietly as he can to confirm whether the moans were coming inside Xiao Ming’s room.


“It’s really inside!”

“Was there a woman inside a while ago?”

[No, I followed the Awakened inside. There were only two of them at that time! There were other rooms, but they were too far so I can’t say!]


Little Dou shook her head. From what she recalls, she didn’t see anyone though she doesn’t clearly remember the other rooms.

Xiao Ming’s room has a weird layout. The room behind the door was Xiao Ming’s bedroom. Behind his bed was a glass wall with wide and thick curtains covering it.

On one side was the bathroom and a walk-in closet. On the opposite side, was a door to the living room. The living room was then connected to the recreation room, and the recreation room was connected to the movie theater room.

It was weirdly designed that Little Dou wasn’t able to check the farther rooms to see if there were anyone.


Inside the room.

Xiao Ming was with a naked woman on the king-sized bed. The yellow lights shone down on them, illuminating their moving bodies. The curtains were open this time, but it didn’t change anything as it was already dark outside.

Xiao Ming was positioned in between her legs humping the woman as fast as he can like a crazed animal.

He was doing a lousy job at it. Xiao Ming only focused on pleasuring himself, closing his eyes while moving his waist.

The girl was lying down the bed, unmoving like she had no energy. In reality, she was only not in the mood for this right now.

If Max were to see this, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from laughing. Xiao Ming’s dick was as tiny as his thumb. No one would believe it if they didn’t see it for themselves.

“Ahhh uhhh uhhh!”

Xiao Ming was shouting with every movement he makes. The faint, moaning sound that Max heard outside was Xiao Ming’s.

It was the walls that made his moans lighter, but it was all him. The girl was moaning along with him in a low tone. However, Xiao Ming’s obnoxious moaning covered hers.

After what seemed like ten seconds of humping, Xiao Ming reached his climax. Fondling the breast of the woman as he clenched his lower body.

It was quite pitiful to hear the fake moans of the woman he was humping. Even after he was done, she was still moaning. Evidently, from her tone, she was only moaning to act like she was enjoying it.

The girl was a worker at this hotel. She was only pretending to like it to satisfy the son of her boss. After this, she would get a lot of money, worth more than a few months of work.

This had been going on for a few months now, so she was extremely used to doing this. She even learned the fake moans to make him end faster.

The girl had a voluptuous body, but her face was ordinary, someone Max would not pay attention to if he ever saw her. Her skin was also unattractive; she had scars, rough, dry skin in some areas, and her legs were on the thicker side.

Only Xiao Ming would choose someone like her when he could have picked someone prettier. He might just be addicted to sex, not bothering who it was on his bed.

“Haa haa haa”

Xiao Ming had a satisfied expression on his face. When he wasn’t looking, there was a disgusted look on the girl’s face. He was the only one who was enjoying this.

“I’m already done. You can leave now.”

Xiao Ming didn’t care what the girl was feeling. She was just one of the workers he was paying. Xiao Ming wiped himself, not even glancing at her.

The girl followed his words, getting up, and going out the door after hurriedly wearing her uniform. This is how it always goes.

After the girl got out, no one saw that the closing door opened back a little bit before closing. The one who was responsible for it was Max.

When he heard some rustling behind the door, Max instantly reacted, buying an Invisibility Potion and drinking it right away while staying near the door, getting ready to go in if it opened.

It was then that it really opened. Max didn’t have the time to look at the person who got out, only focusing on sliding in the gap unnoticed.

His leg slightly hit the edge of the door, but no one noticed it before it closed. Max smirked as he successfully got into the room with Little Dou.



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