Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 47. Duel



Lined up in front of us is the red-haired Manos in the center, then the axe knight and spear knight on his sides.

「 Gilbert, please 」

「 Leave it to me, princess! 」

Euphy asks, Gilbert-san rushes toward Manos, holding a spear and giving an upward thrust.

The other side was anticipating this, so Manos came forward to intercept.

「 It’s a great pleasure to have a match with the great Iron-Fisted Gilbert Slye-dono 」

「 Hmph, Slye house? Sorry that it’s not my son you’re facing 」

「 You jest, if he were my opponent, I would’ve taken off my armor and run away as soon as the duel was mentioned 」

They’re clashing their weapons as they talk. These two are dexterous.

Is Gilbert-san’s son stronger?

「 However, you don’t have your big shield, do you?! 」

「 I came here in a hurry, if I brought it with me, I wouldn’t have made it in time 」

「 Indeed. However, will you be able to win against me that way? 」

「 Hah! The princess has ordered me to stop you! So you’ll be stuck with me for a while! 」

Gilbert-san has started the fight in the center. Euphy and I looked at our opponents in front of us.

Euphy’s facing the axe knight.

He looks like the eldest in the group.

He’s the one who got caught in Euphys “powerless” appeal.

He’s been warned to be on his guard, but he looked uncomfortable facing Euphy.

Meanwhile, I’m facing the spear knight.

He’s wearing knight armor made of metal and a spear that’s also made of metal.

In terms of equipment, I’m in the inferior one.

He’s quite a handsome guy, he grips his spear with both hands and takes a low stance. He’s not moving from his spot, as if telling me to come at him.

Gilbert-san’s dealing with Manos, and the two aren’t coming at us, giving us consideration for we’re not knights.

Thanks to that, I got to take a look around.

Euphy did the same.

If you do that, our cute berserker here will get you.

「 Yaa~~ 」

Euphy plunges into the axe knight with a girlish run and a cute voice.

She’s running with her sword dragging on the ground, pretending that it’s heavy.

Seeing that, the axe knight looked a bit confused.

Well yeah, she’s no longer a noble lady, but she’s still trying her best to fight even though she has no power. Probably feeling that he shouldn’t let his opponent get injured.

But, that concern was unnecessary, or should I say that I feel like I should tell him to watch out.

As she approached the axe knight, Euphy suddenly raised the sword she was dragging and kicked the ground, scattering sand and earth toward the axe knight.

The axe knight didn’t seem to figure out what happened at the moment, and he took the brunt of it, covering his face with his arms and retreating in panic.

Meanwhile, Euphy showed some agility that tempts you to say “What was that girly run from before?” Once she closed the distance, she held the sword right next to the axe knight

「 Yaa! 」

Unlike the sweet voice, I hear all the time in my bedroom, she mows down with a strong tone.

「 Gyaaa 」

The axe knight got hit in the flank and it made a metallic thud. He was blown several meters away, screaming.

The axe knight slammed the ground with a heavy thud and stopped moving.

He’s not dead, is he?

The match was decided in an instant, but I knew that even if that knight had a level 3 skill, Euphy could still win even with the difference in equipment.

But after seeing that, I can tell that the knight had a level 2 skill.

While I was thinking, something shiny pierced the ground near me.

As soon as I turned my attention to it, I hear a loud voice.

「 Aaaaah!! The sword Daiki-sama gave me!! 」

Euphy screamed as she saw the sword broken cleanly from the middle.

Looking at the cut surface stuck in the ground, it looks like it’s broken or rather, twisted off.

Euphy’s a monster in swords.

No, it’s the equipment that didn’t match Euphy’s skill and strength.

Even though it’s an iron sword. I chose one of the relatively inexpensive ones.

Euphy’s scream put Gilbert-san’s fight to pause.

However, Manos eyes were glued to the axe knight who remained on the ground, rather than Euphy.

「 Haa? 」

「 Manos-dono!? Do you think you can let your guard down against me? 」

GIlbert-san swings his sword at Manos, who looked like he couldn’t understand the situation.

He avoided it just a few centimeters away, but Gilbert-san’s relentless.

He’s on the complete offensive.

The spear knight facing me is also stunned, as he watched Euphy’s match results.

However, Euphy’s loud voice brought him back, he scurried to check the situation, then ran to me as if thinking that things will get bad if it continues.

「 Oooooooh!! 」

A straight dash.

It’s a linear movement, but I know that if I try to avoid it, they can fix their direction. My understanding of spears had increased thanks to my skill.

Therefore, I wait with a defensive stance.

He drew the spear in his right hand, then dropped his hips, holding a circular shield with his left arm.

There’s a metallic clang and a thud, then I hear a creaking sound as the heavy impact struck my arm.


If I take it as is, my shield will be in trouble

I deflected the thrust with a slight angle to the circular shield at the impact that foreshadowed the damage to the shield.

「 Damn, you can withstand that blow?! You’re as skilled as me! 」

The spear knight who looks a little older than me, is frustrated, yet feeling refreshed.

From his point of view, the situation has become unfavorable, probably because he thought that he could take me down as fast as he could.

Indeed, that was a powerful blow, it reminds me of Euphy’s sharp movements.

If he only has level 2 skills, then the match would’ve been won in an instant, just like Euphy.

Things went off the plan so he started a series of thrusts.

In this attack, he can keep his distance and defend with his shield, and also poke me with his spear.

「 Huh? I don’t feel like the attacks are hitting at all. Are you stronger? 」

「 I wonder? You’ll figure it out soon 」

「 Euphilite-sama’s weirdly strong, and you’re also strong. We’ve misjudged our opponent’s strength in this duel 」

The spear knight readied himself again, blurting that out.

Even so, he’s quite skilled.

I’m pretty sure that he has spear arts level 3. Another Manos.

It’s not just his skill, he also has refined his spear skills through training.

However, I would never lose to someone like that.

I’m at spear arts 3 (3/36) and I have higher physical capabilities thanks to my skills assisting me.

Thinking about it, since we’re using twice as many skill orbs in terms of skill levels, isn’t it strange that I have enough leeway?

While I was thinking about setting up a trap the next time he comes, I saw a familiar blonde girl approaching me with a drooping head.

「 I’m now sandwiched! 」

This fight started with one-on-ones, but there were no rules about that, so Euphy would join in after knocking one down.

The spear knight’s eyes are now moving in both directions, looking at Euphy and me.

Euphy’s a bit further, and even though her weapon was damaged, he seems to think that she’s much more dangerous.

His body shows that his attention is split 30% to me and 70% to Euphy. Surprised that Euphy suddenly dashed, he turns his attention to her.

Well, of course, that would be surprising.

But, if that’s what you’re doing, I’m going for the win of course.

The spear knight’s attention is on Euphy, so I rushed to his back.

He seem to have figured out that I was moving, but he can’t take his eyes off Euphy, who’s already closing in.

The next moment, Euphy’s half-sword and the knight’s spear hilt collided and sparks flew.

「 Uoooh?! What’s this strength?! What’s going on?!

Taking Euphy’s horizontal attack, the spear knight was brought to his knees.

The other day, when she attacked a guy in the dungeon with that charge, she blew off the head of the target.

Thinking about it, Gilbert-san’s amazing with his sword.

I mean, Euphy’s been looking down that her face is unrecognizable.

The spear knight knows that once he’s in that situation, he can’t resist anymore.

I approached him from behind, and he allowed the spear tip to reach his neck without resistance.

「 I yield

He let go of his weapon and knelt on the ground.

Euphhy also took her hand off the sword that was pushing him down and came to me after a short pause.

「 The sword broke. That made a loud sound 」

Hearing me, Euphy’s shoulders shook for a moment, then she faced me.

Euphy’s eyes were filled with tears, about to fall off.

「 D-Daiki-sama… I’m sorry, the sword… 」

「 Don’t be so down 」

「 But, Daiki-sama gave me that sword 」

I don’t remember taking my time in picking the sword, but from Euphy’s eyes, I made that choice so she feels guilty about damaging it.

What a praiseworthy cute girl.

If there weren’t any people watching, I would’ve hugged her already to stop her from crying.

「 It’s consumable, and it’s not that expensive. That’s why it broke. Once the fight is over, let’s go buy something better, okay? I’ll pick something that suits you better. I mean, I prefer it when Euphy’s smiling, so smile. Come here, the fight isn’t done yet 」

「 Gusu…you’re right. I’m sorry for losing my composure. But, it’s still sad, so I’ll do this to smile instead 」

Euphy said, then she hugs my arm and bring it to her head.

It doesn’t seem to be the kind of action you’ll do in the middle of a duel, but if that restores her spirit, so be it.

I also feel better.

However, I didn’t give a bit of thought fighting a strong man with a decent weapon.

This is due to my inexperience, I was confident that Euphy won’t lose to anyone at that level, and as for Gilbert-san, he didn’t express his opinion because he was following his princess.

But, I still underestimated the other side

Even though it was Davey’s decision, he obviously looked down on my strength, and as for Euphy, he thought that she was never a problem.

Anyway, what matters is that we got good results.

The rest of us will watch over or help Gilbert-san and then we’ll end the duel.