Chapter 99 – Around the World


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Yu’er laid on the bed, waiting for Max to come back. Her hair was still slightly damp, having just come out of the shower.

An alluring collar bone was exposed as a drop of water slide down her smooth deep valley. The white bathrobe was too short for her body. It wasn’t able to hide parts of her perfectly white thighs.

Yu’er was calm and composed, busily scrolling through her phone. It was the Awakened phone that was made for Awakeneds like them.

Currently, Yu’er was using her phone to keep up with the news all over the world. Yu’er had been doing this when she had nothing to do.

From what she saw, there was slight chaos on the west. A small group of Awakeneds tried to kidnap a group of women in public while it was bright in the morning. Special Forces were deployed and had to collaborate with rogue Awakeneds to swiftly cover the whole mess up.

They successfully stopped them from kidnapping those knocked out women and removed any traces of fighting. They also remove parts of their memories with Memory Wipe Talismans.

These things weren’t new. Awakeneds from that side have more audacity to do anything they want in the open, extremely confident with their skills, not caring about other people being implicated or hurt.

That was why it was a cruel place for weaker Awakeneds. Awakeneds die every day around the world from stronger groups preying on smaller ones.

Yu’er also saw news from other parts of the world where Awakeneds raise their own gangs, using them for their own purpose.

But these were mostly weak Awakeneds who don’t have the potential to reach higher ranks, contented with their lives, ruling small areas.

Yu’er then went to some local reports, and as usual, it was silent. However, Yu’er knows it herself that it wasn’t that there were no fights nor problems; they were only making their moves in the dark where no one could see it.

Here, Awakeneds have secret organizations hidden in their secret bases. In public, some of them would look like ordinary business people. Most of them would choose to seclude themselves from ordinary people, having the pride of being an Awakened, not wanting to hold themselves back.

There was this vague agreement around the world of not letting the public know about Awakeneds, keeping them all in the dark.

No one seemed to have any problems with it as most Awakeneds that are alive to this day or at least living in this place were raised in this environment where they subconsciously learn that they should keep their Awakened status a secret.

It gives them the feeling that they were special, better, and stronger than ordinary people, clueless of the world.

There were times where Awakeneds with evil motives would use their skills to ordinary people. But no one would waste their time to argue that they were wrong as there were a lot more important things in their lives to worry about.

As long as it isn’t done widescale and open to everyone’s eyes, most Awakeneds would turn a blind eye to them.

Luckily, the places Yu’er determined to be dangerous was not close to the city they were currently staying in.

Yu’er softly exhaled. She thought about Max, thinking about what he was doing right now.

Beside her was another phone. It was an Awakened phone that she got for Max. Max would be able to learn more about the world if he has one with him.

Yu’er watched the shining stars from the window with her calm yet bright eyes. Occasionally, worry would show on her face. She knows better than anyone that Max was strong, but she was still worried that something would go wrong.

Max notified her with his phone that he would go to one of the hotels that Xiao Ming’s father owned. Yu’er knows that place. It was their newest hotel, and it was getting more popular by the day, standing in the perfect spot close to schools, stations, markets, and local malls.

Max didn’t forget to tell her about the Awakened that they saw, the information on his level and skill, to convince her that it wasn’t dangerous.

The end of his message was an image of him posing and what should be an invisible Little Dou on his palm outside the hotel.


Just as she wondered where Max should be right now, a loud noise interrupted her thoughts.

“Sis! We’re back!”

Max confidently barged in the room. He had a broad smile on his face as he quickly walked towards Yu’er.

“Did anything happen?”

Yu’er can see that someone good happened from Max’s facial expression alone. The traces of worry on her face disappeared as she looked at Max, not having any signs of discomfort.

Max was panting from intensely running home, carrying someone on his shoulders. Max pulled Yu’er up while he spoke,

“Come with me to the basement! I have someone there!”

“Huh? Wait, let me fix my robe!”

Max watched as Yu’er tightly tied her robe to cover herself. When she partly opened it, Max saw her luscious body.

He ran his eyes on her curves that Yu’er didn’t bother to hide. Max wanted it but shook his head, struggling to remove the lustful thoughts on his mind.

If there weren’t a person knocked out in his basement, Max wouldn’t have to hold himself back from pouncing on her.

“What’s this?”

Yu’er became curious, seeing Max hurrying him down but never did she expect to see a person in his basement.

The skinny guy had an overly red face. From the position he was lying down, Yu’er figured that he was unconscious, with his face on the floor, not moving an inch.

What was strange was he had a thick roped circled on his whole body, firmly holding him from making any movements if he wakes up, only that it was sloppily made.

“It’s my and Little Dou’s catch for the night!”

Max smiled with pride, feeling a sense of achievement of knocking out his first Awakened and ‘inviting’ him to his house.

Max felt great. If the Awakened were a woman, he would’ve been happier. If she were a beauty, he would not hold himself back from enjoying her.

There’s no need to show mercy to his enemy, especially if they are beauties. What Max would do was he would train them until their Loyalty reaches 100 to secure them to his side.


[This was the Awakened that we saw! But he attacked us before we reached home, so Max decided to bring him home with us!]


Little Dou butted in from the side. She was the one who kept watch as Max went up to notify Yu’er about the issue and now they’re here.

“I wanted to ask him some questions about how he found us.”

This guy suddenly found them in the middle of the night. It was suspicious since they never left any trace for him to follow them.

His skill was Shapeshifting. It has nothing to do with any tracking skills. No matter how they see it, it was dubious, and Max wasn’t going to let him go. He wanted answers.

Feeling that there was a barrier of understanding between Yu’er and them, Max stopped saying anything to give Yu’er the idea,

“I’ll tell you everything from the beginning.”



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