Chapter 29: Layla (Part-3)

{I am sorry, master. We failed…}  

We… failed? W-What are you saying?  


Suddenly, Layla calls my name while still staring at my face expressionlessly.   

I cannot guess anything of what she is thinking right now…  

{She woke up too early, master. There is nothing we can do now…}  

N-No way…  

{It is clear that she hates you now. But you don’t have to be sad, master. Her heart cannot be yours but it is not all over for you yet. You can still have her body. Well, I will take my leave now. Just rememberr. You just need to be a little… forceful.}  


Suddenly, my head becomes lighter. It feels like a huge weight that has been pressuring me for a while has lifted.   

It feels like not just the side effects of Beast awakening but something else which is even bigger than that have subsided.   

And I can finally see things clearly now…  

Why the fuck did I just do?   

I can still feel my hands against Layla panty, indirectly touching her pussy. Just moments ago, I was just playing with her tits. I was even freaking dry-humping her… but why?   

If I think now, it was really idiotic and strange at the same time for me to not take in the penalty. I never wanted to be forceful with Layla out of my respect and gratitude for all the things she has done for me.  

But isn’t using Beast’s Scent in itself is being forceful?  

Loosing 1000 points is nothing compared to losing that conviction of mine.  

But then, why didn’t I took the penalty?  

Even if the black system was telling me that it would be… would be…   

Suddenly, I remember that heavy feeling and something clicks into my mind…  

Hey, black system. Did you do something to mess with my brain or something before?   


Can you hear me?   

No reply comes.   

I can feel cold sweat forming on my forehead as I look down at Layla. The thing which is worrying me even more than my system not saying anything is the constant and unchanging eyes of Layla.   

I-I think I should move away from Layla’s body…  

Suddenly, Layla’s eyes blink for once and a smile slowly starts forms on her face.  

W-Why is she smiling?   

Don’t tell me that she is so mad at me that she is showing a completely opposite reaction… that would be really bad…  

“Jacob… you are here again tonight?” Layla says in a strangely light voice which also sounds really happy.    

Here again tonight? What does she mean by that?   

I don’t normally come to Layla’s room at night…  

Slowly, she raises her left hand to rest her palm against my cheeks and starts caressing it lovingly.   

“Ahh~ you are so cute… I really love you!” she says in a sweet voice.   


{What the fuck is this bitch— I-I mean, I told you, master. Layla loves you.}  


“And why did you stop doing that? I was enjoying it so much…your touch…” Layla says while looking down.   

The next moment, she moves her right hand down towards her own crotch and overlaps it on my hand already present there… only to make it start rubbing her pussy again.   

“Ahaann… your hand feels so good, Jacob! Only you allowed to do it to me! I love you so much!” Layla moans in her sweet voice while declaring her love for me once again.   

W-What is happening? Is it true what she is saying?   

{Seriously!? This bitch is going craz— I-I mean, any woman would say the same, master.}  

I am a bit too shocked to respond to this system right now…  

“L-Layla, do you really love me?” I ask in a low voice.   

“More than anyone…” she answers softly.   

Her hand which is on my cheeks move further behind and grabs hold of my hairs there. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, she forcibly pulls my face closer to hers to kiss me directly on the lips.  


And before I can even fully register the soft and plump feeling of her amazing lips, Layla takes her tongue out… and invades my mouth using it.   

With her tongue, her sweet saliva also enters my mouth.   

Fuck! This feels too good…   

Her tongue wriggles around my mouth in a little inexperienced but at the same time, in a very much energetic way.   

She even licks my teeth and even gums before intertwining her tongue with mine.  

“Muahaan…” Layla gives a pleasurable moan in between the kiss.   

Without even noticing it myself, I have started to be a little proactive as well. My hand is now rubbing Layla’s wet pussy above her panty on its own.  

The kiss is also not one-sided anymore. It is my tongue now which is inside Layla’s small mouth and doing the stuff she did to me.   

“Ahaan…me too…” Layla says with a moan.  

In the next moment, I feel Layla’s small hands wrap around my rock-hard cock from above my pants.   

“Ahaan… you are excited as always… you really love it when we do this, right?” Layla says while separating from the kiss. Her face is looking even happier than before.    

Wait a second, what does she mean by “excited as always”?   

“Aaagh,” I leak out a sudden grunt from pleasure.  

Damn! Layla’s hand feels so good even when it is an indirect touch…  

Anyway, this is the first time we are doing this… unless Layla comes to my room every other day and do lewd things to me in my sleep…   

Heck! What am I thinking?    

These are only my delusions. She would never do that.  

Though I would not mind it if she actually does them, to be honest.  

“Ahaaan… Yesss… that’s right… rub it more… Ahaaan,” Layla moans loudly.  


Seeing Layla moan and looking at me lewdly like this is making me so horny and for some reason, satisfied at the same time.  

“Do you want more? Fufufu… you are so cute!” Layla says with a small giggle.  

Suddenly, her hand moves a bit upward … and inserts it into my pants.   

“Aaargh,” I leak out a voice as I feel Layla’s hands grab my cock again but this time… completely bare.   

She even starts to move her hand up and down a bit, stroking my cock.   

“Aargh,” I leak another grunt from pleasure.  

“How are you feeling, Jacob? Is it good? Does my hand feel good?” she asks lewdly.   

Layla is giving me an actual hand-job. I can finally die now!   

No wait, cancel that… I want to do other things with her as well.   

“Ahaan… Your cock… is so hot… throbbing so hard…it feels so real…” Layla says with a moan.   

Feels real? What… you expect it to feel like plastic or something?   

“Ahaaan…your hand on my crotch… your kiss on my lips… your touch on my body… it all feels so real… as if it isn’t a dream”   


“As if you are… you are…”  

Suddenly, Layla’s hand stop stroking my cock. Her grip even grows painfully tight around it. Her eyes also open wide and the lewd expressions also vanishes in the fraction of a second.   

“… real,” she whispers.   


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