Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 48. Duel 2



Euphy and I beat up the two knights, so that settles it.

With Euphy tangled in my arms, we went to Gilbert-san who was still fighting and stopped after a short distance.

As we approached the battlefield, Euphy lets go of my arm and raises her broken sword, ready to jump at any moment.

Even though I know that I shouldn’t let my guard down, I was in a good mood already so I would be happy to have her hold onto me a little longer.

「 What now, Euphy? 」

「 We could surround him and settle this early. Manos-dono isn’t in any condition to fight properly because he’s conscious of us 」

「 Well, that’s true. But, they seem to be having fun. It’s also fun watching them 」

「 If Daiki-sama enjoys it, then let’s continue watching. I think it’s a great opportunity to watch a strong group have a match 」

We’re watching the battle so casually, but this is a match between two powerful people.

We don’t get the chance to see it often so I guess we’ll watch it to learn.

「 Oh, there’s the difference in reach with Gilbert-san, but to think that he’d jump that much. Is the timing that good? Manos-san is also dexterously handling it. It’s a great showcase for the two 」

「 Are they evenly matched? Haa…Daiki-sama’s… 」

While I speak out my impressions of the fight, Euphy’s response wasn’t what I expected.

Huh? I feel like there’s some switch flipped.

「 Daiki-sama, may I borrow your shield? 」

「 Sure, are you giving it to Gilbert-san? 」

「 Yes, they’re having an even match now, but as long as he has a shield, Gilbert won’t lose. I think Gilbert’s ashamed as one of the knights serving Daiki-sama, showing only half of his strength

「 No, he’s not my knight, he’s yours, right? 」

「 My knights are also Daiki-sama’s knights! I know that his skills will be less beneficial due to the size of the shield, but he’ll make good use of it 」

「 There are some parts I want to deny, but sure. Oh, it kind of broke in the middle of the fight earlier, is this still good? 」

I had her look at my shield, she tapped it and bent to see how damaged it is.

「 This should be alright. However, once the duel is over, we need to repair or replace it. I’m concerned about the state of Daiki-sama’s equipment 」

「 If we hand it over now, we don’t have to worry about Gilbert-san 」

「 There’s no need to worry about Gilbert! 」

So you think that Gilbert-san won’t have any problems with this, or are you just too devoted?

I think it’s both.

Euphy took the shield from me and shouted at Gilbert-san.

「 Gilbert, use this! 」

She then threw the round shield as if it was a frisbee, then Gilbert-san, who was keeping his distance from Manos, catches it midair.

That thing normally weighs two or three kilos, but Euphy threw it easily and it flew more than 10 meters, if he hadn’t stopped it on the way, it would’ve flown a bit more.

Gilbert-san caught it with no difficulty, it’s amazing, but more importantly, I have a feeling that I could do the same too.

I’m too accustomed to my skills that I feel comfortable with them, but in an earthly sense, I’m already a superhuman.

Gilbert-san received the shield and put it in front of him.

Earlier, he used to fight as if it was a hit-and-run strategy, but now, he’s waiting for his opponent with a sturdy stance.

「 Kuh! Gilbert-dono’s getting serious now?! 」

「 Hmph, this shield won’t put me at my full power, but it could still at least give you the taste of why they call me the Iron Wall! 」

After a short exchange, they began to move.

Manos was the first to move.

He pokes Gilbert-san with his spear to test and the shield repelled it.

Manos repeats his assault.

He keeps his distance and throws a series of thrusts, but all of them are either blocked or deflected by the shield, the spear doesn’t seem to make a hit at all.

You may think that Gilbert-san’s on the defensive, but he suddenly stepped forward and parried a thrust from Manos, who was keeping his distance and hitting as hard as he could.

Then, he approached Manos, who was disoriented and slashed.

Manos managed to move out but the tip of the sword hit his torso, and it made a metallic sound.

After that, Manos managed to fend off Gilbert-san who was chasing.

Gilbert-san’s defense and attack are so perfect that it’s so one-sided, making you wonder what even the fight was.

「 Hey, is Gilbert-san stronger than Euphy if he has a shield? 」

「 If it’s a serious fight, Gilbert’s much stronger. However, I feel like I’m almost catching up 」

I remember hearing before that Gilbert-san mentioned shields, but still, I thought that Euphy’s much stronger now, but it seems that I was mistaken.

But she’s right, just a bit more and she’ll catch up.

After all, I also feel that I’m close.

The battle between the two seem to have finished when Gilbert-san’s sword was placed on Manos’ chest, having him fall to the ground.

「 Kuh, I’m no match when it comes to one-on-one. I thought that if the other two could beat your side, I could push in with numbers. I knew that your side was hiding something, but I never expected to be overwhelmed… Euphilite-sama, just what happened to you? 」

Manos stood up, brushed off the dirt, and looked this way skeptically.

「 I can’t talk about it now. You’ll know when the time is right 」

「 I see. So you have that much power. I understand. I will not chase the topic 」

Seems like he knows that it’s a secret from that exchange.

The suspicious look returned, now it’s in my direction.

Oh, I see the female knight tending to the axe knight.

He already got back up and he doesn’t seem to have any issues.

He didn’t die. Good.

Still, the torso part of his armor, where the sword hit her, has a huge dent.

That’ll cost a lot to fix.

Relieved that the axe knight was safe, I hear thudding footsteps from a distance away.

Checking out what’s going on and I see Davey running towards us.