Chapter 59 – Points


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[Max] [Level: 20][30300/20000 Lifetime Points]!
[Points: 10700]



– Lust Meter (Passive)
– Child Making Mode (OFF)
– Sexual Aura (Passive)
– Time Stop
– Weakness Reader
– Sex Steal
– Purple Lightning
– Reverse Time

Mission 2: Have sex with a married woman! Reward: 2000 Points (0/1)
Mission 4: Take five women’s virginity! Reward: 12000 Points (2/5)


[Women Conquered]

Yu’er (Sister) Level 8 [7350/8000 Lifetime Points]!
— Loyalty Meter: 100


Max’s hair was wet as he looked at their Status. Beside him was Yu’er, the same with Max, her hair was still wet and she was only wearing a bathrobe.

When they finished their work out session, they went straight to the bathroom to take another shower. They even played for another round in there as still have a lot of time.

These past few days have really been stressful for them, overexerting themselves a lot of times.

Countless problems passed through their minds while they did everything they can to solve them one by one without much rest.

Thinking of plans, solutions and making critical decisions while also thinking about the future, worrying about some things that may or may not happen.

Now that they had the time to relieve some of their stress, they forgot everything and made full use of it to regain their peace of mind.

And so far it was working as they expected, looking at their slightly rosy faces with satisfaction written all over it. Relaxing on their bed with no signs of tension in any part of their bodies, Max took the chance to check their Status.

“Hmm? Little Dou where is the message that explains how much points we got from specific actions?”

This was the first time that the notification didn’t come out so Max instantly noticed it. He didn’t really need it, he was only asking as there might be a reason for it.

[Well, the System decided that it didn’t need to always show it as it’s always the same anyway. But if you wanted to see it, you can just ask me! Here take a look at it!]


[You’ve earned a total of 3500 Points!
• 50×2 Points for kissing and groping
• 200×3 Points for getting a blowjob
• 200×2 Points for cumming in her mouth
• 400×3 Points for having sex
• 400×3 Points for ejaculating inside her!]


“Meh, I don’t really care about seeing that every time. Yeah, I think that’s a good idea to just hide that.”

Max boredly said as he was always seeing it that he didn’t want to see it over and over again especially when there are no significant changes in it.

[There might be times when you will get a lot more points than usual due to some multipliers activating, at that time just tell me if you want to see it and I’ll show you!]


[Though that might not happen anytime soon!]


“Oh yeah, multipliers! I remember I got a multiplier x2 for NTR right? That was when Lydia had a boyfriend but that wasn’t even serious, still, getting x2 for that was really good.”

While Max was chatting with Little Dou, Yu’er was looking at the huge changes in her Stats.

‘Level 4 to Level 8? Rank 1 Middle Phase to Late Phase? That was fast! There are only a few people in the world who are capable of doing that.’

‘And they require a lot of resources to make that possible. But in my case, I didn’t have to use anything while also having high-quality energy in my body.’

“That was fast! But not as fast as me. *chuckles”

Once he was done speaking with Little Dou, he saw Yu’er looking amazedly at her Stats. Max couldn’t understand why she was like that, nevertheless, he still knew that it was quite fast.

“Did you feel stronger?”

“I didn’t feel anything.”

Yu’er stared at her hands as she didn’t notice any changes.

[Try it out and you will see!]


Little Dou advised, seeing that they were confused about it. She appeared to be more cheerful than usual, probably because she had a new playmate.

She had been picking on Mango, taking advantage of her ability to fly to prank him every time. Mango had been free to do whatever he wants as Yu’er wanted to keep him as a pet.

Layla and Lydia even petted him as they found him cute. As Mango was just a helpless pet in front of them, he chose to submit, tolerating their hands rubbing him all over.

He also knew that they were the future women of Max and if not now, he will still have to bear with them in the future so he just chose to enjoy it. Not that he liked it with his tail wagging excitedly.

Sometimes, Max would find Little Dou and Mango running around the open space in their backyard. Even though Mango had a mature attitude, sometimes he will forget about it, chasing Little Dou everywhere.

Yu’er did just what Little Dou said, she tested how stronger she became if she really did get stronger as she didn’t feel anything.

Reaching out for a pillow, Yu’er tore it in half. What she found out was that she really got stronger and it’s quite a big change too.

First, she needed less energy to use her skill. Restoring the pillow back to its previous condition, not feeling tired one bit.

Yu’er also found out that the maximum range of her skill became a little bit wider when Max asked her to try it out.

She felt really weird that she couldn’t feel any changes when in the past she always felt it.

[Remember what I said about energy as pebbles? Basically, if you have pebble-like energy, you would feel it and if you have the sand-like energy, you won’t!]


[Because it would be like your blood, you can’t feel it moving all over your body right?]


“Hmm, if her skill can get stronger with just leveling up, what’s the point of upgrades?”

Max wasn’t thinking properly when he asked, it was just a passing thought that he said mindlessly as it came up in his mind.

[There will be a lot of changes like she would be able to concentrate her skill on just a single point!]


[Think of it as her being able to save energy by not wasting it on other places that don’t need it!]


[There are a lot more! Just know that it will be a lot stronger and it will be something you won’t ever expect!]


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