Chapter 95 – Looting Xiao Ming


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“For now, check everything that’s happening down there. Make sure nothing will go wrong.”

Xue nodded to Xiao Ming as he walked out.


After the Awakened went out, Max carefully watched what Xiao Ming was going to do next.


Based on his estimates, there are only about two minutes left for his ten minutes Invisibility Potion.

Max could use another, but he would prefer it if he would use it before taking the auction items. If possible, he only wanted to use two Invisibility Potion since it is quite expensive, going for 500 Points each.

‘Little Dou, buy another Invisibility Potion. Just in case.’

Max intently watched if Xiao Ming was going to move, tightly holding the potion in his hand. Soon enough, Xiao Ming moved out of his bed.

He walked towards his bathroom after stretching his body. Max watched as he closed the door and figured that he turned the shower on, hearing the sounds of water streaming down.

“Quick! Where is it? We have to finish this as fast as we can!”

Max stood up as he looked at Little Dou. They were running out of time, and Max didn’t want to give anyone the slightest bit of information about who the robber was.

[This way!]


Little Dou flew to an ordinary painting sticking on the wall. She then pushed it to the side with the help of Max to expose the vault that was hiding behind it.

“It’s locked!”

Max turned the switch as he pulled, but it wasn’t bulging. They needed a long string of numbers to unlock it.

[I still remember it. Let me try!]


Little Dou clicked on a series of buttons. Her face became serious as she tried hard to remember what she saw a while ago.

Sometimes, Little Dou stopped clicking as she hesitated on clicking the next number, fearing that it was wrong. After making sure that she added the right code, Little Dou backed out and gave Max a signal to open it.

“Please work.”

Everything would be useless when this didn’t work. Max could try using some of his skills, but it would give away who was responsible even if it’s just a little bit, Max didn’t want to give any clue.

He wanted it to be a mystery for anyone that would investigate it, and if an Awakened joined the investigation, they still wouldn’t know who it was that did this.


“Hahaha! Good job, Little Dou!”

[Hehehe! Of course! It wasn’t hard at all!]


Little Dou boasted as she was delighted that she was able to do it. She was nervous that she was wrong on a few numbers since she had a hard time memorizing it from how fast Xiao Ming typed it in.

For a second there, Little Dou thought that they would come here for nothing, almost felt like she wanted to cry.

After seeing Max successfully opening it, she internally heaved a sigh of relief as happiness burst insider her, feeling really proud of herself.

Both of them turned to look inside to see what was contained in it. Max’s eyes brightened, looking at the contents.

“This-! This is ours now!”

The vault was full of cash. Stacks of them filled his vault. It slowly disappeared whenever Max touched it with his hands.

Max was so happy that he bought the inventory. He had finally found a good use for it, proving that it was a good buy. He reached his hand in, touching the stacks of money, sweeping Xiao Ming’s vault clean.

Max was so excited that he didn’t notice some things hidden at the back of the vault. His hand only reached them as they all disappeared to his inventory.

After cleaning Xiao Ming’s vault, taking everything, even useless coins, and some other trash, Max closed the vault as silent as he could.

Placing everything the way they were before. Max and Little Dou hurriedly turn towards the door as they ran out of time.

Xiao Ming was still relaxing in the shower, not knowing that a good chunk of his money was just stolen by the person he thought was someone he could squish like a bug.

“We did it!”



Max and Little Dou high fived each other as Max’s invisibility disappeared. Max peeked down the stairs, seeing no one using it, made him loosen up.

They decided to go down after readying themselves. Max and Little Dou couldn’t stay long here in fear that Xiao Ming would go out and see them.

“What’s the plan?”

[There are a lot of guards down there! You have the invisibility but don’t hit anything. There’s still the wind if you move too fast!]


Max and Little Dou went down after Max drank another Invisibility Potion. There were a lot of people passing by the place they were at.

‘That’s a lot.’

There were more people now than there were a moment ago when they passed through here. Most of them seemed busy transporting fragile and valuable objects out of the warehouse.

Max wondered how much did they lose from going up to Xiao Ming’s room, but his feelings turned to excitement as he thought about how much he got from Xiao Ming and how much more would he get from this stacked warehouse full of rare treasures.

Max was having a hard time going in. The security of this place was so tight. There was barely any space between them for Max to rush in and open the door while being unnoticed.

There was also the wind they would feel if he rushed in, so he had to take it slow, which will make it several times harder.

Max still has the Time Stop that he could use, but he had to save one in case of emergency, and he didn’t want to use the remaining one just for this, feeling that he would need later.

‘Ahh! We would lose some good items if this were to continue. Hmm, we should hurry up.’

‘Hey, Little Dou what is inside this door?’

[That door?]



[Another door!]


Seeing that Max wasn’t getting it, Little Dou explained more so he could get a picture in his mind.

[After you get in this door, there will be a small room! It’s dark in there! You will see two guards guarding another entrance that has some big locks on it!]


[After that was the warehouse! I only took a small peek so I don’t know more!]


‘Maybe wait for someone to get in when the next item was going to be brought out? Or maybe use a facemask to copy someone like Xiao Ming? No, that’s too risky.’

‘What now?’

The area Max and Little Dou were currently staying at was very secure. They were in the hallway before the entrance of the warehouse.

Max was crouching under a long decoration table at the side, above the table were tall vases with flowers in them. No one would randomly move it, making it a safe place for them.

[“It’s here!”]


Both of them spoke at the same time, seeing the familiar card closing in on them. Max got ready, knowing that this might be his only chance.



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