Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 49. Useless Resistance



「 Ah! T-This is impossible! Manos! Manos! You went easy on them! 」

「 No, I’m not going easy at all. I’m sure Davey-sama has seen it, it’s obvious that Euphilite-sama’s much stronger than the two 」

「 Gugigigigigi!! A-Are you saying that you lost?! Me?! No way! Why?! Why can Euphilite fight?!! And she blew him off with just one attack?! No way! Manos! What’s going on?! 」

「 If you want to, then Davey-sama should join in to settle the duel. We gave our all and fought. Besides, we can’t know our opponent’s strength in advance. If we’re looking at the duel, then we have lost 」

「 Gugaaaa!!! 」

Davey’s losing his voice in anger that’s going out of control, but Manos remained cool.

He lost the fight, but he seem satisfied.

What, will that mean to the knight of the Badel house?

I don’t feel his loyalty to his lord like how Gilbert does to Euphy.

I’m watching curiously at the exchange of the two, but I also have something to say.

I speak to Davey who’s snapping at Manos.

「 Davey, that’s the match. Give us the money 」

「 N-Not yet! Another one! 」

「 I don’t really mind. If it makes a profit, I welcome it. But, you should bring your bet out first 」

「 Gugugugaggagagaga!! I-I’ve had enough! Hyahahahaha! 」

He started laughing at my demand then pointed at Euphy.

「 I-If I can’t win the duel…then…Y-Yes! That’s right! Euphilite! It’ll leak out the information to Nyhied so they’ll come and get you! Gyahahaha!! 」


What’s this guy? Now he’s going to sell off Euphy?

This won’t work.

「 Hey, what did you just say you’re about to do to my Euphy? Are you trying to get me killed off with that statement of yours? 」

That joking remark of Davey had me blow off killing intent.

I held the grip of my spear stronger, and it turned toward him.

I was about to let my urge to kill take over and thrust my spear, but I realized what I was about to do.

Gilbert-san appeared in front of me.

「 Gilbert-san? Sorry but just think that the blood of the Mugdam Royal family has disappeared from this world. I don’t think I’m letting him live after hearing those words 」

「 Daiki-dono, may I do the honors? A statement towards the princess is unforgivable… And you bastard, don’t think it’ll end in your death! 」

「 Oh, that one 」

Hmm, he’s not getting in my way, but he’s going to beat him up instead.

Gilbert-san’s showing off a deadly look on his face, and the veins are popping on his forehead as he draws his sword.

「 M-M-Manos! Stop them! 」

Terrified of our thirst for his blood, Davey fell over and calls Manos.

He moved to face us and began to move one arm toward us.

Seeing his action made me tense for a moment as if he was about to do something to protect Davey, but then he raised his hand to his shoulder level and turned his palm towards me.

「 I’m sorry, but give me a moment 」

Manos said, then he turned back and speak up.

「 Davey-sama, were you truly planning on leaking information about Euphilite-sama? 」

「 Hmph! If she won’t be mine then I don’t need her! I might as well sell the information to Nyhied and recoup my losses! She’s the princess of the Adicilton house so there are a lot of people who have a grudge against her 」

「 The Adicilton house was a family of Heroes who had done so much in the last war, saving the royal family, saving the people in Mugdam, and even helping the Badel Dukedom. And you’re selling them off to the Nyhied kingdom in bad blood? 」

Manos’ voice has changed in tone, and his shoulders are shaking.

He was having some doubt in his attitude towards Davey, but as a knight he was polite, but now he sounds angry.

Davey who was being unreasonable, seem to have noticed the change in Manos’ atmosphere.

「 Manos? 」

「 Haa, why were you the one to survive when the Duke and his eldest sons die in battle. Nicos! Daniel! Caria! I’m sorry but I’m leaving the Badel house! 」

「 Manos! What are you saying?! Where’s your loyalty to the Badel house? 」

「 My loyalty was to the Duke. So, I followed you, his son. However, after all, your actions and betraying the Adicilton house, I’ve had enough! 」

「 M-Manos! You’ve served the Badel house for so long now you’re going to betray us?! 」

「 You’re the traitor here! I ask you to say nothing more. I might kill you before they could 」

Manos said with a sharp look, then rode away with his horse

The remaining Badel knights followed his back and speak to Davey.

「 Oh, I’ll go with Manos-san. Davey-sama, good luck. I hope we don’t see each other again. Oh, here’s the payment, you can have them 」

「 Davey-sama but I’m going to leave as well. I don’t want to antagonize Mano-san or Euphilite-sama. Especially Euphilite-sama…

「 Die Debu. Die Debu. Baldie! 」

The three of them said and followed Manos-san.

I mean, the Axe Knight is scared of Euphy. And Caria-san’s talking shit at him.

Just what did you do to her dude?

Abandoned by the three knights, Davey who had a noisy attitude earlier stared at the knights walk away with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Looking at him, wondering what other misdeeds he committed to having his knights abandon him…the head soldier who was the witness, approached me.

「 Ah, Daiki. Seems like there was a dispute in the town. Sorry but I can’t watch tit o the end. Well, I’m pretty sure that it’s settled now, right? 」

「 Yeah, it can’t be helped then. Sorry for taking your time 」

「 Don’t mind it. I’m going back now, but the soldiers will be gone so you’re free to do whatever 」

The chief soldier said and took the other soldiers who were observing too.

Leaving Euphy, Gilbert-san, and Nia, who was watching us from a distance.

It might be too stimulating for Nia, but it’s unavoidable.

「 Well then, Davey. How about you say goodbyes already? 」

「 W-W-Wait! A-Are you planning to kill me?! I’m from the Duke Badel house! 」

「 If you stay alive, you’re going to sell Euphy off, didn’t you say that? So yeah, you’re dead 」

「 I-I get it! I won’t! I won’t do it! 」

「 Do you think I’ll trust you? 」

「 Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! I-I’ll give you all the wealth I had hidden away! Don’t kill me! 」

「 I’ll just take it after killing you. So please be quiet and die already 」

「 N-nooooooo!!! 」

My spear pierced Davey’s heart.

I’ve killed people many times already so there wasn’t any emotion felt when I killed someone without a weapon.

I killed him so easily, but he was showing clear hostility towards Euphy, so I couldn’t find any other way.

Well, even the knights discarded him like garbage, so it’s better if he’s dead.

I was thinking while looking at Davey, wwho waslying on his back, staring at the sky, the head soldier who just left, came toward me, kicking sand in the air.

He stopped in front of me, holding out his palm from around his waist.

「 hmm! 」

「 What now? 」

「 I mean, you know… 」

「 What’s with that “hurry up and give it to me” hand of yours? 」

「 Now, now, don’t play dumb. You know what that means, do you? 」

「 Tsk. Here 」

I gave three gold coins to the hand of the chief soldier, making sure that nobody around saw.

He smiles and speaks in ga ood mood.

「 Hahaha. Man, we’ll dispose of this mystery corpse whose history is completely unknown, who could it be? Nobody knows. A few minutes later, this will be fertilizer somewhere. So you have nothing to worry about 」

「 What a corrupt soldier 」

「 You’re just as guilty for using me. As for the carriage…no, this one’s good. It’s a waste to just trash it, take it. I’ll take off the emblem and anything that’ll serve as evidence 」

「 It’s scary how familiar you are with this, are you sure you’re not a bandit or something? 」

「 No, this is just a part of my job you know. I deal with the stolen goods that bandits and others took, and if the owner doesn’t show up, it becomes the lord’s property, so I’ll clean it up, repair it, and mend anything that seems usable you know? Even disposing ofcorpses is part of my job! Who do you think buries all those executed criminals? 」

I see. So that’s the reason why he’s accustomed.

Well, it’s fine as long as this bothersome corpse is dealt with.

Still, I’ll have Gilbert-san see it through tho te end.