Chapter 96 – Precious Spoils


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The cart once again got back after a long process of biddings. Since the guy pushing the cart had been in and out of the room, the guards allowed his entry with no delay.

All of them failed to notice someone else going inside along with him. Max successfully got in, yet he never lost focus. The next one will be the trickiest.

Just like Little Dou described, the room was small, and there were barely any lights. On the other side was a door, a large steel door.

Two buffed guards were standing on sides of it. The guy had to stand still in the middle as they checked various areas of his body.

This showed that they paid substantial attention not to let any unexpected problems to occur. Too bad they were ordinary people in the end. Not one of them was able to see another person in the same room as them.

If Xiao Ming were to station the Awakened in this room, it might give Max a harder time to sneak in as he had to be extra cautious with his movements and breathing. But with only these people, Max only needed to stay silent, and he would be fine.

Finally, their thorough inspection was done. They fiddled with the locks then turned the giant wheel in the middle as the two guards pulled the one feet thick door together.

As the guy pushed his cart in, Max relaxedly followed behind him. Surprisingly, it was easy getting up to this point.

Max halted his steps as he froze with his mouth wide open. Slowly, his expression started to change. His eyes shined as a broad smile crept across his face.

‘Hahaha! Little Dou do you see all this? We’re rich! We really made it! Look at all of this!’

Little Dou sat on Max’s head as they gazed at the fantastic scene before them. Different items were spread out on the tables.

Max became more excited when he saw the items that he had wanted to see. Pieces of jewelry that were appropriately arranged side by side, little bars of gold, and what seemed to be some rare metals and treasures.

There was enough space to fit more items in this space. It had shiny white and gold walls and floors that were smooth on his feet.

The items had tags on them and written in it were names and prices of it. The items were separated in two, one side where Max saw the jewels and gold. The other side was where the antiques like vases, paintings, and sculptures were located. There were also other unidentified materials with them.

[Max! There! There! Look!]


Little Dou pulled Max’s hair as she energetically pointed to the far distant area. Max turned to where Little Dou was looking.

It was quite far, but when Max saw it, he almost couldn’t contain his voice. His eyes widened as his body shook in delight.

‘Hahahaha! This! This is great!’

As they got closer, Max was able to see it more clearly. It was a humongous vault, more than ten feet in height but its width was many more times than that. It can be considered a small room.

This vault made Xiao Ming’s look like a small locker. Steel coated its exterior and seemed to have different layers of metals stuck together.

Max saw how the door is. It was about two feet thick. Max could clearly see it now as the guy was in the process of pulling it open.

‘So this is why they were strictly guarding this place? For a second, I thought Xiao Ming placed those guards outside for the auction items.’

‘But now I know the real reason why. Xiao Ming probably valued this greatly. What a huge vault. Do banks have something bigger than this? How much money would be there?’

‘Hmm. I guess that explains it. Xiao Ming only stationed guards on the entrance, thinking that no one can take this vault away.’

‘At least, no normal human can.’

The man left it halfway opened to push his cart inside. He then unlocked the one side of the compartment on his cart to unload a large amount of cash that he had gotten from the auction.

Though everyone can pay digitally, most people would still prefer a cash transaction, having to save money from the percentage discount for using cash.

That was what most people know. Few individuals take advantage of it to hide their earnings or wanted more secrecy from where their money came from, and cash was the easiest to hide.

There were also some who didn’t want anyone to find out their identity, or they might simply be a proxy for someone else.

‘What the f*ck!’

‘There’s so much!’

Max wasn’t much surprised anymore. He saw a lot of things today that he was numb from seeing a large amount of money stacked on top of each other.

The vault was full of money. It can be said that it only contained money. The entire vault was filled with stacks of cash that if Max dived on them, he would suffocate from the amount of money that will cover him. Even now, from the adequately arranged stacks, it was already taller than he was.

‘This is seriously crazy!’

‘Hahaha! Well, thanks for this, I guess?’

‘This is ours now!’

‘Before that, let’s see how he opened this thing.’

Max checked for a password or a code to learn how he could open this thing. Max moved closer to take a look. He wanted to be able to open it on his own since he won’t be able to secure what’s inside with this guy in here. And Max wasn’t sure whether he could get himself out if he allowed the guy to lock him in.

‘Little Dou, let’s find out how he opened this!’

Once the guy gets out, they can then start doing them a good deed of cleaning this whole place.

There were a lot of complications placed on the door. It has all sorts of mechanisms that even Max couldn’t understand.

But he won’t give up. Since this guy knows it, that would mean it won’t be that hard to remember. Max is an Awakened. He should have even the slightest bit of edge in memory and ability to learn.

‘So this goes like this?’

‘This turns like this.’

‘Little Dou, check that.’

‘The code for this is… And I should turn it this way.’

‘What’s this? Is this like a timer lock?’

‘They need to use this vault a few more times later, so this won’t be a problem.’

‘I’ll remember these codes, and you remember those?’

After checking everything, Max and Little Dou decided what they should remember. It wasn’t that hard as it looked. More like Max was new to this stuff, that’s why he had to study how it works.

Once they memorized the long sequence of codes, Max and Little Dou were ready to open it themselves. No one spoke to each other, not wanting to suddenly forget about the numbers. They only stared at the ceiling and focused.


The sound of the door being locked can be heard as the guy went out. For security purposes, he was once again inspected. Even his cart was checked to see if he really left the money inside and took out only what he should.

Once he was cleared, they let him go. The guards went back to stand stationary at the side door. They didn’t know there was someone left inside, gobbling up all the good stuff that was supposed to be stored for safety.



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