Isekai Wisdom Chapter 02 Rod Master’s Power



I’m called Sao in this world, I’m still young.

After my vocation has been identified, the adults were indescribably delicate.

Some of the adults were present in the church as my witnesses, including my mon as my guardian.

「Rod Master, what does it mean?」

「What class is that? Does anyone know?」

Nobody answered.

Seems like everyone had no idea what class the rod master is.

Rod master means that…

It’s a term used to make fun of people who are skillful with their penis, using it as a rod.

I guess that culture itself isn’t found in this world?

「It seems to be a class I never heard of for sure. Could this be a special one?」

「I can’t imagine what kind of class this is. But since it’s a rod, maybe he has an aptitude with fishing?」

「Then it would be “fisherman” instead」

The adults are confused.

「I don’t mind」

Mother speaks up.

「No matter what my child’s vocation is, it doesn’t change that he’s my child. He’s the child I went through pain to give birth to. I’ll show you that I’ll raise him wonderfully regardless of his talents」

「Mache’s right」

The oldest man said.

Village head.

「After all, it’s rare for someone with special status to gather the attention of a nobleman in a rural village like this. Instead of clinging to an impossible dream, let’s rejoice and celebrate that another young man is growing up healthy and is ready to support the village」

I knew it, they were expecting good for the village of children with great class has shown up, right?

I don’t doubt that my mother and the people in this village are all good people who decided to raise me freely instead of taking advantage of such a good deal.

I’m determined to grow up healthy to live up to their wishes.

Well then.

Let’s take a quick look at the abilities of my vocation, rod Master.

Here are the skills I already acquired as the rod master.

Sao (Lv 11)


《Charm Up (Great)》《Giant Penis》《Peerless》《Skilled Hand》《God Hand》《Pleasure Critical Rate Increase(Greater)》《Pheromone(Extra Strong)》《Womanizer Quality》《Cross Breeding》《Impregnation Switch(Off)》《Negate STD》《Experience Conversion: Intercourse》《Divine Protection big haul》《Cane Martial Arts(SS)》


All the skills seem to be sex-related.

I knew that rod master was like that. If they were to discover that, that would be the end of this village, but I’m glad it seems that nobody knows about it.

For now, the ‘rite to divine annunciation,’ recognized me as an owner of a vocation they don’t understand, and so they’ll treat me the same as before.

Normally, just like before.

If there’s a problem, then…

「hey, Sao, what’s your vocation again?」

Some troublesome, or should I say annoying people are approaching me.

「Rod Master? What’s that? Is it because your name is Sao? That’s really simple」

I never mentioned it before but I actually have a big brother.

A two year older brother.

His name is Caliber

This brother of mine is a jerk, or to put it simply, he comes at me every chance he gets.

Seems like my vocation has become his favorite topic these days.

「Compared to that, my vocation is the best one! After all, it’s “Knight!”」

Brother Caliber seems to be quite proud of the vocation he got.

「Speaking of knights, it’s a noble skill to serve the King! One day, I’ll be called up to work in the castle and I’ll never come back to this countryside ever again! Unlike the dropout you」

Or so he says.

He brags his vocation to the other children so they all hate him and they keep their distance.

However, he indeed holds a valuable class, so the village has no choice but to treat him with care, and because of his personality, he’s treated like a tumor.

He’s definitely a frog in the well.

Then, I’m the only retainer of this little tyrant.

「I really worry about Caliber’s future. If you look at the country, “Knight” isn’t that special of a class. If he gets his nose too high, he might stumble on a rock」

Mother’s watching over her first child with concern.

I’m the second child.

「Compard to that, Sao’s a good boy. Vocations don’t matter you know. Just live healthily and honestly and that’s all you need」


I also get spoiled by my mother and I hugged her front.

I bury myself on her fluffy breast and I feel happy today.

Brother Caliber watches that with an annoyed look.

「Hey, bum! Why are you so sticky with mother! Are you a kid?」

Yes, what about it?

「Get out of here! There’s nobody but a bum like you wants to play the role of the retainer so you’ll do!」

「Geez, Caliber-chan’s so rough with his speech. I wonder where did he get that from?」

This brother of mine is a stain in the family for making mother fed up like that.

If you ask what’s the shame the house does during the day, he goes to the forest near the village.

The person himself is saying that he’s training for the future. He picks a branch he finds in the area instead of a sword and runs around imitating a knight.

He’s just playing around, and he’s not very serious about making himself stronger.

“A knight needs a squire” so he forces me to play that role. The kids of my age had already grown tired of Caliber’s selfishness and distanced themselves from him.

I’d like to be spared from this too but that’s not going to happen since we’re relatives.

My otherworld childhood life has lost its quality thanks to this foolish brother of mine.

If that’s the case, why doesn’t he just do as he says and leave for the Royal Capital or something?

「Good, first is to look for the evil dragon We’re going to kill it and show our achievement」

「Evil dragon, you mean wild rabbits」

Normally, children are strictly forbidden to enter the forest because it’s dangerous.

Despite that, brother Caliber isn’t a fan of that so he goes to the forest every day to ‘play knight,’ with rats, rabbits, and other small animals.

Of course, the forest isn’t just filled with small animals but it’s also a dangerous area filled with fierce beasts, poisonous insects, and even monsters.

He’s been told to not go in because it’s dangerous but this idiot brother has no fear at all because his vocation is to be a knight.

Even if you are talented, you’re still a child at this point in time so you’ll die in seconds of encountering a low-grade demon.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care about how this man dies, but what’s troublesome is that he’s my brother by blood.

If he’s to die or get injured, my mother would cry and get sad, so I can’t abandon him, and so I follow him to the forest like this.

「What? No evil dragon is showing up today? Are they afraid of this Knight Caliber?!」

The rabbits are established as evil dragons in his mind.

They’re also wild animals and they’re doing their best to survive, and most of the time, they’re more agile and perceptive than poor people.

In the end, we never killed a wild rabbit today, but I had a strange feeling.

Indeed, we haven’t seen a single rabbit since entering the forest.

Usually, I’d encounter a few of them if not kill them.

I don’t see any wild rabbits, birds, mice, or even insects.

This is definitely strange.

It seemed like every breath in the forest is gone.

No, they ran away?

「Hey hey! Come out! You prey of Knight Caliber-sama!」

And this idiot is the only one who hasn’t noticed anything strange.

The forest today is clearly different from before.

As expected, just as I decided to punch this idiot brother to knock him unconscious and take him home, I realized that it’s too late to do that.


A huge object that’s almost a wall stands in front of my brother Caliber who’s walking in front of me.

「Ah, aaah, aaaaaaah!!!」

As soon as he faced it, Caliber peed himself in fear.

It’s a bear.

It’s a huge beast that I have to look up it.

No, from what the adults in the village told me, this is the most terrifying threat in the forest!

The bear-type monster, devil bear!

I think that was its name.

「Uhiiii!!! Uwaaaaa!!!」

Caliber, completely terrified of the Devil Bear’s huge and vicious appearance, ran away immediately.

But that’s the thing you shouldn’t do.

Monsters and beasts alike will take the initiative to pounce on the prey when they turn their backs away.

Furthermore, Caliber’s an idiot, as soon as he tried to escape, his feet get tangled and he fell!

I can only think that he’s trying to get himself killed by this monster.

Sure enough, the bear-shaped monster fiercely swung its paws up in the air.

The claws at the tip were like a series of swords, many times longer and sharper than the normal bears I’ve seen in my previous life.

I guess it’s because they’re monsters?

A claw like that would tear a child to pieces instead more than inflicting a fatal wound.

I don’t know if I’d be okay with that but I don’t want my beloved mother to have misfortune befall her child so I have to deal with it.


I step in between the predator and prey to block the monster’s claws.

Or more accurately, the wooden stick I’m holding.

A firm resistance has stopped the bear.

No, that’s weird.

Even ordinary bears pose a mortal threat if encountered by humans. A monster based on a bear should be a greater threat, but why is a child able to prevent it?

It’s only possible because of my class, Rod Master.

I thought it’s just a lewd class, but among the skills I had is one skill that has originated with the rod master in its unique way.

《Cane Martial Arts(SS)》

Seems like the rod means stick, and so I, the rod master can handle anything that’s stick-lick, even if it’s not my own meat-stick.

So I got my stick in hand and even if it’s just a wooden stick I found in the corner, can be used like it’s normal.

「Yo! Hohatto! Seya!!」

I fight off the ferocious demon bear’s continuous attacks and when I find an opening, I turn to attack with a powerful blow.

Even so, it normally won’t penetrate the thick fur of the fierce beast but with the help of the rod master skills, the impact seems to have penetrated the interior, causing it great damage.

As proof, the bear’s movement has slowed at an accelerated rate and its attack has become more and more aggressive and crude.

Naturally, the opportunities increased, and I took the opportunity to thrust the stick sharply to its face.

“Gyaaaaaa!!” A wild yell went up.

The stick pierced through the bear’s right eye, and it looks like it hurt a lot. That’s coming from the person who did it.

The monster was completely demoralized by the intense pain and this time, turned its heel and staggered away in defeat.

That one’s a serious threat to our people and so I’d like to finish it off, but I’ve given up.

Settling it is still a lot of responsibility for a child. If its life is on the line, the monster would probably put up a desperate resistance, and so I should be happy that I was able to fight it off.

「I managed somehow」

I regained my breath and loosened my tension.

I turned around and I find my idiot brother, Caliber on the floor.

Seems like he lost his strength from fear.

「You? You?」

「Now you get it, don’t you? The forest is too dangerous for children to play around. If you learned your lesson, don’t try to get in here without telling an adult again」

I want to escape from the dangerous forest as soon as possible but there’s a problem.

My idiot brother’s lost his strength so he can’t walk.

「Hey? Can you give me a lift? You’re not going to leave me here alone, right?」

Caliber’s fear of being left behind isn’t surprising as if he’s left alone, he’d die.

If I’m going to abandon him here, then I shouldn’t have tried my best to bear the monster, but carrying him? I don’t feel like it.

After all, he’s so shocked by the encounter earlier that he peed in his pants!

If I piggybacked him in this state, our bodies will be in close contact that I’d be stained by his stinky pee.

I don’t want that.

「I don’t like the idea of piggyback unless we get rid of your pee first. Take off your pee-soaked pants and wipe your lower body clean before you go」

「What? Stop! Don’t strip me!」

Shut up.

I don’t want to look at other people’s dicks but I’m doing this with good intentions so accept it.

I put my hand on his wet pants, which I don’t really want to touch, and pulled them off in a single go.

Now there’s another surprising encounter.

Caliber’s lower half is bare with his pants off.

What I expected to find wasn’t there.

Where the heck is his dick?