Chapter 93 – Shameless


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Max felt good getting in so quickly, giving out a silent chuckle as he turned around, what he saw almost made his mouth drop on the floor.

Xiao Ming was naked in front of his mirror. Max could see his tiny dick from it. He had to stare at it for a few seconds to confirm that what he was looking at was real.

Max covered his mouth as he tried to hold back from laughing. He kept looking at Xiao Ming as he teared up while his body shook.

Little Dou also pinched him as hard as she could to stop him from laughing, not wanting Max to ruin their only chance this night.


‘I can’t hold it anymore!’

Xiao Ming flexed his arms in front of the mirror. He smiled, showing his teeth while contracting his stomach. There was nothing to be seen, only his fats.

His arms were also skinny, making all his actions pointless. Xiao Ming was moving his head from multiple angles as he changed his facial expressions.


Max forcefully covered his mouth, as he cautiously checked whether Xiao Ming heard it. Fortunately, he was so focused on himself to hear anything.

Max became calmer as he turned more serious. That was a close call, and he didn’t want to make the same slip.

“Looking good!”

Xiao Ming started talking to himself in the mirror. He nodded as he checked out his own body.


He stood straight giving Max a full view of his tiny member. Xiao Ming even touched it while carefully looking at it.

“Heh. That was fun.”

“Most people don’t get any woman, but I have a different one every day.”

Xiao Ming puffed out his chest with pride. He genuinely believed that he was great about having a lot of women.

“Those peasants can only look up to me while I steal their women. Hah, they are clueless that I can just buy their women from them. Heheheh.”

“That isn’t their fault. I’m just too attractive. Do they have a face like this? Do they have a lot of money? They are nothing compared to me!”

Xiao Ming looked down on his soft dick, massaging it with his hands like it was the most valuable asset of his life.

“That worker was fortunate to experience my amazing techniques. She was even moaning so loud. Well, every woman that does it with me always cries out loudly.”

Xiao Ming proudly smiled as he shrugged his shoulders, implying that it wasn’t his fault for being this skilled in pleasuring them.

“I must’ve made her day with that. No, she probably won’t forget it her entire life.”

“Ungrateful woman. She didn’t even thank me.”

Max’s face was twitching every time Xiao Ming said something. He thought that the old man from the auction was already shameless. This was the real shamelessness, the peak of shamelessness.

*Knock Knock*

Xiao Ming wore the bathrobe from the side as he walked back to sit on his bed. He then turned to the door and said,

“Who is it? Come in.”

The door opened as the Awakened that Max saw slowly got in. This was the first time Max was able to look at him closely. Max felt like there was something wrong with this Awakened, but he couldn’t figure out what.

“Oh, it’s you.”

“Is there any problem down there?”

Xiao Ming laid on his pillow as he emotionlessly stared at the Awakened standing in front of him.

“No, everything is going the way they should be.”

“That’s good.”

“When they looked at the list, they said that there were more items this time compared to the past months. They were also a lot more valuable items.”

Xiao Ming laughed when he heard that. He felt like everything was under his control and that he did a great job of handling this.

“What did I say? I told you I’m a genius!”

“Lowering the percentage of the fees required while telling them that we have a good amount of security personnel that came from the well-known security firm that the banks use!”

“I promised them that their items would be insured if something happened before they were sold. Hahaha!”

“Hahaha. Boss, you’re so good! All of it worked just like you said!”

“Hehe, and they all believed it! No one in their right mind would even think of stealing from this hotel. This was the property of the Xiao Hotel Group. Even idiots wouldn’t want to be our enemy!”

“And also, with you here, who can steal them?”

“Stupid people. With only a few words, they instantly came running.”

“There’s no problem then.”

“As long as this event was successful, my father would leave me with a lot of business to handle. That would give me a lot of liberty to do more things!”

Xiao Ming gave an evil chuckle while thinking about the higher number of women that would land on his bed at that time.

His father would also give him a lot more money. He was already thinking about the things that he wanted to buy: new cars, new clothes, or even a yacht.

Xiao Ming can already imagine all the women, money, and the people that would go for a considerable distance to suck up to him and how good it would feel.

‘So pathetic.’

‘Too bad none of that will happen.’

Max and Little Dou were silently listening at the side. Max constantly shook his head, knowing that with him here, nothing good will happen to Xiao Ming.

‘Successful event? No, no, no. This will be the worst event and the last one you will have.’

“Heheheh, I can’t wait for that. Did you know that the host of the auction rejected me?!”

Xiao Ming turned to look at the eyes of the Awakened. Anger was reflected in his eyes as he clenched his fist.

“She rejected me! Everyone that rejected me didn’t have a good ending! Just because she’s a senior attendant, she thinks she can turn me away? Hahaha!”

“When we finish this event without any problems, get that woman for me.”

“That woman was getting cocky thinking that I can’t lay my hands on her, acting like she’s important when she’s not.”

“I’d like to see what you can do when you’re under me.”

Xiao Ming stared down the floor as he said that. Coincidentally, the area he was looking at was where Max was staying.

For a second, Max thought that Xiao Ming knew he was there. He could have sworn they had eye contact. Max even checked him once more with his Status Checker to make sure he didn’t have any skill to locate him.

Xiao Ming curled up his lips as his eyes became fierce. The Awakened, on the other hand, only looked at him blankly, waiting for his next instruction.

“Hehe, I’ll thoroughly enjoy your body and let others play with you after. That’s the price you will pay for refusing my advances.”



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